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November 21st, 2017


It's been more than ten years since Apollo made his debut on the Nintendo DS, and today his original game makes the jump to the 3DS!

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is now available in the Nintendo eShop in North America and at retail/digital in Japan. European AA fans will have to wait just a little longer, with a release slated for the 23rd.

With the release of AA4, that means all of the main Ace Attorney games are available on the 3DS. So what are you waiting for? Brush off those chords of steel and pick up Apollo Justice to finish your collection!

Oh, and don't forget to read Takumi's tweets for the occasion, translated by Ash!

By Bolt Storm

November 21st, 2017

Takumi tweeted a bit on the 3DS release of Apollo Justice today, together with a somewhat familiar-looking picture. Translation below.

Good evening, everyone. I've been down the last week because of a cold and while I enjoyed my days as one of the ill, but even I have grown sick of lying down all the time, and returned to the office today. Please take care of yourself. The common cold this year has been a nasty one from the start.

Tomorrow, Ace Attorney 4 will be released on 3DS. They even asked me, so I'm scheduled to appear tomorrow at the event (carrying with me some leftovers of my cold...). I had nothing at all to do with the development of the 3DS version this time, so I'm not sure whether I should be the one to appear though.

The Ace Attorney release events:
Tokyo: Bic Camera Shinjuku Station West Exit
Osaka: Joshin Denki DiskPier Nipponbashi
The events start at 18:30. I'll appear in Tokyo, and Nuri in Osaka...!

The DS version of Ace Attorney 4 was released in 2007... That's ten years ago already. Usually I'm credited with Plannning/Scenario/Direction, but for this game, I was credited for Original Concept/General Supervision. Putting the details aside, this game was made in a turbulent time, when we tried a lot of things out also in relation to the direction of the future of the series.

I moved away from Ace Attorney after that and made Ghost Trick. The experience I had developing 4 had an enormous influence on my ideas on how to make games afterwards. In that sense, this was a very important project, I now realize.

So as I reflected on those times, I looked through some of the old files, and there I found a nostalgic photograph. With the whim of someone who has just recovered from a cold, I post this photograph reminding me of my past...

Is it a sad photograph of someone who is scream all the stress of daily life at his beloved umbrella... or is a sad photograph where someone is posing for a shot in the opening scene of a certain episode?

"Let's rock, guys!"

By the way, the photograph is dated November 27, 2006.

Anyway, Nuri, whom I first worked with with the previous game, Rise from the Ashes, became the main designer for this game, so in that sense Ace Attorney 4 is a game to remember. He and I will appear in Osaka and Tokyo tomorrow, so please swing by!

After the event at Bic Camera, Mr. Eshiro and I are supposed to go to the Capcom Cafe in Shinjuku in the evening. If you have the time, come by too. I've heard rumors we might or might not have a special menu.... Anyway, I hope to see you tomorrow!

By Ash

November 18th, 2017

Watch on YouTube (US only)

Mod edit for a little more context: Funimation announced they'd be releasing the first half of the AA anime dubbed in January, and revealed the voice cast a few days back. Now they've put out the above trailer to show the cast in action!

By Cyberlink420

November 16th, 2017

Hey guys - just a reminder that not only do we have a Discord server, but it has now been officially made into a partnered server! This means a couple of cool benefits, such as better voice chat servers and a bit more personalisation of the server. It also means a chance to remind you guys to join up if you haven't already, so here's a link:

Many thanks and congratulations to the dedicated mod team who run the Ace Attorney Discord day-to-day and we hope to see you all there!

By Toatali

November 15th, 2017

Via a post on the official Funimation Blog, along with some additional details from voice director Kyle Phillips, we've been informed of the complete English cast for Part 1 of the Ace Attorney anime series. Again, this is just for the Part 1 set, containing episodes 1-13, so no Justice for All characters yet (aside from Franziska, who makes an early cameo appearance). The cast list is as follows:

Phoenix Wright — Eric Vale
Maya Fey — Lindsay Seidel
Miles Edgeworth — Christopher Wehkamp
Mia Fey — Colleen Clinkenbeard
Dick Gumshoe — Bryan Massey
Larry Butz — Josh Martin
Judge — Kent Williams

Winston Payne — Gregory Lush
Frank Sahwit — Ben Phillips

Redd White — Larry Brantley
April May — Jeannie Tirado
Marvin Grossberg — Phil Parsons

Will Powers — Chris Rager
Jack Hammer — Philip Annarella
Wendy Oldbag — Anastasia Muñoz
Cody Hackins — Kara Edwards
Sal Manella — Tyler Walker
Dee Vasquez — Janelle Lutz

Manfred von Karma — Bill Jenkins
Yanni Yogi — R. Bruce Elliott
Lotta Hart — Whitney Rodgers
Robert Hammond — Blake Shepard
Gregory Edgeworth — Anthony Bowling
Misty Fey — Terri Doty
Polly — Heather Walker

Phoenix Wright (YOUNG) — Jill Harris
Miles Edgeworth (YOUNG) — Apphia Yu
Larry Butz (YOUNG) — Steph Garrett
Franziska Von Karma — Jessica Peterson

Narrator — Greg Dulcie

Part 1 is scheduled for release in January of next year.

By Cyberlink420

November 13th, 2017

It was a bit out-of-nowhere when Capcom confirmed the other day that AA was coming to Switch, so it wasn't much of a surprise that we didn't have any more details. But Kotaku UK has done some additional digging and claims their sources have confirmed three Ace Attorney titles for the Switch are in development.

First, Switch compilations of AA1, AA2, AA3 and AA4, AA5, AA6 are planned to release throughout 2018, using the work for the HD editions already available on phone. But more interestingly, Kotaku UK reports an all-new Ace Attorney starring Phoenix is slated for late 2018 worldwide on both Switch and mobile.

While this is just a rumor at the moment, Kotaku UK seems to have enough faith in their sources to run it, so we may very well be looking at a very AA-filled 2018!

By Bolt Storm

November 10th, 2017

Japanese industry site Jiji recently sat down with Capcom COO Haruhiro Tsujiro for an interview. While the full thing isn't available yet, the site has this to say about the company's plans for Switch:


[quote="Translation"">Capcom COO Tsujiro, in an interview with Jiji on the 10th, revealed that the company is already developing new titles to release on the Nintendo Switch in fiscal year 2018, such as "Ace Attorney" and other series that are popular inside and outside Japan.[/quote">

This isn't really a surprise, but it's good to have confirmation. Note that "fiscal year 2018" doesn't necessarily mean calendar year 2018 - it could be until April 2019. This could also be a remake/remaster, but fingers crossed it's a new game!

By Bolt Storm

November 8th, 2017

The cover art for the new DGS2 artbook, which releases in Japan on the 16th December, has been revealed (although you might have to excuse the massive 'SAMPLE' watermark).

You can find more info on the book here:, as well as find links to order it.

By Toatali

November 7th, 2017

Ever want to hear KENN try and fit lyrics into Apollo's vocal theme? Ever wonder what Klavier's biggest hit was supposed to sound like as an actual song and not just MIDI guitars?

Capcom's got you covered with a pair of videos sampling the upcoming AA4 LE OST, featuring Apollo and Klavier's VAs singing their characters' signature songs:

KENN as Apollo Justice: A New Chapter of Trials!
Kusuda Toshiyuki as Klavier Gavin: Love Love Guilty

The full versions will be available in the AA4 3DS Limited Edition, which is exclusive to Japan. But say, keep an eye out around here! You might have the chance to get your hands on one in the not-to-distant future...

By Bolt Storm

October 25th, 2017


Capcom has a tradition of running special skits featuring the Ace Attorney cast at TGS every year... and has almost as strict a tradition of never releasing them publicly. But not this time! Phoenix and Maya come face-to-face with Ryuunosuke and Susato in this year's skit, and an inevitable debate over which came "first" ensues.

You can see the skit over here - subtitles will be added tonight.

By Bolt Storm

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