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OBJECTION TattooTopic%20Title
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Hey! I talked about this briefly in my introduction post, but I wanted to make a separate topic for it because I could really use some help with this specifically.

Friday, I'm supposed to be getting my "OBJECTION!" tattoo. I have two tattoos right now, both on my left arm, so I'm thinking I'll put the OBJECTION on my left arm too.

The thing is ... what's a good place for it on the arm? I keep changing my mind regarding the placement, what direction it would face, etc.

If you guys were getting this tattoo, where would you put it (and in one direction, etc) on your arm?
Re: OBJECTION TattooTopic%20Title
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I would line the side of my pointer finger with the words!

Or just...the side of my arm above the Elbow I guess.
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