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May 19th, 2018

Banner made by DWaM![/center">

Hey, lazyplague of the AA discord here. As a long collaborative effort between C-R, AAO, and our discord, weíre proud to announce the details of a long-alluded to Game Jam!


The Search for the Truth Jam is a Game Jam to celebrate Ace Attorney and our appreciation of the series as a whole! Itís a show of the love of the feeling Ace Attorney gives us, pushing through lies to find a deeper truth.

Gist of the Jam:

SftT is open to both games INSPIRED by Ace Attorney (Aka, a game where the focus is to find the truth. How you interpret this is up to you, go wild!) and fangames! Fangames, while not allowed on, will be viewed as acceptable entries, and youíll be allowed to showcase them on AAO and the discord itself.

The Jam will be a month long, July 1st to August 1st! That gives you roughly a month of planning, and a month of developing. You do not need to submit a finished product! Take your time, and just make something!

If you havenít seen it, we do have a interest survey that Iíd urge you to fill out if you havenít! If you already did, refrain from doing so again.
Interest Survey!

Where does the jam take place?


Game Jam activities will be hosted on a separate discord server, as to allow focused and productive discussion and team-building. We will work on creating an environment where you can search for help, and also get feedback. Youíll encounter game devs of all kinds! Be sure to take advantage of it, and get the most out of this experience as you can. Itís character building, or something. At least thatís the excuse my dad gave me when he told me to shovel the driveway.

Same thing, really.

Whoís allowed to participate?

Everyone! Ö Unless youíve been in some trouble on the partnered server. If you want to join the jam server, but are banned on the partnered server, please DM me first [@lazyplague#1217"> and weíll arrange something. While Iíd like to give everyone a space to work, I want to make sure everyone who joins the server is well-intended.

Along with that, if you raise a ruckus on the Jam server, we will punish you. Donít make it harder than it needs to be.

What if I donít like discord?

Well, you can post here about progress, make threads on AAO or CR about your prospective games I suppose, even! The page will be up eventually, so you can submit there without joining the discord. But youíll have a far easier time finding teammates if you join the discord.

And of course, you can ask questions on here, and Iíll answer any questions I can.

Hope to see you in the server!

By lazyplague

May 16th, 2018


The Layton series is making its way to Switch with Layton's Mystery Journey DX, a port of Layton's Mystery Journey for mobile/3DS. The game was announced for release in Japan on August 9th in Famitsu magazine, and includes new features for Switch such as updated controls and a 'puzzle-solving charm' that connects to the game via NFC.

No word yet on a Western release, but given that the game already has an English translation and has been available to English on mobile/3DS, I would expect it to make its way over to the West soon after its Japanese release.

[spoiler=Famitsu Scans">[/spoiler">

By Toatali

April 24th, 2018


DGS2 is now available on the Google Play! And it doesn't look like Capcom has announced this yet or anything, so this scoop is a Court-Records exclusive.

Google Play isn't region-locked (although you'll have to make a secondary profile), and if that wasn't awesome enough already, it only costs 1980 yen. You'll still need to know Japanese to enjoy it, but if you haven't picked up DGS2 yet because you don't have a Japanese 3DS or it was just too expensive to get ahold of (or you just want to support the franchise financially), this is the perfect chance!

No word of an iOS release, but we're keeping our eyes peeled; given that this doesn't seem to have been officially announced yet and they often release ports for both, an iOS version becoming available soon is probably a safe bet.

And last not but not least, please give a very special thank-you to uwabami for discovering this.

[spoiler=screenshots (case 1)">


UPDATE: iOS version released as well!

By Bad Player

April 15th, 2018

(No, I didn't get an innocent person found guilty of murder, this image just seemed appropriate.)[/center">

Hey everyone,

In 2006, I was barely into high school, and I had no idea this weird lawyer game whose forums I'd just signed up for would become a huge part of my life. Seven years ago, [strike">Phoenix Wright was disbarred[/strike"> I joined Court-Records' staff as a moderator. Two years later, Croik and Wooster asked me to take over as an admin (or, more accurately, I logged in to find my name green, but that's neither here nor there.) In the five years since then, I've learned a lot, seen several Ace Attorneys come and go, been lucky enough to host some contests that show off how talented this fandom is, met some great people, and had, uh, mixed success in keeping the site up to date.

Anyone who knows me IRL can attest that I have a bad habit of trying to handle everything in a project on my own, and it turns out that that's not a great model for running a site - especially when your free time to do so gradually vanishes over the years. My job has been taking up more and more of my time and energy, and I'm long past the point where I can give C-R the attention it deserves - and to be 100% honest, I'd like to use the free time I do have to focus more on creative work (writing and gamedev).

As of May 1st, I'm stepping back from C-R as a staff member. I won't be vanishing into the ether entirely - I'm sure I'll be around for new AA news and games - but I will be aiming to make a fairly clean break from working on the site.

But don't worry - one of the big lessons I learned as admin was that it takes a village, and I'm happy to say C-R has plenty of staff and community members who are stepping up to expand their roles and take over my duties:
[list">[*">General Luigi will help run the forum and field questions and mail to C-R as a general admin (hence our little April Fools' gag).[/*">
[*">Bad Player will do much the same.[/*">
[*">Toatali will help as a mod here and on the Discord, manage our social media, and help post English AA news.[/*">
[*">Henke will continue to work on the redesign and backend of the site.[/*">
[*">Cyreb will continue to work on the redesign and frontend.[/*">
[*">Lumos will help manage copywriting assignments to get our missing content (episode summaries, etc.) written.[/*">
[*">No Comment, Spirati, and Thomasfish will be working to get the site updated with missing game assets, the results of the above copywriting, and so on.[/*">[/list">

And we're always open for more help - if there's an area you'd like to lend a hand, don't hesitate to reach out. In particular, it never hurts to have folks who can speak Japanese and keep an ear out for news (though we probably won't be hearing much about the next AA until TGS.)

You may notice there's no one "head admin" in the above, and that's very much by design. We each have our skills and passions, and after trying to juggle everything myself these past couple years, I'm of the firm belief that a lot more gets done when everyone's got their own area to oversee.

I can't thank the above staff enough for helping out all these years (even as we've had periods of nearly grinding to a halt) and continuing to do so after my departure. I'd also like to shout-out the staff of our shared Discord for keeping things there running smoothly and helping spearhead a lot of fun new projects (like this upcoming game jam!) - I think a lot of good stuff is going to come out of that in the years to come.

My only regret is that I haven't done more done to leave things in a little better shape for the new crew. Of course, the internet's a wildly different placei n 2018 than it was in 2006, so I'm realistic about how active C-R's forums are - but I do wish I could've been more on top of keeping the main site up-to-date, been more proactive in keeping the forums friendly and welcoming, and been able to drive the new redesign out. But I've got every confidence that our new+old team will do a much better job at all of that than I ever could alone.

If you'd like to keep in touch, I'll still be around the Discord, and you can find out more about what I'm up to on my Twitter (@boltgsr).

Thank you all for these past seven (or twelve!) years - it's been quite a ride. :apollo:


By Bolt Storm

April 13th, 2018 ... ent/10304/

Justice is a special band of composer Noriyuki Iwadare, which performed Ace Attorney tunes live for the 15th anniversary event. They'll return for one day in June to do a special performance titled Gyakuten Saiban Live Objection! 2018. Members of the official Japanese Ace Attorney fanclub Gyakuten Tsushin can win early tickets (see link).

Justice will perform multiple arranged themes, including even from DGS. The afternoon and evening performances will feature different playlists. Some of the confirmed tracks are AA6's Objection, Godot's theme, an Ace Attorney Investigations medley, an Ace Attorney 123 Pursuit medley and an Ace Attorney 456 Pursuit medley.

By Ash

April 3rd, 2018

Takumi held a presentation on how he creates the mystery plots for Ace Attorney and DGS at Game Creators Conferenceí18 on March 30th. Today, Famitsu posted their report on it. A full English translation of the lengthy report is available at Gyakuten Saiban Library. Interesting stuff for those who want to know how Takumi comes up with these things, and how he plays with information flow and other things to keep the player engaged with the game.

The report includes the short Q&A at the end of the translation.

By Ash

April 1st, 2018

So to make a long story short, Iíve been unable to reach Bolt. He made no mention of being unreachable beforehand, so Iím worried something may have happened to him. An accident, perhaps? Iíve tried PMs, Discord, Twitter, Skype, and even his phone. No luck. Anyway, due to his unexplained absence, I shall be taking over his duties as de facto head of Court Records for the time being. Hopefully, it wonít be too long before he returns (hopefully with an explanation for his unannounced disappearance). Worst-case scenario, Iíll be in charge indefinitely. Still, if that is what must be done to keep the forum running, then that is what will be done.

Ur dihara Court Records!

By General Luigi

March 19th, 2018


The entries have been collected, the votes have been tallied, and it's finally time to reveal the winners of this year's Original Character Contest!

[center">Fanart division
First place: neverknowsbest's Bijou Berncot!
Second place: NessieMcCormick's Katalina Gavin!
Third place: Saile's Sharon Schnitter![/center">

[center">Sprite division
First place: Zoo977's Renť Pozak!
Second place: Curdles' Gull Wingman!
Third place: aceprocrastinator's Lily Hawthorne![/center">

[center">Fanfiction division
First place: HannahFright's Doctor Bluddan Gutts!
Second place: Uglen's Dr. Nodie Lyra!
Third place: ninthcompanion's Alexi Plectra![/center">

Congratulations to all the winners! We'll reach out to you soon for info about shipping out prizes.

As always, we had some really excellent entries this year, and we want to thank everyone who entered even if this wasn't your year to win. A round of applause to everyone who took the time to give this a shot - fanworks are a key part of every fandom! And OCs are a vital part of that, especially in a story-heavy series like Ace Attorney.

Thanks as well to everyone who took the time to look over the results and vote! We had a lot of entries at the last minute this year, so we realize it was a bit of a time commitment to look them all over. (We'll be a little more prepared for that next year.)

If you have any questions or feedback on the contest, let us know! Here's to 15 (well, 16.5) years of Ace Attorney, and to many more! Hopefully by 2019 we'll have an Ace Attorney 7 to base the next contest off of...

[PS: Want to lend a hand around CR? We're still looking for folks to help update the site and report news! See the second half of this post.">

By Bolt Storm

March 15th, 2018


Looks like a new season of the Ace Attorney anime has been announced - details are slim at the moment, but from the poster it looks like the season will focus, at least in part, on Trials and Tribulations. The show will once again be produced by A-1 Pictures and will release in the fall. Takumi will be taking a consultant writing role on this series as he did with the first series.

The announcement for the second series also notes that the game series has sold over 6.7 million copies as of December 31st!

Remember to vote in the CR Original Character Creation Contest! Voting ends Saturday, and you can find the links to vote here!

By Toatali

March 15th, 2018

Today Famitsu published a list of 14 2017 titles which won their Excellence Awards, based on the votes of gamers. These fourteen titles are also the nominees for the Game of the Year award, which will be announced on April 27th.

? Super Mario Odyssey
? Splatoon 2
? Xenoblade 2
? The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild
? Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2
? Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
? Dragon Quest XI
? NieR: Automate
? New Danganronpa V3
? Resident Evil 7
? Fate/Grand Order
? Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
? Pokťmon Ultra Sun/Pokťmon Ultra Moon
? Monster Strike

By Ash

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