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Ace Attorney 6 in Famitsu 2/10/16: Full Scans Bolt Storm Tue, 09 Feb 2016 10:14:52 EST Sorry for the slight delay on these!<br /><br />[spoiler=Scans"><img src="https&#58;//i&#46;imgur&#46;com/jC6Vux1&#46;jpg" alt="" /><br /><img src="https&#58;//i&#46;imgur&#46;com/0FyEsVW&#46;jpg" alt="" /><br /><img src="https&#58;//i&#46;imgur&#46;com/9eqEFJe&#46;jpg" alt="" /><br /><img src="https&#58;//i&#46;imgur&#46;com/8uF8tlE&#46;jpg" alt="" />[/spoiler"><br /><br />Translations in progress...<br /><br />As leaked earlier, the prosecutor is Nayuta Saadmadhi - described as the “Funeral Prosecutor”, they’re an international prosecutor and an eminent monk in the Kingdom of Kurain with a devout belief in their religion. They believe that convicting the guilty in court means salvation for the victims. Has a soft demeanor, but has a sharp tongue. And why are we using &quot;they?&quot; Because their gender isn't totally clear at this point! (Sadly, the full article doesn't really clear it up.)<br /><br />We see several screenshots of Nayuta going up against Apollo in court - and he's got Athena to back him up this time! Like in AA5, Athena is able to use the Mood Matrix in court to uncover lies in people's testimonies. In this case, the unlucky witness is a magician(?) named Mimi, who claims she was &quot;on the stage for the whole show&quot; in her testimony, with a slight variation in her Mood Matrix scene.<br /><br />What stage? Well, that's where the investigation part comes in. We see a few screenshots of Athena and Apollo investigating the &quot;Theater Trompe&quot;, with the text noting additional investigation is possible in this game compared to the previous one (presumably meaning the ability to freely investigate.) In addition, from the screenshots we can see the Investigation Memo is back to keep people from getting stuck, and it looks like the body popped out of a coffin-shaped show prop.<br /><br />And that's about it, I think! Hopefully this means the start of steady news, and that a trailer isn't that far off.<br /><br />But perhaps the most interesting point of all?<br /><br /><img src="https&#58;//i&#46;imgur&#46;com/dOcpWIS&#46;png"><br /><br />Now remind me, who was in the Gramaryes? Magnifi, Valant, Thalassa, Zak, and... when did someone green join? Ace Attorney 6: Famitsu to reveal the rival prosecutor L~A Tue, 09 Feb 2016 05:15:16 EST Looks like we're finally about to get some AA6 news!<br /><br />[spoiler="><img src="http&#58;//www&#46;perfectly-nintendo&#46;com/wp-content/gallery/ace-attorney-6-famitsu-09-02-2016/1&#46;jpg" alt="" />[/spoiler"><br /><br />Famitsu will reveal the rival prosecutor in this week's issue (out on Wednesday, but with scans later today). There's also details about Athena Cykes and the Mood Matrix, along with explanation for the investigation/court parts.<br /><br />Source: <a href="http&#58;//www&#46;famitsu&#46;com/news/201602/09099025&#46;html" target="_blank">Famitsu</a><br /><br />First scan:<br /><br />[spoiler="><img src="https&#58;//i&#46;imgur&#46;com/xGiyMlT&#46;jpg" alt="" />[/spoiler"><br /><br />[quote=&quot;Ash&quot;">The Funeral Prosecutor - Nayuta Sadmadhi<br />International prosecutor and an eminent monk in the Kingdom of Kurain with a devout belief in his/her religion. She/he believes that convicting the guilty in court means salvation for their victims. Has a soft demeanor, but has a sharp tongue. <br />&quot;Let's judge upon the guilty and guide the spirits of their victims to the afterlife&quot;<br /><br />Objection: &quot;Satora&quot;[/quote"><br /><br /><b>Update:</b> Despite the above, there's still some uncertainty over the prosecutor's gender. Full scans should hopefully shed some light on the situation in a few hours. Dai Gyakuten Saiban alcholic drinks Ash Mon, 08 Feb 2016 04:04:05 EST <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=";utm_medium=cpp&amp;utm_campaign=sns"> ... mpaign=sns</a><!-- m --><br /><br />New merchandise... I guess I should call it. And no, this is no grape juice. Different kinds of drinks, from nihonshu (sake) to wine. Ace Attorney anime: starts April 2nd, Saturdays at 5:30 PM Bolt Storm Thu, 04 Feb 2016 18:42:10 EST [center"><img src="https&#58;//pbs&#46;twimg&#46;com/media/CaZ3u94UMAUCggs&#46;jpg" alt="" />[/center"><br /><br />The official site for the <a href="http&#58;//www&#46;ytv&#46;co&#46;jp/animegyakuten/" target="_blank">Ace Attorney anime</a> has been updated, and boy they weren't kidding when they said it'd air in April: the show will run on Saturdays at 5:30 PM, starting on April 2nd!<br /><br />The anime's subtitle was also revealed, if folks want to take a stab at translating it: ????????????<br /><br />(Thanks to @hoso_boso for catching this!) AA pachinko game announced, CM features anime scenes Bolt Storm Thu, 28 Jan 2016 12:22:21 EST ...So yeah, Ace Attorney pachinko machine was announced?<br /><br />Last night a CM for an <a href="http&#58;//www&#46;heiwanet&#46;co&#46;jp/latest/cr_gyakutensaiban/index&#46;html" target="_blank">upcoming Ace Attorney-themed pachinko machine</a> was released. As part of the ad, we can see a series of animated clips seemingly based in 1-4 and JFA:<br /><br /><img src="https&#58;//i&#46;imgur&#46;com/lbbXL0g&#46;png"><br /><br />For a better look, Calios has compiled the shots into a single video: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=";"> ...</a><!-- m --><br /><br /><b>Do note it isn't officially confirmed these are from the anime</b>; it's entirely possible these are special-made for the Pachinko game.<br /><br /><b>Update:</b> Ash weighs in:<br /><br />[quote=&quot;Ash&quot;">I'd say it's the other way around though: while it might be footage from the upcoming anime, there's a much bigger chance that this is footage exclusive for the pachinko machine actually. Pachinko machines <b>very, very</b> often feature exclusively animated footage. They have that more often than re-used footage.<br /><br />(Trivia: voicing pachinko anime sequences is one of the best paid jobs for voice actors in Japan, paying muuuuuch better than TV anime)[/quote"><br /><br />That, along with the lack of attribution to A-1, means this might just be specially-made for the game. But even still, it's pretty cool! Court-Records' 10th Anniversary Bolt Storm Thu, 28 Jan 2016 02:01:34 EST [center"><img src="http&#58;//www&#46;court-records&#46;net/Site%20Art/page%20headers/titles%20and%20kiriban/crbanner2&#46;jpg" alt="" />[/center"><br /><br />Once upon a time, an Ace Attorney fan named Croik <a href="https&#58;//web&#46;archive&#46;org/web/20060221180734/http&#58;//www&#46;croik&#46;com/PW/" target="_blank">opened a little website named Court-Records</a>.<br /><br />It wasn't a lot to look at (sorry, Croik, that's why you hired Wooster), and the news came in as hand-added tables on the front page. Affiliate banners were available for those interested, and a fanlist and LiveJournal communities rounded out the recommended links. (And yes, one of them was specifically for Phoenix/Edgeworth slash.)<br /><br />It didn't have its own domain; its forums lived on Invisionfree, back when the URLs there started with &quot;s&quot; instead of &quot;z&quot;. Character profiles hid spoilers by setting their text to the background color, and navigation was done through a few icons at the bottom. <br /><br />It was the first major English Ace Attorney fansite, and ten years later it's still kicking.<br /><br /><br /><br />Court-Records has been through a lot since then. We've seen the series itself wax and wane - the 2010-2013 drought for English games wasn't that long ago! - and the community grow and shrink. The internet itself has been around the block a few times, to boot; these days, our Phoenix/Edgeworth slash communities are all on Tumblr, thank you very much.<br /><br />I'll be the first to admit we're a bit old-fashioned these days. Hard-coded pages with information manually added by a few admins? Who do we think we are, Serebii or Serenes Forest? The Ace Attorney wiki laughs at us, and also gets into page-long debates over what constitutes a &quot;breakdown&quot; animation.<br /><br />And yet despite all that, we're still here. We may not be as lively as we once were, and the redesign for the main site is well overdue. But C-R is still around, we're still proud to encourage the fandom with always-slightly-off-schedule contests (<a href="http&#58;//www&#46;forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?f=31&amp;t=31722" target="_blank">check out this year's winners, by the way!</a>) and we still can't agree on if you abbreviate it C-R or CR.<br /><br />Speaking personally, C-R's been a part of my life for almost as long as its been around. Someone with an avatar comprised of character profiles taken from the site caught my eye on a completely separate forum, I got my hands on the old 3-1 fantranslation, and wound up here. I left and came back a few times, and somehow I wound up helping things run around here. (Or at the very least, trying to.) <br /><br />I have a lot of good memories here, and I hope you all do too. In the years to come, we've got a lot of work to do - the series is as healthy as ever, and with an anime on the horizon you could even say it's got more cultural cachet than ever before. And with all that, we hope to remain a friendly resource and community for AA fans of all stripes.<br /><br />A hearty thank you to all our readers and especially our members over the years. Here's to many more! The Court-Records OC Contest 2015: Winners! Bolt Storm Thu, 28 Jan 2016 00:22:47 EST [center"><img src="http&#58;//www&#46;court-records&#46;net/Site%20Art/page%20headers/occ2015&#46;png">[/center"><br /><br />There were a few mishaps along the way - as there are every year! - but the entries are submitted, the votes are cast, and it's time to announce the winners of the 2015 OC contest!<br /><br />[center"><b><font size="150">Fanart division</font></b><br /><font size="125">First place: <b>Janelle</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?f=13&amp;t=31633" target="_blank">Harmony (Therese Chanson)</a>!</font><br /><font size="100">Second place: <b>Violet</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?f=13&amp;t=31561" target="_blank">Enrico DiFigaro!</a></font><br /><font size="100">Third place: <b>Tryphena</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?f=13&amp;t=31627" target="_blank">Victoria N. Belduke</a>!</font>[/center"><br /><br />[center"><b><font size="150">Sprite division</font></b><br /><font size="125">First place: <b>MercurialSK</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?p=1339441#p1339441" target="_blank">Velvet Valentine</a>!</font><br /><font size="100">Second place: <b>Hesseldahl</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?p=1339264#p1339264" target="_blank">Malina Chell</a>!</font><br /><font size="100">Third place: <b>SuperAj3</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?p=1337748#p1337748" target="_blank">Angelique Ormond</a>!</font>[/center"><br /><br />[center"><b><font size="150">Fanfiction division</font></b><br /><font size="125">First place: <b>Diana (AceFangirl)</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?p=1337095#p1337095" target="_blank">Leighton Gardner</a>!</font><br /><font size="100">Second place: <b>RufflesAndCo</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?p=1339381#p1339381" target="_blank">Yoshito Tanaka</a>!</font><br /><font size="100">Third place: <b>GyakutenShaiban</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?p=1339187#p1339187" target="_blank">Nadeshiko Wakahisa</a>!</font><br /><br />The first place winners this year will see their OC immortalized in a piece by Eisner Award winner <a href="http&#58;//www&#46;spacecoyote&#46;com/" target="_blank">Nina Matsumoto</a>, and a print of the work if interested (or something from <a href="http&#58;//www&#46;court-records&#46;net/occontest15&#46;htm" target="_blank">our prize pool</a>)! Second place and third place winners will receive a gift from the prize pool. In addition, all winners will receive <a href="https&#58;//fangamer&#46;myshopify&#46;com/products/attorney-pin" target="_blank">an attorney&#39;s pin from Fangamer</a>![/center"><br /><br />Congratulations to the winners! A full gallery of entries will be made available in the future; for now, feel free to browse the entry topics. Winners, we'll be getting in touch with you one way or another - ideally e-mail, but PMs and Tumblr asks have been known to work in a pinch.<br /><br />I also wanted to extend a special thanks to everyone who entered this year. Due to technical and organizational slip-ups on our end, this wasn't the smoothest year, and on top of that we went in knowing the theme would be trickier than in previous years. Yet you all rose to the challenge marvelously, and we saw some truly fantastic entries this year. These contests have been a long C-R tradition, and it's one I'm proud to continue on as the site turns 10 today.<br /><br />Thank you all again! OC Contest 2015 - voting deadline approaching! Bolt Storm Sat, 23 Jan 2016 19:44:29 EST [center"><img src="http&#58;//www&#46;court-records&#46;net/Site%20Art/page%20headers/occ2015&#46;png">[/center"><br /><br />Just a reminder that OC Contest voting ends <b>tomorrow, January 24th</b>! Voting will close at 11:59 PM Pacific time that day.<br /><br />Once again, here are the three categories:<br /><a href="http&#58;//court-records&#46;net/survey/index&#46;php/survey/index/sid/875466/newtest/Y/lang/en" target="_blank">Fanart, for the artistically inclined</a><br /><a href="http&#58;//court-records&#46;net/survey/index&#46;php/survey/index/sid/276743/newtest/Y/lang/en" target="_blank">Sprites, for all the pixel-lovers out there</a><br /><a href="http&#58;//court-records&#46;net/survey/index&#46;php/survey/index/sid/459239/newtest/Y/lang/en" target="_blank">Fanfiction, for those who prefer their portraits painted in words</a><br /><br />We've got some great entries this year, so if you started taking a look but couldn't make up your mind before, now's the time! Takumi tweets (Nazotoki Live) Ash Fri, 22 Jan 2016 08:43:53 EST Some <a href="https&#58;//twitter&#46;com/takumi_gt" target="_blank">tweets by Takumi</a> about his TV appearance tomorrow. Also: this is the first time I translated all of his tweets in one go, instead of one tweet at a time via Twitter, so I never realized how ridiculously much he writes every time! I'm not doing the C-R twitter anymore, but I'll repeat what I said there: I wish he'd tweet less, more often ^_~<br /><br /><br><br><strong>Quote:</strong><table border='0' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='3'><tr><td bgcolor='#EFEFEF'><font color='#000000' size='-2'>Good evening. It's been a long while since the last time and it's even become a new year. With the preparation going on for my next project as well as supervising the scripts for the anime, my eyes have been going round and round at full speed even though the year has only started. My days being cooped in the cellar will continue, but anyway, a happy new year to you all.<br /><br />This time I crawled out to inform you about something differrent than my work. I think some might already know about this. It's <i>that</i>.<br /><br />This weekend I'll be &quot;intruding&quot; upon an NHK program. Tomorrow and the night after, two nights in a row. <br />NHK BS Premium<br />Nazotoki Live - The Locked Room in the Square House<br />January 23 - 21:00~<br />January 24 - 21:00~, 22:50~<br /><br />If you got the official homepage to &quot;guests&quot;, you'll see my face, shamelessly next to Makita Sports and Saya ICHIKAWA... I'm introduced as a &quot;game creator&quot;, but my real identity is simply a &quot;salaryman&quot;. What happened here? This is the first mystery.<br /><br />This is the fourth time they do &quot;Nazotoki Live&quot;. As a fan of mystery fiction, I too naturally partipated with the previous episode and the one before that (having recorded them), and as a fan of mystery fiction again, I had a lot of fun with them. Last night, and the night before they rebroadcast those shows again, so I watched them as a sort of rehearsal...<br /><br />&quot;I might be there in two days.&quot; With that in mind, my heart started to pound louder and louder, even though I enjoyed the shows so much the first time I saw them. Why has it become like this? Only god knows (in this case, &quot;god&quot; is either the producer at NHK, or AYATSUJI Yukito).<br /><br />Talking about &quot;god&quot;, my first job this year was a &quot;discussion&quot; with the god who created &quot;The Locked Room in the Square House&quot;, AYATSUJI Yukito for the show. I figured this was a chance, so tried getting some information from him... (see <a href="http&#58;//forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?f=31&amp;t=31699" target="_blank">this topic</a>)<br /><br />What I got from was that the show's about &quot;a case&quot; of &quot;murder&quot; in a &quot;locked room&quot; in a &quot;house&quot; that is &quot;square&quot;. As expected from one of the countries leading mystery writers and the National Broadcasting Corporation: their guard was tight.<br /><br />We called upon Mr. AYATSUJI during the promotion of <i>Dai Gyakuten Saiban</i> last year, and this year we had a nice talk too. The article only showed a part of that, but he also some 'behind the scenes' stuff of his House series, and some things that bode well for the future already early in the new year. I'm very grateful.<br /><br />By the way, if you take the Detection Club CATS Premium Member Test from the official site, you can participate with the show in real time with your own name. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --><br /><br />As a fan of mysteries, I too resolutely took on the challenge last night. I managed to make it to the final &quot;secret word&quot;, so I'm all prepared. Well, on the night itself, I'll be in the studio in real time, right in the middle of the case, so I won't be participating with my TV...<br /><br />What's so scary about &quot;Nazotoki Live&quot; is that it's a &quot;live broadcast&quot;. I actually thought about letting you know earlier, but I was in fear of those two words, and with my head spinning from work right after the new year started.... and now it's today. That's the life of a salaryman.<br /><br />But those are my personal circumstances. Anyway, &quot;The Locked Room in the Square House&quot;, by AYATSUJI Yukito, will start tomorrow and the day after at 21:00. I hope all of you mystery loves will enjoy it together with me. Bye!</font></td></tr></table><br>