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June 24th, 2017

As many of you have probably heard by now, Capcom has pulled down the YouTube-based translation of Dai Gyakuten Saiban. One of the project leads posted a statement on Reddit, which you should read in full, but here's the part that's probably relevant to most users:

[quote">So what can we do? Well, the translation is not lost. Our footage is gone, but the subtitles themselves still exist in our Google Docs. So what's next for DGS and DGS 2? Well, most likely we will be taking DGS related content to a different platform. What platform? We don't know yet. For now, I know I am going to sit down and figure something out. Over time, I have gotten a new computer and failed to back up the original files. So what do I have on hand?The episodes from Randst Magazine are still on my hard drive, so that's step one.


EDIT: I have filed a counter notification against Capcom, so possibly something will come about from this. It falls under fair use and educational use. On the other side, we do have a back up, thanks to someone on Discord. This contains all of our video (albeit in 360p) and our subtitles. Assuming, nothing occurs regarding our counter notification, we will release these videos on an alternate viewing platform.

It is unsure whether or not this was accidental. There are several other channels, from Japan, that have uploaded full commentated let's plays of Dai Gyakuten Saiban. Along with the few from the US. I am not instigating a witch hunt, but rather showing that Capcom specifically targeted our channel.[/quote">

So if you've been following along with the YouTube translation, all is not lost.

But more importantly, I wanted to put a little cold water on one of the common responses I've been seeing to this, namely that "this is a sign Capcom is working on a DGS localization." To be clear, I can't prove that's not what's happening. But I do want to set expectations.

Capcom is no stranger to pulling down Japanese Ace Attorney videos. Back in the day (because I'm an old person now) I would upload highlights from AAI and AAI2 after they were released in Japan. As of AAI2, Capcom filed copyright strikes against those, eventually pulling down my YouTube channel altogether. When I moved to other platforms (Vimeo, Twitch) for AA5 and DGS, they yanked those too. All of which is to say, Capcom pulling down Japanese AA videos is not out of the ordinary.

I've also seen many people pointing out that because DGS1+2 is being made, that may be to help with bringing the series west. Putting aside the cost of translating two games together and then figuring out how to sell them at a price point that won't drive away Western users, there's the fact that this bundle explicitly isn't a special combination of the games. It's a slipcase for the DGS1 and DGS2 boxes along with a special CD. (The DGS1 box being packaged is even the price-cut "Best Price!" edition.) The games are still on separate cartridges entirely.

Finally, while there's been no specific official reason that DGS1 was never translated (beyond Janet Hsu saying there were "certain circumstances"), there are at least two large possible reasons: first, that these games have relatively high localization costs due to the amount of text as well as relatively low sales in the West, and second, that the rights for some of the Sherlock Holmes stories are still in limbo in the US, with two competing groups claiming ownership. While DGS doesn't particularly draw from these stories, it's not difficult to imagine a claim being made regardless, resulting in a legal battle that could become very costly very quickly. As far as we know, neither of these things have changed.

I dearly hope all of the above was wrong, and Capcom is working on an official localization of the series! But before that rumor gets out of hand, I wanted to remind people where the games stand. We offer our sympathies to the YouTube team and wish them the best in finding a new hosting platform or getting their videos returned. There is also the ongoing fan translation effort on GBATemp, which will require homebrew to play but will allow players to experience the game for their 3DS.

The DGS series is a breath of fresh air for Ace Attorney, and we maintain that it's truly disappointing that English-speaking fans don't get to experience it. Hopefully, that'll soon change one way or the other.

By Bolt Storm

June 23rd, 2017

Subs will be coming soon. It'll probably be me who's going to translate, unless someone would like to try their hand.

Okay, here we go.

[spoiler=">Susato: Well then, Naruhodou-sama, it's nice to see you again.

Ryu: Yes, ma'am! Likewise, I will try my best to help anyway I can!

Susato: ...My, it sounds like you're feeling quite spirited.

Ryu: Well, this time we're headed off to London... I'm getting worked up about it!
Especially for me, who's just a simple fellow from a small island nation!

Susato: Thinking about it... you don't remember what happened when we were in London, correct?
Then, let us look back over the events that transpired there!

~ Adventure of the Runaway Room ~
[They arrive in London and are amazed by the sights and all the people.">

Ryu: Susato-san! Did you see that? How considerate of me to lend a hand to a lady!
It appears that "I" am indeed a true English gentleman!

Susato: ...Naruhodou-sama, you are most certainly a true Japanese young man!

Ryu: W-what? I... I'm Japanese?

Susato: So you've forgotten even that much, I see...

Shortly after we arrived in London, we were assigned to our very first case...
It was a curious murder that had taken place aboard a rushing omnibus.

Ryu: To choose an inexperienced student from Japan as his lawyer...
Were there some extraordinary circumstances to this case?

Susato: ...Yes, there were. You see, the prosecutor in charge...

was Sir Barok van Zieks.
He is a prosecutor who goes by the fearful title of "Death God".
It is said that when he takes a case, no defendant has ever escaped alive.

Ryu: ...And I'm facing against him?

Susato: That is what we mean when we say, "caught between a rock and a hardship"! *
On top of that, it was literally "back-breaking" work!

Ryu: (Even if I get my memory back, I don't know if I'll survive in this country...)
So this scene is about me getting into a serious scrape, huh?

Susato: It truly is the feeling of being... "cornered".

Ryu: (Given that we have a "Death God" here, that really isn't a joke...)

Susato: ...And, there's one more thing.
An fateful encounter that you simply must not forget.

???: That's right!
Susato, Naruhodo! Long time no see!

Susato: My, even Iris-sama has joined us with this look!

Ryu: So, not only does she have a doctorate at age 10, she's an inventor and a story writer... huh.
Adding to all that earlier, I think I've now lost all motivation to live.

Susato: To be honest, I feel the same way too...

???: Greetings, my friends. I see you're quite the match, as usual.

Ryu: Huh? Wait, aren't you...?

Iris: Oh, Holmesy! What are you doing here?

Holmes: I'd think that's obvious. There is only one reason why the Great Detective would appear.
"There's a mystery to be solved!" ...naturally.

Susato: A "mystery"... you say?

Holmes: Good grief. It looks like you two have forgotten the important question here.
That is...
"Who is the culprit behind Mr. Naruhodo's amnesia?"

Ryu: Ah! Now that you mention it...
(...Just who was that?)

Holmes: Allow me to answer!
The culprit of this case... is one among us!

Ryu: Huh?

All: Whaaaaaaat!?

Holmes: Oh, but too bad! We've just run out of time!
Next time, the whole mystery will be revealed. Please look forward to it, everyone!

Ryu: D-don't tell me...! I'm gonna become a suspect again!

Susato: I would say that is impossible, but it's actually hard to say...



"Episode 3! If you'd like to see the rest of the adventure, check it out in the full release of Dai Gyakuten Saiban! And if you'd like the 1 & 2 Bundle-pack, you can get it at a real bargain! Now, the next episode is the final one! What sort of deductions will come out of Holmesy's mouth? Stay tuned to find out!"

* T/N: 4-character idioms are infamous as the worst hardships for a translator.[/spoiler">

By Rubia Ryu the Royal

June 22nd, 2017

On June 4, Eshiro and Takumi held a "Special Court Seminar" on the Ace Attorney series at the Akihabara location of Human Academy (more are scheduled for July and August at other locations across Japan). The topics discussed included how the first game conceived, how Dai Gyakuten Saiban was conceived as an extra pillar to the series, how development on Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 is going, and interestingly enough, even a bit on the overseas localized releases of the series.

Inside has posted a two-part report on the seminar, available here and here.

Full translations of both artices are available on Gyakuten Saiban Library (Part 1 and Part 2). There are no game spoilers by the way, just heaps of praise for Janet Hsu's work!

By Ash

June 20th, 2017

Layton's Mystery Journey English trailer just got posted, seems official, though there is some left over Japanese, but it's impossible to have been editted due to how the text appears.


By Blizdi

June 20th, 2017

DGS2 will be featured in today/tomorrow's episode of Capcom TV (June 21). Producer Eshiro will play through part of the second episode of the game. Other games scheduled to appear are Mega Man Classic Collection 2 and Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch. The episode will start at 20:00 JST.

By Ash

June 20th, 2017


Continuing with this experiment to semi-cover Layton series news as well as AA: Layton's Mystery Journey has gotten its second major trailer ahead of the game's release on July 20th.

You can watch a subbed version over here, and get a listen to the game's theme song, a look at some of its puzzles and story episodes, and even a quick shot of a certain professor...

(Note: above image may be nothing more than trailer-ending throwback gag)

By Bolt Storm

June 16th, 2017 ... comChannel

Looking back at DGS1-2 (obvious spoiler warning)

By Ash

June 13th, 2017


Ahead of Famitsu's report on the third case this Friday, we've got a new magazine article coming on Wednesday!

This week's article features the key art for the game, as well as info on case 3 and the return of Gina and Vortex. Case 3 involves an explosion at the World's Fair that kills a gentleman taking part in an experiment; the scientist in charge, Benjamin Dovinbow (as always, thank Ash for the much better transliteration), is arrested.

More to come on Wednesday when the magazine releases!

UPDATE: Full scans:



Case 3 takes place during the World's Fair in London. German scientist Benjamin Dovinbow has come to the fair to wow the crowd with a world-first piece of tech: a special cage that will teleport the cage - and whoever's inside - to the Crystal Tower. But when he throws the switch, there's a massive explosion, and the man taking part in the experiment is killed. There's just one strange thing: the body (and from the shot of the victim, the cage) actually did show up at the Crystal Tower! Chief Justice Vortex assigns Ryuu to the case, and he and Iris head out to investigate.

At the scene, Ryuu and Iris run into Gina, who's tagging along with Gregson as a detective-in-training. Or as she's very insistent on putting it: she's now _Inspector_ Lestrade! (Her dog is Inspector Toby.) At the trial, van Zieks calls a variety of witnesses, including a Bohemian boy Gotts who was visiting the World's Fair and witnessed the experiment from a flying balloon. We also get our first look at a new jury and two other unnamed witnesses. The game also confirms the return of the "Questioning" sytem when there are multiple witnesses on the stand, though that wasn't really in doubt.

Finally, we get a look at the DLC costumes for the game! Susato and Ryuu have costumes designed for them by Iris, while Holmes has... uh, a self-designed "Eastern outfit". Okay, Holmes...

[Court-Records is looking for a copywriting manager!">

Update 2: Official art, as well as our first look at the DGS1+2 packaging:


[spoiler=Gigantic images">


Update 3: High-res version of the DGS1&2 packaging, thanks to @hoso_boso:

[spoiler=Large image">[/spoiler">

By Bolt Storm

June 9th, 2017

It's early June, so you know what that means: E3 is just around the corner, and it's time for press conferences ranging from "incredibly exciting" to "utterly dull" to "unintentionally hilarious"!

While we don't expect any particular Ace Attorney news, we'll be hosting the major conferences (EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo) over on our CyTube channel, where folks can watch together and chat as everything goes down.

The first conference is EA, at 12 PM tomorrow (all times in this paragraph Pacific). Then comes Microsoft at 2 PM on Sunday, Bethesda at 9 PM Sunday, Ubisoft at 1 PM Monday, Sony at 6 PM Monday, and finally Nintendo at 9 AM Tuesday.

A full schedule for each timezone is available below (thanks @Cheesemeister3K for putting it together):

[spoiler=E3 schedule for most timezones">[/spoiler">

See you all there!

By Bolt Storm

June 9th, 2017


Looking to catch up on DGS1, or just want to see Ryuunosuke get brained with a fire extinguisher? Capcom's starting a weekly series recapping DGS1 this week, and kicks off with Ryuu having a very familiar nightmare.

You can watch episode one subbed over here; the series will continue for the next three weeks.

[Court-Records is looking for a copywriting manager!">

By Bolt Storm

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