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February 23rd, 2017


The entries have been pored over, the votes have been cast, and the customary few days of delays on our end have come and gone. Here are the winners of the Court-Records Original Character Contest 2016!

[center">Fanart division
First place: AllAroundSpaces's Dash Weasher!
Second place: lilyco101's Sonam Ch'kagdo!
Third place: NessieMcCormick's Kasper Gavin!
Also third place: Nyappy's Stahren E'mbaak![/center">

[center">Sprite division
First place: liftrasa's Shion!
Second place: toastydoodles's Gigi Conred!
Third place: Lind's Ta'mha Shii![/center">

[center">Fanfiction division
First place: AceFangirl's Magnolia 'Maggie' Zene!
Second place: lumos314's Atticus Chase Key!
Third place: RubyCosmos's Elizabeth "Bess" Sellers![/center">

Many congratulations to the winners! As we do every year, we had some really stellar entries - and I think the punny name game was on a higher level than it ever was before. (Or a lower one, depending on your point of view.) We'll be contacting you via the e-mail you registered for the beta site with - if this isn't accessible to you, please PM me or send us a mail at courtrecord at gmail.

If you missed the entries this year, or if you just want to take another look at our participants' work, you can still browse the fanart, spriting, and fanfic categories at your leisure.

The first place winners this year will recieve the Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice artbook, second-place winners will receive their choice of the Phoenix and Apollo selection CDs, and third-place winners will receive an AA6 3DS card carrying case. In addition, all winners will receive an attorney's pin from Fangamer!

As always, a very special thanks to everyone who entered this year, especially as we made the switch to our new beta site. There were a few bumps along the way, but it helped us iron out some bugs and learn some things about the user experience, which means the final thing will be all the better. And thank you to everyone who took the time to vote!

See you again next- oh, right. Our terrible scheduling. See you again late this year!

By Bolt Storm

February 18th, 2017


One last reminder: voting for the Court-Records Original Character Contest 2016 ends tomorrow, February 19th, at 11:59 PM Pacific Time!

Once again, here are the voting links:

As always, if you encounter any problems, please let us know in the thread below, by sending a mail to courtrecord [at"> gmail [dot"> com, or by contacting us on Twitter/Tumblr/Discord.

Thanks to everyone who's already voted!

By Bolt Storm

February 14th, 2017

Takumi thanked all the people who sent Valentine presents to the characters and the development team today on Twitter (starting with his tweet) Regarding DGS2, the message is simply that he's still working hard on it. Below is a translation of today's tweets (which were tweeted on February 15th JST, by the way).

Good evening, everyone. ...It's so late now, "good evening" is really the only thing I can say, but as today is that one special Valentine's Day... oh no, that's yesterday already. Takumi here, who's been busy lately, being chased by days filled with grand turnabouts.

But now some words of thank. We got a lot of thoughtful presents for our Ryunosuke, Kazuma, Mr. Grim Reaper, that one great detective and even us, the development team. We're really grateful! As the creators, we're really happy with them.

By the way, grandson Ryuichi (Phoenix) and that Mr. Red Rival were not forgotten either. And like last year, some of the "advanced" characters like that orange chief of police and your "pal" police detective also got some fancy presents. It's amazing. Nuri and the rest of the team all got really excited about it.

As for the funny story this year, we have "For Juryman 3 of Episode 3". Who? Oooh, the guy with the knife. When you suddenly get hit from an unexpected place, you get a funny sense of pleasure as the creator. Oh, that guy. I see, I see.

Lately, I feel that everything in this world can be categorized into either "pressure" or "everything else". And then there's "good pressure" and "bad pressure"....?But today, I was given a lot of positive pressure that'll serve as great momentum, so it became a great day because of all of you.

Finally, once again my thanks to you. I am reallly grateful for your continued support. I hope that next time, I can tell you that Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 is finished... Starting tomorow, I'll ride on this positive wave of pressure and concentrate with everything I have on the development. Good night, everyone!

By Ash

February 5th, 2017

Dengeki's website for their upcoming "15th Anniversary Gyakuten Saiban Series Encyclopedia 2001-2016" (AKA Gyakuten Taizen 2001 - 2016) has been opened this week. The book was announced at the 15th Anniversary Special Court event, and will contain detailed write-ups on all the cases of all of Capcom's Ace Attorney games*. Each case is explained through a timeline, detailing all the events leading up to, and after the murders, the culprits etc. The book will also contain lists of all the characters and evidence that have appeared in the games. Six interviews with the creators revealing untold tales about the games, one of which with Takumii, are also included in the book.

*Six main titles + Rise from the Ashes, two Ace Attorney Investigations titles and DGS. The website notes that the DLC case of AA6 however will not be included. The website also makes a special note that this book will still keep certain details secret regarding the final episodes of both DGS and AA6.

Cover art can be found on the official Japanese Ace Attorney franchise website: ... books/1564

By Ash

February 4th, 2017


Sorry to keep you waiting! The entries have been tallied, the site has been updated, and it's time to begin: voting for the Court-Records Original Character Contest 2016 is now open!

As always, there are three categories:
Fanart, for those of us who can draw a straight line
Sprites, for those of us who prefer to create things out of many tiny blocks
Fanfiction, for those of us who remember back in the days when not everything was "live video" or "the youtubes", we used to have text on the internet you young whippersnappers

It goes without saying, but we encourage everyone to vote in each category! Voting will be running for a bit over two full weeks - through February 19th, 2017.

If you encounter any problems, please let us know in the thread below, by sending a mail to courtrecord [at"> gmail [dot"> com, or by contacting us on Twitter/Tumblr/Discord.

Best of luck to all the participants, and I hope you all enjoy this year's submissions!

By Bolt Storm

January 31st, 2017

Famitsu posted an interview with Takumi, Eshiro and Yamazaki today on their website, taken after the Special Court even last week. They talk about the fifteenth anniversary, a little bit about DGS2 and about what Yamazaki thinks of DGS. There's obviously no real news to be found here, but it's interesting to see Yamazaki and Takumi together in an interview (happens basically never).

A full translation of the article has been posted on Gyakuten Saiban Library.

By Ash

January 27th, 2017


It seems like it wasn't that long ago that we were celebrating ten years, but here we are - January 27th, 2017 marks 11 years since Court-Records opened its doors!

I don't think Croik could've imagined this site would still be kicking more than a decade later when she opened it up, nor that the Ace Attorney series would grow from a niche trilogy of Japanese adventure games to almost a dozen titles, an anime, a film, concerts, plays, musicals, manga...

But there is one thing that's stayed (relatively) constant throughout the years, and that's the CR Original Character Contest!


This Sunday, January 29th, is the final day you can enter. As a reminder, you can see the full details for the contest over here. If you're having trouble registering for the beta site or otherwise posting your entry, either drop a comment in this thread, send us a mail at courtrecord at gmail, or send us a Twitter mention or Tumblr ask.

Best of luck, and thanks again for sticking around this funny little legal corner of the web!

By Bolt Storm

January 24th, 2017

This was expected given the official site's planned update date, but Famitsu has made it official - DGS2 will be featured in this week's issue. Pictured in the preview above is a new piece of background art that seems to depict a certain tower that was under construction in DGS1...

The article promises new information, including a reference to a certain "cursed room for rent" (most likely Souseki's from DGS1-4 going by the pair of DGS1 screenshots provided). Two editors from Famitsu will also be providing their "joint reasoning" about what may happen in the game (e.g. speculation).

Update: Famitsu leaks are out (though not scans). It sounds like there's not a ton of news in the issue, but:
[list">[*">Takumi is the game's director (of course) and Eshiro is the producer.[/*">
[*">The story will again take place in both England and Japan.[/*">
[*">The World's Fair mentioned in DGS1 will play a key part in the story, as well as the aforementioned "cursed room for rent" and the scene of Susato visiting a grave seen in the trailers.[/*">
[*">The mysteries from the first game will be resolved as well as new plot threads.[/*">
[*">Development is at about 35%.[/*">[/list">

Update 2: Full scans below - be warned, they're huge:



The fulls scans show screens of Ryuunosuke, Susato, Holmes, and Gregson investigating an apartment where a case took place. Going by the decor, it appears to belong to the blonde-wigged actor who made a cameo in DGS1-4. The scans also allude to a letter from Susato to Ryuunosuke discussing a certain case that she had been hiding from him - and a new case that the letter sets off.

Update 3: Official art of Ryuunosuke and official summary from the DGS2 site:


[quote="Summary"">The end of the 19th century. The last and greatest World's Fair of the 19th century is due to open in the English capital, London. But beneath the surface of this symbol of industry, a shadowy web of connections beckons another case. A tremendous story linking Japan and England once again begins to move. The curtain rises on the second act of Ryuunosuke Naruhodou's grand courtroom drama![/quote">

[The Court-Records Original Character Contest is taking entries until the 29th!">

By Bolt Storm

January 22nd, 2017

The DGS2 official site is open, and it's brought with it a brand new trailer! Subs are available on the CC track.

The site is planned to next update on January 26th, Japan time.

[The Court-Records Original Character Contest is taking entries until the 29th!">

By Bolt Storm

January 22nd, 2017


Well, there may not have been a ton of game announcements at last night's 15th anniversary special court event, but we can at least run down what was there, eh?

(The below is compiled from reports by @hoso_boso, Dengeki, and elsewhere.)

[center">The show itself


The afternoon show started at 1 PM Tokyo time, with an evening show later that day. Before things got underway, visitors had the chance to check out (and purchase) all sorts of memorabilia and merchandise, which we'll get to below.

The meat of the show was a series of "talk corners" dedicated to AA1-3, AA4-6, Investigations, and DGS. Directors Takumi and Yamazaki, producer Eshiro, and the main cast of AA6/DGS/the AAI stage play were present. Live skits were performed, jokes were made, "Guitar's Serendade"s were briefly sung, and a merry time was had by all.

Once the talk corners were through, the voice cast divided into AA, AAI, and DGS teams for a live quiz show, with games like captioning scenes from the series or trying to draw the judge. Team AAI won and will be drawn by series artist Tatsuro Iwamoto as their prize (the portraits are due to be put up sometime in the coming days.)

Once the cast performances were done, Noriyuki Iwadare took the stage with his Justice Super Band to perform a few AA songs live. ("Don't worry," he said, "Detective Fulbright is one of my favorite characters.")



Several non-game-related announcements were made, although most of them are limited to Japan:

[list">[*">The AAI stage play, Turnabout Teleportation, will likely get another performance run, though nothing is set in stone yet.[/*">
[*">The Ace Attorney Encyclopedia 2001-2016 will be released 3/21. At 336 pages, it will cover every case in the series (so watch out for spoilers!)[/*">
[*">A number of AA-related Japanese collaborations were announced, such as AA costumes and weapons in Monster Hunter Explore until February 1st.[/*">
[*">A 15th anniversary concert will be held May 6th. This won't be a repeat of past performances, but rather a new setlist including music from AA5 and beyond.[/*">[/list">

[center">Merchandise (where the real money from the [strike">movie[/strike">series is made)


There was a whole bunch of AA-related goodies on display and available for purchase at the event. We're actually going to defer to hoso_boso's writeup here, as he covers most of the items available for purchase.

One thing of note: Ace Attorney luggage is now available for pre-order at e-Capcom. Yes, you read that right.

That said, there were three other small things announced that attendees couldn't actually purchase yet: Ace Attorney wine and sake, an Apollo Justice plushie, and (pictured above) the judge's gavel!

[center">Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2


DGS2 made an appearance in two ways at the show: first, Takumi showed off a brief gameplay clip featuring Ryuunosuke, Holmes, and Iris. It seems that since the events of DGS1-5, Ryuunosuke has been barred from standing in court, but all involved were careful to avoid divulging much in the way of story details. Voice recording for the game is still in progress, with Ryuunosuke's VA Hiro Shimono being the only one finished.

Second, a new trailer for DGS2 was shown to wrap things up, confirming the game as a 3DS release (not Switch) and featuring Ryuunosuke and Holmes deducing the meaning of the game's logo. At the very end, a mysterious silhouette made an appearance, and the crowd went wild... The trailer is planned to go public along with the game's official site later today.


In closing... it may not have been quite such a great show for those of us hoping for game news (or announcements relevant to the West in general), but it sounds like it was a great experience for everyone who got to attend. Here's to 15 years of Ace Attorney!

[The Court-Records Original Character Contest is taking entries until the 29th!">

By Bolt Storm

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