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September 14th, 2017

The Famitsu that went on sale err, yesterday in Japan, features the results of a special Famitsu poll on DGS2 held among fans, from who their favorite characters are to their favorite music tracks. The issue also features an interview with the sound staff of the game (and includes the German and Japanese lyrics to a certain song from the game...).

In a related story, Takumi tweeted a picture of the (Japanese) lyrics of the song today, which he wrote in five minutes. It's the first song in the game series with lyrics which were actually song (The Steel Samurai/Love Love Guilty did have lyrics, but were not sung in their respective games).

By Ash

September 12th, 2017


It's that time again - Nintendo has scheduled a Nintendo Direct for this Wednesday/Thursday, depending on where you are in the world!

The 45-minute show will start at 3 PM PT/6 PM ET/12 AM CET/7 AM JT on the 13th/14th. Since the focus is on games coming in the "next few months", there might not be too many big announcements... but maybe there'll be a surprise or two!

As usual, we'll be hosting a group viewing and chat on Cytube. Hope you can make it!

[Court-Records is looking for copywriters... again!?">

By Bolt Storm

September 7th, 2017

Capcom announced their lineup and stage shows for the 2017 Tokyo Game Show. While there are no Ace Attorney games playable or debuting at the show, there will be stage shows for the series on September 23th. Perhaps they'll discuss the Nintendo 3DS port of Apollo Justice, which is coming in November this year.

The Stage Shows, which can be streamed on Niconico, are:

[list">14:50 to 15:35 – Ace Attorney Series Special Courtroom 2017 – Featuring Motohide Eshiro (producer) and guest Kenn (Apollo Justice voice actor).[/list">
[list">15:35 to 15:50 – Ace Attorney Series Studio Talk[/list">


Mod edit: Per usual, we'll be restreaming/hosting a live chat on Cytube!

By WarChild

August 31st, 2017

So the first DGS game has been surreptitiously added to the Japanese iTunes page without much warning. Much like the other games, the app costs ¥120 but includes only the first case. Cases 2 and above have to be purchased with in-app purchases. Here's the link: ... 34778?mt=8

Edit: Also on Google Play store ... aigyakusai

By Toatali

August 31st, 2017


While those of us in the West will have to settle for a digital edition, Japanese fans will be able to pick up a physical limited edition of AA4 when it launches in November. Capcom today revealed the boxart for the LE and the contents of the mini-soundtrack!

The OST will feature some arrangements as well as some of the original tracks, and feature two new vocal tracks with KENN (Apollo's VA) and Ryouji Yamamoto (Klavier's VA):

[quote="OST listing"">
1. Apollo Justice ~ A New Chapter of Trials! [Featuring KENN">
2. Klavier Gavin ~ Guilty Love [Featuring Ryouji Yamamoto">
3. Troupe Gramarye (2017 arrange version)
4. Pursuit ~ Gotta Corner It (2017 arrange version)
5. Trucy's Theme ~ Child of Magic (2007 original version)
6. Ema Skye ~ Scientific Detective (2007 original version)
7. Lamiroir ~ The Landscape Artist in Sound (2007 original version)
8. Search ~ Core 2007 (2007 original version)
9. Cross-Examination ~ Allegro 2007 (2007 original version)
10. Apollo Justice ? Iustitia Sempiterna (2017 arrange version)[/quote">

Capcom's also put up a trailer for the 3DS version.

[Court-Records is looking for copywriters... again!?">

By Bolt Storm

August 27th, 2017

They say only three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and us putting out a call for copywriters every six months!

This time, though, things are a little different. We've brought on Lumos as a dedicated manager to oversee getting the site content back up to scratch! This means that we won't be letting things flatline like we have in the past, and all we need now is folks to actually start putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard).

I'll let her say the rest:


Hey, everyone!

In our newest update to the trials and tribulations of creating Court Records 3.0, I'm joining the team as a copywriting manager. I'll be keeping track of what needs to be updated, and organizing all our volunteers.

That said… it would be helpful if I had volunteers to manage. So that’s where you come in! We need help -- lots of help -- rehauling everything written on the site: case summaries, character profiles, transcripts, general information… You name it, it prob’ly needs to be rewritten. We also need people willing to do some research, within the games and throughout the internet, so that we can make sure our information is as accurate as possible.

We’re hoping to take this one step at a time, so you’ll start off with one project and move on as it's finished. You'll need English fluency, and basic HTML skill -- things like starting a paragraph or formatting text. (Though if you don't know any HTML and you're willing to learn, feel free to apply and we can go from there.)

So! If you’re looking to apply, here are some the steps you should take:

First off, write up a summary of The First Turnabout. We’re looking for something short and sweet, but make sure to include the major plot points and contradictions of the case. If you need an example, check out the page for Turnabout Big Top. ( It’s pretty well written, stylistically. Also, plagiarizing an article will, of course, disqualify you from the position, so please stick with something written in your own words!

Second, I’d like you to edit the following paragraph. Definitely proofread, but don’t be afraid to make some content suggestions as well. Rewriting parts, or even the whole paragraph, is useful, too. Good editing happens when the overall product is better than when it started.

“Phenix Wright and miles Edgeworth are the best of allies. In elementray school, they hung out with Larry Butz a lot and had adventures. After Miles came back they reunited and became friends again. They work on cases together to find the truth of the case. They really are good frinds even though they’re relationship isnt the closest and Edgeworth says he has “unnecessary feelings” because of wright and Phoenix sometimes gets mad at him like when he left the country and pretends to be dead. But you can still see they care about each other. Because Phoenix defends Miles when he is accused of murder and Edgeworth flies right over from Europe when Phoenix falls into the river. That’s why there the best of friends.”

Once you’ve done that, send the result to (There’s no “s” at the end) and we’ll take a look. We’ll let you know what we think as soon as we can.

We’d love to have you guys on our team, so we hope to see your application in soon!

Thanks, guys!

By Bolt Storm

August 23rd, 2017

Entertainment website Spice posted an interview with Takumi yesterday as part of their Game Designer Dreams corner, where they interview game developers on how they got in the industry and their views on industry trends (in this case, social/casual games). They also talk about how the Ace Attorney series was created and about how development on DGS2 went, as well as mystery fiction, games that made an impression on Takumi in the past and now.

A full translation of the interview has been posted on Gyakuten Saiban Library.

By Ash

August 10th, 2017


Back in May, Japanese fans of Ace Attorney were treated to a special 15th anniversary orchestra concert for the series, featuring not only music from the original trilogy but from the Investigations and 3DS era as well. Today, Capcom has announced a recording of the concert will be made available as a 2-CD set this September!

The track listing is as follows:

Disc one
1. Phoenix Wright ~ Objection!
2. Ace Attorney 5 Courtroom Suite
3. Ace Attorney 6 Courtroom Suite
4. Ace Attorney Investigations Meeting Suite
5. Ace Attorney Investigations Suite ~ The Great Path
6. The Great Ace Attorney Suite

Disc two
7. Great Revival ~ Miles Edgeworth
8. Maya Fey ~ Turnabout Sisters' Theme
9. Godot ~ The Fragrance of Dark Coffee
10. Ace Attorney 1-3 Courtroom Suite
11. Ace Attorney 4 Courtroom Suite
12. The Great Ace Attorney Suite Continued
13. The Steel Samurai

Since this is a CD, it should be pretty easy to import. We'll let you know more details closer to the release date!

Update: The CDs release today, September 13th! You can listen to some samples over on, or order the CD on

By Bolt Storm

August 9th, 2017

It's been a week since Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 launched in Japan, and the public has spoken with their wallets... but they haven't said much, according to Media Create.

[quote">1./01. [3DS"> Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age # <RPG> (Square Enix) {2017.07.29} (¥5.980) – 307.714 / 1.456.601 (-73%)
02./02. [PS4"> Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age # <RPG> (Square Enix) {2017.07.29} (¥8.980) – 200.798 / 1.151.113 (-79%)
03./03. [NSW"> Splatoon 2 # <ACT> (Nintendo) {2017.07.21} (¥5.980) – 74.235 / 827.646 (-30%)
04./00. [3DS"> Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Kakugo <ADV> (Capcom) {2017.08.03} (¥5.800) – 69.848 / NEW
05./00. [PS4"> Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy <Crash Bandicoot \ Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back \ Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped> <ACT> (Sony Interactive Entertainment) {2017.08.03} (¥4.900) – 30.384 / NEW
06./05. [NSW"> Mario Kart 8 Deluxe <RCE> (Nintendo) {2017.04.28} (¥5.980) – 13.764 / 615.633 (-1%)
07./04. [3DS"> Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy <ADV> (Level 5) {2017.07.20} (¥4.444) – 12.699 / 108.057 (-48%)
08./00. [3DS"> Dai Gyakuten Saiban 1 & 2 Special Edition {Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken \ Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Kakugo} <ADV> (Capcom) {2017.08.03} (¥7.200) – 9.651 / NEW
09./06. [3DS"> Hey! Pikmin <ACT> (Nintendo) {2017.07.13} (¥4.980) – 8.493 / 107.887 (-29%)
10./10. [NSW"> Arms <FTG> (Nintendo) {2017.06.16} (¥5.980) – 5.472 / 189.417 (-8%)
11./11. [NSW"> The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild # <ADV> (Nintendo) {2017.03.03} (¥6.980) – 5.304 / 554.123 (-9%)
12./08. [3DS"> Sumikko Gurashi: Koko, Dokonan Desu? <ETC> (Nippon Columbia) {2017.07.20} (¥4.800) – 5.197 / 34.107 (-35%)
13./14. [3DS"> Pokemon Sun / Moon <RPG> (Pokemon Co.) {2016.11.18} (¥4.980) – 4.321 / 3.304.705 (-18%)
14./17. [3DS"> Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo <ETC> (Nintendo) {2016.11.23} (¥2.700) – 4.293 / 212.998 (+19%)
15./07. [PS4"> Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age <RPG> (Square Enix) {2017.07.13} (¥6.800) – 4.217 / 132.188 (-48%)
16./13. [PS4"> Gundam Versus # <ACT> (Bandai Namco Games) {2017.07.06} (¥8.200) – 3.948 / 153.086 (-25%)
17./16. [PSV"> Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition # <ADV> (Sony Computer Entertainment) {2015.03.19} (¥2.400) – 3.297 / 1.187.447 (-15%)
18./21. [PS4"> Grand Theft Auto V [New Price Edition"> <ACT> (Take-Two Interactive Japan) {2015.10.08} (¥4.990) – 2.852 / 372.514
19./26. [3DS"> Mario Kart 7 <RCE> (Nintendo) {2011.12.01} (¥4.571) – 2.823 / 2.799.235
20./27. [3DS"> Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS <ACT> (Nintendo) {2016.12.01} (¥4.700) – 2.711 / 1.069.884[/quote">

Combined, DGS2 and the DGS1+2 LE sold 79,499 units, the lowest debut for a game in the series since at least the GBA era, and about 60,000 behind DGS1. Famitsu notes this represents about a 40-60% sell-through of the game's initial stock.

Though this isn't very surprising given DGS2's status as a direct sequel and the relatively subdued marketing, it's still not a very pretty number. Whether or not these sales are in line with Capcom's expectations is an entirely different question, but it's hard to imagine the game overperformed.

By Bolt Storm

August 9th, 2017


Source: Link

The final mainline game has been announced for a November release on the 3DS!
It appears the price will be $19.99USD

Mod edit: This leaked a while back, but it's officially confirmed! The game will feature Japanese/English toggles and the ability to skip text from the get-go. No precise release date has been announced yet.

The release seems to be digital-only in the west, but Japan will have a physical release, including a collector's edition and a special AA1-6 collector's edition, as well as a super-premium edition with a gold plate.

By SuperAj3

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