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It tells us about some of the characters, and the issues with production of the first three GBA games. Some interesting things include:<br /><br />- The class trial in episode 4 is based on something that happened to Mr. Takumi in real life when he was in 2nd grade.<br />- JFA was meant to have 5 cases, and its original case 4 became case 3 in T&amp;T<br />- Jean Armstrong is gay: <br />[quote=&quot;Janet Hsu&quot;">&quot;Jean is a typical “okama” character. At the time, the word “okama” was the generally used catchall word for an “effeminate-acting man”...<br />&quot;Using all of the info we get about Jean in the game, the answer I came up with was that he is a gay, cis man who enjoys performing non-passing drag... Or to put it in a more concrete way, think Conchita Wurst.&quot;[/quote"><br />- T&amp;T's theme is meant to be “not everything is always what it seems on the surface”<br />- The reason Young Gumshoe is regular Gumshoe with a new coat in T&amp;T was due to memory limitations on the GBA. (He was meant to have a cleaner look, with one side-spike, instead of the 2 <!-- s:eh?: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/f_-_gumshoe2.gif" alt=":eh?:" title="Eh?" /><!-- s:eh?: --> )<br />- &quot;Klavier Gavin is not German, but he did study in Germany for a while&quot; Court-Records OC Contest 2014: Winners! Bolt Storm Wed, 22 Oct 2014 02:20:24 EDT [center"><img src="http&#58;//www&#46;court-records&#46;net/Site%20Art/page%20headers/occ2014&#46;png">[/center"><br /><br />There were a few bumps along the way, but we're happy to announce the winners of the 2014 OC Contest!<br /><br />[center"><b><font size="150">Fanart division</font></b><br /><font size="125">First place: <b>Cure Wright</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//www&#46;forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?p=1277787#p1277787" target="_blank">Gustav Von Karma, Claudia Mond, Tigrou Von Karma, Vincent K. Prince, and Ursula Von Karma</a>!</font><br /><font size="100">Second place: <b>Pidoodle</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//www&#46;forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?p=1277746#p1277746" target="_blank">Emily Cross and Gabriel Clements!</a></font><br /><font size="100">Third place: <b>TFreezyT</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//www&#46;forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?p=1277521#p1277521" target="_blank">Richard Flinn, Jean Terran, and Alexis Luana</a>!</font>[/center"><br /><br />[center"><b><font size="150">Sprite division</font></b><br /><font size="125">First place: <b>Unmei25</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//www&#46;forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?p=1277362#p1277362" target="_blank">Mikey Gumshoe, Janis Oleander, and Dan Trust</a>!</font><br /><font size="100">Second place: <b>Vaenary</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//www&#46;forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?p=1277159#p1277159" target="_blank">Shae King and Raine King</a>!</font><br /><font size="100">Third place: <b>Mijumaru</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//www&#46;forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?p=1275075#p1275075" target="_blank">Dimitri Bastiel, Elanora “Stella” Hemsworth, and Leon Mallet</a>!</font>[/center"><br /><br />[center"><b><font size="150">Fanfiction division</font></b><br /><font size="125">First place: <b>Alex at RufflesAndCo</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//www&#46;forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?p=1276234#p1276234" target="_blank">Atticus Flynn, Valerie Mason, Icarus Quinn, and Samuel Fosters</a>!</font><br /><font size="100">Second place: <b>ProbablyImpossible</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//www&#46;forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?p=1274545#p1274545" target="_blank">Marlow Fernicker, Sidney Baynes, and Adley Taylor</a>!</font><br /><font size="100">Third place: <b>Diana Gray</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//www&#46;forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?p=1277720#p1277720" target="_blank">Quinn Alba and Qadir Alba</a>!</font><br /><font size="100">Also third place: <b>MadFox32</b>&#39;s <a href="http&#58;//www&#46;forums&#46;court-records&#46;net/viewtopic&#46;php?p=1277895#p1277895" target="_blank">Amber Barnett, Keith Aiden, Dylan Barnett, Adrianna Means, and Kate Margana</a>!</font><br />(We wound up with an exact tie on fanfic, so two winners it is!)<br /><br />First place winners will receive the PLvsPW artbook, an attorney&#39;s pin from Fangamer, and a foam Objection! finger; second-place winners will receive the pin and foam finger; third-place winners will receive the foam fingers.[/center"><br /><br />Congratulations to the winners, and a hearty thank you to everyone who entered! A full gallery of entries will be made available in the future; for now, feel free to browse the entry topics. Winners, we'll be getting in touch with you one way or another - ideally e-mail, but PMs and Tumblr asks have been known to work in a pinch.<br /><br />Thanks as well to our judges General Luigi, Percei, space coyote, Nenilein, and the_emerald_rose!<br /><br />There were a lot of great entries this year, even with the extra difficulty of managing more than one character. Here's looking forward to everyone's Meiji-era OCs in 2015! Ace Attorney Trilogy coming out on Dec 9 (NA) Dec. 11 (EU) L~A Thu, 09 Oct 2014 16:54:49 EDT This was apparently announced during a panel at the New York Comic-Con.<br /><br />Release date for Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney Trilogy is apparentl Dec. 9 (NA) / Dec. 11 (EU), eShop-only as announced previously.<br /><br /><br><br><strong>Quote:</strong><table border='0' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='3'><tr><td bgcolor='#EFEFEF'><font color='#000000' size='-2'>Hi Hans,<br /><br />EUREKA! A new piece of evidence has been added to the Court Record. During the “World of Capcom” panel today at New York Comic Con, Capcom confirmed that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy will be releasing on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS on December 9 for North America and December 11 across Europe. Everyone at New York Comic Con this weekend can visit Capcom in booth #1604 to get hands-on time with the game and experience all of the courtroom drama.<br /><br />A new collection of comparison assets have been released today, which feature screens from the original Nintendo DS release of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All side-by-side with screens from the upcoming remastered Nintendo 3DS game. These screens highlight the stunning high resolution re-drawn graphics that are featured in the upcoming game.<br /><br />Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy will include newly remastered versions of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations all in one digital package on the Nintendo 3DS system for $29.99 / €29.99 / £24.99.</font></td></tr></table><br> OC Contest 2014: Public Voting Now Open! Bolt Storm Sat, 04 Oct 2014 03:39:17 EDT Public voting for the fanart division of the 2014 Court-Records OC Contest <a href="http&#58;//court-records&#46;net/survey/index&#46;php/766652/lang-en" target="_blank">is now open!</a><br /><br />Voting is simple - for each of the 15 finalists, rate the overall entry from 1 (worst) to 10 (best). <br /><br />Sprite and fanfiction divisions will be up in the next few days, at which point we’ll make a masterpost with vote deadlines for all three divisions.<br /><br />Thank you again for your patience, and let us know if you have any issues voting! (There a few formatting inconsistencies we’ll be fixing up in the future, but if you find a dead/mispointed link or text in the wrong place - pass it along!)<br /><br /><b>Update:</b> <a href="http&#58;//court-records&#46;net/survey/index&#46;php/survey/index/sid/752485/newtest/Y/lang/en" target="_blank">The fanfic division</a> is now open as well!<br /><br /><b>Update 2:</b> <a href="http&#58;//court-records&#46;net/survey/index&#46;php/survey/index/sid/589366/newtest/Y/lang/en" target="_blank">And the sprite division</a>!<br /><br />Polls will be open until the end of day on <b>October 16th, 2014</b>. We may extend fanfic voting if need be, since that requires a larger time investment.<br /><br />Thanks to everyone for their participation, and best of luck to the finalists! OC Contest Update Bolt Storm Fri, 03 Oct 2014 03:01:13 EDT You've probably all noticed by now, but it's coming up on a month from when we said public voting would open for the OC Contest, and... it still hasn't yet. <br /><br />We're very sorry for the delays, but polls should open tomorrow or at worst the day after (the 4th or 5th of October). Judging is completed - there's just a few technical issues to work through. Thank you very much for your patience! Ace Attorney Trilogy Graphics Comparison: DS vs. 3DS GyakuFan47 Fri, 26 Sep 2014 18:42:11 EDT <img src="http&#58;//images&#46;onesite&#46;com/capcom-unity&#46;com/user/gregaman/ace_attorney/a604a4ed067211357365bcbf45c28e2e&#46;png?v=257400"><br />The finger of justice has never looked better.<br /><br />Capcom has just revealed the <a href="http&#58;//www&#46;capcom-unity&#46;com/gregaman/blog/2014/09/24/new-ace-attorney-trilogy-comparison-screens-show-difference-in-visual-quality" target="_blank">major graphical changes</a> in the Western version of the Ace Attorney 3DS Trilogy coming out on the Nintendo eShop this Winter, complete with descriptions. It compares and contrasts the DS visuals with the newly-refined 3DS visuals. DD on sale in AU/NZ eShop! TheBaronAndEma Mon, 22 Sep 2014 10:47:20 EDT If you haven't picked it up already, DD is on sale for 40% its original price on the Australian/New Zealand eShop. <!-- s:phoenix: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/f_-_phoenix.gif" alt=":phoenix:" title="Phoenix" /><!-- s:phoenix: --> <br />The sale ends on October 2.<br /><br /><a href="http&#58;//www&#46;vooks&#46;net/nintendo-download-updates-59-beats-rhythm-and-warriors/" target="_blank">Source</a> Dai Gyakuten Saiban at TGS (live show over) Bolt Storm Fri, 19 Sep 2014 22:14:58 EDT In addition to the trailer, DGS is being shown off at TGS via presentations and giveaway swag. @hoso_boso gives us a few plot details from their visit:<br /><br />[spoiler=Minor details">The Japanese trial involves a case that Ryuunosuke found himself caught up in three days prior. Meanwhile, the scene with Holmes and Ryuunosuke investigating the Russian man takes place on board a steamship.[/spoiler"><br /><br />More importantly, though, Capcom will be streaming the live stage show at <b>12:15 JST</b> (08:15 PST - now over) Check it out here on <a href="https&#58;//www&#46;youtube&#46;com/watch?v=ntaBZ9bxhM0" target="_blank">YouTube</a>. As in past years, it's confirmed a Special Court video is being shown - however, it's possible Capcom will black it out on the live broadcast. Still, take a watch to see Takumi walk us through the Joint Reasoning system!<br /><br /><b>Update:</b> the show is now over! <br /><br /><b>Update 2:</b> The show can now be <a href="https&#58;//www&#46;youtube&#46;com/watch?v=AgEdGi1mu6U" target="_blank">viewed on YouTube</a>! A small scene teasing a jury system can be seen at <a href="https&#58;//www&#46;youtube&#46;com/watch?v=AgEdGi1mu6U&amp;feature=player_detailpage#t=294" target="_blank">4:54</a>, and a gameplay demo of the joint reasoning system starts at <a href="https&#58;//www&#46;youtube&#46;com/watch?v=AgEdGi1mu6U&amp;feature=player_detailpage#t=760" target="_blank">12:40</a>. Dai Gyakuten Saiban - TGS Trailer (Subbed!) Bolt Storm Wed, 17 Sep 2014 21:08:52 EDT <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --><br /><br />Title says it all. Subs will be added shortly!<br /><br />UPDATE: Subs added, or check the topic for a transcript!