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July 25th, 2017


With DGS2 out next week, Famitsu brings one last article previewing the game! The masked man seen on the cover art and in the trailers is confirmed as a compatriot of van Zieks, and the magazine describes an incident where the two of them are attacked by a mysterious group. The rest of the 12-page spread is dedicated to revisiting DGS1, providing Famitsu's impressions on DGS2, and an interview with the game's staff.

Additionally, Famitsu's four reviewers gave the game a 9/9/8/8 for a total of 34/40.

As always, scans will be provided when available.

Update: Full scans (excluding the DGS1 recap pages):



The only new story info about the game itself is the aforementioned incident of Barok and his attendant being attacked. Despite the masked man's skill, he has no recollection of his name or past, and nobody has seen his face. Very mysterious!

The reviews and play impressions for the game are generally positive, with particular praise for how the game addresses all the lingering mysteries and the speed of the plot from the third episode onwards, though a few of the reviewers wish there could have been new gameplay systems [DGS2 is the first AA game with no new major gameplay systems since AA3">. The reviewers averaged 30 hours to finish the game. As for the extended impressions, the author is pretty much just gushing about the game as a DGS1 fan, but also notes that the ending felt like "it had to be this" (in a good way), that there was a strong sense of catharsis, and that Takumi's writing style shined through. More details on the interview with the staff as we translate...

Update 2: Some dev details from the interview. The second half will run in next week's issue.
-Nuri was the one to come up with the World's Fair theme, since he was tired of always drawing small locked rooms as murder scenes.
-Thomas Romain (who also worked on DGS1) designed several aspects of the World's Fair due to his history with mecha designs.
-Romain was also a big help in designing various London areas because he came from Europe.
-Takumi wanted to write cases that could _only_ happen in 19th-century London.
-Takumi had the general plot for the series outlined since DGS1, but writing DGS2 still took longer than expected. He'd hoped to finish the scenario before proper development began but instead went back and forth with the development team.
-As before, Takumi wanted to make a game that felt distinct from the original trilogy but also lived up to it. When discussing the scenario with his team, he would often take their guesses on where the story would wind up as a kind of challenge and strive to make the plot even better than they thought.
-The team was a little surprised by how popular Asougi was, but this time they feel all the main characters get spotlights and development a bit more evenly.
-Takumi enjoys the Holmes stories by Robert L. Fish for showing a Holmes who can be a bit nonsensical. He also recommends the first batch of Doyle's Holmes stories.
-Takumi's never been to London (though he asked if the team could go for, uh, "research".) Nuri visited once as a student. Eshiro went several times while working on DmC: Devil May Cry.
-Takumi recommends Asougi's fans play the Asougi Asinine Attorney mini-case... and van Zieks' play the Holmes mini-case.

Update 3: Ash has translated the interview in full:

[quote="Ash"">For those interested, I just posted a full translation of this interview (which is only part one of two) on Gyakuten Saiban Library.[/quote">

In addition, we have full art of the "Masked Disciple" (as the site calls him) now:

[spoiler=Official art">[/spoiler">

Just a week to go!

By Bolt Storm

July 20th, 2017

Takumi has been [strike">released from his cage[/strike"> tweeting again lately as Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 will be released soon, and today he announced he and producer Eshiro will be signing copies of DGS2 at the following locations/days:

August 3rd (release date): BIC Camera Shinjuku West Store (Tokyo) between 12:00~13:00.
August 4th: Joshin Denki Diskpier Nipponbashi Store (Osaka) between 18:30~19:30.

You'll need to purchase your copy of the game at those stores for it to get signed, obviously (You can buy your game on the 3rd at Joshin Denki to get it signed on the 4th in case you don't want to wait, as long as you keep your receipt to prove you bought it there). So if you happen to be near any of those two cities in two weeks...

By Ash

July 19th, 2017


It's been a solid few years since Hershel Layton took his last case - both in reality and in fiction - but today sees the launch of a new Layton adventure! Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy (formerly Lady Layton) releases today for iOS and Android worldwide, and on 3DS in Japan. (The English 3DS release will be coming this fall.)

For those of you who haven't followed along, LMJ is the full-fledged seventh entry in the Layton series, featuring the puzzle-solving adventure gameplay the series made its name on. The mobile version out today runs about 16-18 USD/EUR/GBP, and lets players enjoy the whole game rather than parcel it into individual episodes. Cosmetic bonuses, like new costumes for Katrielle, are available as in-app purchases.

While the game hasn't gone live in the US at time of posting, it's already available in Japan, Europe, and Australia on iTunes and Google Play. This post will be updated as the game goes live elsewhere! (The game requires Android 4.4 or above, or iOS 9 or above on an iPhone 5S or above.)

Google Play: EU | US (not yet live) | JP

iTunes: UK | US | JP | AU | DE | ES | IT | NL | KR

Want to chat about the game? We've bumped the Labyrinthia subforum out from the Defendant's Lobby to serve as a general Layton and Level-5 forum rather than restrict it just to PLvsPW talk.

Happy puzzling!

[Special thanks to NeoGAF user Takoyaki for collecting the Google Play and iTunes links">

By Bolt Storm

July 12th, 2017


Got a Japanese 3DS? Then hop onto the eShop for the DGS2 demo! While the majority of it is the same as the web demo, you get to see the pre-trial sequence in the defendant's lobby, as well as a special trailer at the very end. And some nice new music at that!

By Bolt Storm

July 11th, 2017

[center"> [/center">

Hot on the heels of last week's trailer, and with the game's release just around the corner, Famitsu has one more scoop on DGS2 that shines a little more light on some of the scenes we saw there!

This week's article introduces doctors Sithe (left) and Goulloyne (right), a mother-daughter team of coroners who play a part in the legal system's slow march towards forensic science. The magazine also introduces a kidnapping case set in a waxworks museum involving a woman named Connette Rozaic, who winds up as the target of Holmes' latest bout of reasoning; a distinctive long scarf is visible off to one side of a screenshot, suggesting Pat O'Malley may be making an appearance (which the magazine points out). Finally, we get a brief look at Asougi's Asinine Attorney mini-case.

Full scans to come Wednesday as usual!

UPDATE: Scans:

[spoiler=Big images">


Per above, the magazine introduces coroners Courtney Sithe and Maria Goulloyne. Sithe is the head coroner of Scotland Yard - a position that was only recently created - and works at the forefront of forensic science with her daughter Maria; Ryuunosuke meets them when the case he's investigating calls for more detailed investigation, including fingerprint work. Though Sithe can seem blunt, she also makes it clear that she sees her job as her own way of fighting criminals.

Next, the magazine introduces a waxworks "kidnapping" case. In a somewhat off-the-beaten-path corner of the World's Fair, a waxworks museum has been erected, featuring the works of the Rozaic family. Unfortunately, one of the major figures from the museum's House of Horrors, which collects London's major criminals, has gone missing - and Holmes is intrigued by Rozaic referring to it as a "kidnapping". It's not long after he gets there that another bout of Joint Reasoning crops up. Later, at the trial, Rozaic testifies that the criminal was using the theft to demand a virtual fortune for the figure's safe return. She also notes that the wax figures of the museum are created by taking a cast of the person's face directly

Lastly, we're given brief introductions to the pre-order bonus Asinine Attorney mini-cases. In the first, Asougi takes on a special trial as part of his preparations for studying abroad, going up against a still-angry Payne; in the second, Holmes takes to the defense bench when Iris is arrested, with Ryuunosuke as his 'assistant'.

By Bolt Storm

July 7th, 2017

"Never forget - even a Great Detective tells lies..."

Subs will be added later tonight. (Or if anyone wants to translate now, I won't be able to add them for a few hours, so... :payne: )

If you want to go in blind, this is probably a good time to dive, since the trailer hits at least four of the cases.

By Bolt Storm

June 30th, 2017

Well, this came out of nowhere. Korea's official media ratings board has published a listing for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney for the 3DS; no further details are available, other than that they consider the game 12+.

While this is pure speculation, it seems likely this is a port of the HD re-release for phones that came out a few months back. I guess we'll wait and see!

[Credit to NeoGAF user catmario">

By Bolt Storm

June 30th, 2017


Another week, another batch of DGS2 promotional news! First off, the conclusion of the DGS1 recap series, which (briefly) revisits DGS1-4 but is more interested in answering once and for all who brained Ryuunosuke with that fire extinguisher!

On top of that, Capcom has revealed the jacket art for the DGS2 LE's pack-in CD - a reading of Soseki's "London Tower" by the main cast with brief skits before and after. In addition to that pretty wonderful art, Capcom put up a sample of the CD, which is absolutely worth a listen even if you don't speak Japanese, if only for the spectacle of Ryuunosuke leading the group in a rousing chorus of "London Bridge is Falling Down" - in English.

By Bolt Storm

June 24th, 2017

As many of you have probably heard by now, Capcom has pulled down the YouTube-based translation of Dai Gyakuten Saiban. One of the project leads posted a statement on Reddit, which you should read in full, but here's the part that's probably relevant to most users:

[quote">So what can we do? Well, the translation is not lost. Our footage is gone, but the subtitles themselves still exist in our Google Docs. So what's next for DGS and DGS 2? Well, most likely we will be taking DGS related content to a different platform. What platform? We don't know yet. For now, I know I am going to sit down and figure something out. Over time, I have gotten a new computer and failed to back up the original files. So what do I have on hand?The episodes from Randst Magazine are still on my hard drive, so that's step one.


EDIT: I have filed a counter notification against Capcom, so possibly something will come about from this. It falls under fair use and educational use. On the other side, we do have a back up, thanks to someone on Discord. This contains all of our video (albeit in 360p) and our subtitles. Assuming, nothing occurs regarding our counter notification, we will release these videos on an alternate viewing platform.

It is unsure whether or not this was accidental. There are several other channels, from Japan, that have uploaded full commentated let's plays of Dai Gyakuten Saiban. Along with the few from the US. I am not instigating a witch hunt, but rather showing that Capcom specifically targeted our channel.[/quote">

So if you've been following along with the YouTube translation, all is not lost.

But more importantly, I wanted to put a little cold water on one of the common responses I've been seeing to this, namely that "this is a sign Capcom is working on a DGS localization." To be clear, I can't prove that's not what's happening. But I do want to set expectations.

Capcom is no stranger to pulling down Japanese Ace Attorney videos. Back in the day (because I'm an old person now) I would upload highlights from AAI and AAI2 after they were released in Japan. As of AAI2, Capcom filed copyright strikes against those, eventually pulling down my YouTube channel altogether. When I moved to other platforms (Vimeo, Twitch) for AA5 and DGS, they yanked those too. All of which is to say, Capcom pulling down Japanese AA videos is not out of the ordinary.

I've also seen many people pointing out that because DGS1+2 is being made, that may be to help with bringing the series west. Putting aside the cost of translating two games together and then figuring out how to sell them at a price point that won't drive away Western users, there's the fact that this bundle explicitly isn't a special combination of the games. It's a slipcase for the DGS1 and DGS2 boxes along with a special CD. (The DGS1 box being packaged is even the price-cut "Best Price!" edition.) The games are still on separate cartridges entirely.

Finally, while there's been no specific official reason that DGS1 was never translated (beyond Janet Hsu saying there were "certain circumstances"), there are at least two large possible reasons: first, that these games have relatively high localization costs due to the amount of text as well as relatively low sales in the West, and second, that the rights for some of the Sherlock Holmes stories are still in limbo in the US, with two competing groups claiming ownership. While DGS doesn't particularly draw from these stories, it's not difficult to imagine a claim being made regardless, resulting in a legal battle that could become very costly very quickly. As far as we know, neither of these things have changed.

I dearly hope all of the above was wrong, and Capcom is working on an official localization of the series! But before that rumor gets out of hand, I wanted to remind people where the games stand. We offer our sympathies to the YouTube team and wish them the best in finding a new hosting platform or getting their videos returned. There is also the ongoing fan translation effort on GBATemp, which will require homebrew to play but will allow players to experience the game for their 3DS.

The DGS series is a breath of fresh air for Ace Attorney, and we maintain that it's truly disappointing that English-speaking fans don't get to experience it. Hopefully, that'll soon change one way or the other.

By Bolt Storm

June 23rd, 2017

Subs will be coming soon. It'll probably be me who's going to translate, unless someone would like to try their hand.

Okay, here we go.

[spoiler=">Susato: Well then, Naruhodou-sama, it's nice to see you again.

Ryu: Yes, ma'am! Likewise, I will try my best to help anyway I can!

Susato: ...My, it sounds like you're feeling quite spirited.

Ryu: Well, this time we're headed off to London... I'm getting worked up about it!
Especially for me, who's just a simple fellow from a small island nation!

Susato: Thinking about it... you don't remember what happened when we were in London, correct?
Then, let us look back over the events that transpired there!

~ Adventure of the Runaway Room ~
[They arrive in London and are amazed by the sights and all the people.">

Ryu: Susato-san! Did you see that? How considerate of me to lend a hand to a lady!
It appears that "I" am indeed a true English gentleman!

Susato: ...Naruhodou-sama, you are most certainly a true Japanese young man!

Ryu: W-what? I... I'm Japanese?

Susato: So you've forgotten even that much, I see...

Shortly after we arrived in London, we were assigned to our very first case...
It was a curious murder that had taken place aboard a rushing omnibus.

Ryu: To choose an inexperienced student from Japan as his lawyer...
Were there some extraordinary circumstances to this case?

Susato: ...Yes, there were. You see, the prosecutor in charge...

was Sir Barok van Zieks.
He is a prosecutor who goes by the fearful title of "Death God".
It is said that when he takes a case, no defendant has ever escaped alive.

Ryu: ...And I'm facing against him?

Susato: That is what we mean when we say, "caught between a rock and a hardship"! *
On top of that, it was literally "back-breaking" work!

Ryu: (Even if I get my memory back, I don't know if I'll survive in this country...)
So this scene is about me getting into a serious scrape, huh?

Susato: It truly is the feeling of being... "cornered".

Ryu: (Given that we have a "Death God" here, that really isn't a joke...)

Susato: ...And, there's one more thing.
An fateful encounter that you simply must not forget.

???: That's right!
Susato, Naruhodo! Long time no see!

Susato: My, even Iris-sama has joined us with this look!

Ryu: So, not only does she have a doctorate at age 10, she's an inventor and a story writer... huh.
Adding to all that earlier, I think I've now lost all motivation to live.

Susato: To be honest, I feel the same way too...

???: Greetings, my friends. I see you're quite the match, as usual.

Ryu: Huh? Wait, aren't you...?

Iris: Oh, Holmesy! What are you doing here?

Holmes: I'd think that's obvious. There is only one reason why the Great Detective would appear.
"There's a mystery to be solved!" ...naturally.

Susato: A "mystery"... you say?

Holmes: Good grief. It looks like you two have forgotten the important question here.
That is...
"Who is the culprit behind Mr. Naruhodo's amnesia?"

Ryu: Ah! Now that you mention it...
(...Just who was that?)

Holmes: Allow me to answer!
The culprit of this case... is one among us!

Ryu: Huh?

All: Whaaaaaaat!?

Holmes: Oh, but too bad! We've just run out of time!
Next time, the whole mystery will be revealed. Please look forward to it, everyone!

Ryu: D-don't tell me...! I'm gonna become a suspect again!

Susato: I would say that is impossible, but it's actually hard to say...



"Episode 3! If you'd like to see the rest of the adventure, check it out in the full release of Dai Gyakuten Saiban! And if you'd like the 1 & 2 Bundle-pack, you can get it at a real bargain! Now, the next episode is the final one! What sort of deductions will come out of Holmesy's mouth? Stay tuned to find out!"

* T/N: 4-character idioms are infamous as the worst hardships for a translator.[/spoiler">

By Rubia Ryu the Royal

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