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The Phosphorous FilesTopic%20Title
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Title: The Turnabout Affair
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Characters: Adrien Sandoval (OC), Belinda Phosphor (OC)
Warnings: SPOILERS for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Summary: Belinda Phosphor, a coworker of Mia Fey's, deals with her death.

The Turnabout Affair

Spoiler: Fic under the cut
September 6, 7:09 AM
Phosphorous Law Offices
Ballet Studio

This story starts with a dance. Belinda Phosphor, clad in lavender leotard and matching ballet slippers, pirouettes to the tinny music coming through small speakers on a table. The music of Swan Lake soars as she spins, faster and faster, her yellow hair with red streaks up in a bun that makes a circle from above. She stops on a dime, and returns to starting position as the tune of another piece fills the small studio.

Belinda prepares to dance once more, but a young person bursts through the door before she gets a chance. They are far shorter than Belinda, with flaming red hair almost completely covered by an orange cap. They have a kind face that is wracked with concern. This person’s name is Adrien Sandoval, and they will become quite pertinent to the story in a moment. Before that, look at the imposing figure of Belinda Phosphor. She is tall, with magenta hearing aids, and where once she was focused on dancing, her face now wears an expression of surprise.

Adrien has just said “Miss Phosphor! A defense attorney has been murdered!” This, one might expect, explains why Belinda now looks so worried.

“Who?” she says, shock crossing her face, then returning to invest in long-term housing.

“M-Miss Mia Fey, Miss,” says Adrien, fidgeting with a pin on their lapel. It says ‘Reply loading...’, and despite its wittiness, Adrien is hardly calmed by touching it.

Several expressions flicker across Belinda’s face, first the shock left over from the previous revelation, displeasure finally showing over being called ‘Miss Phosphor’, instead of ‘Belinda’, surprise at the victim Adrien named, and finally sorrow, for she knew the victim well.

Adrien resumed worrying mostly about Belinda’s silence, but partly about the idea of a murderer targeting defense attorneys. “Miss?” Adrien says. “Are you alright?” They wave a hand slightly, to see if Belinda is still conscious of her surroundings.

“I’m...” Belinda trails off. She thinks for a bit, then says in a sad voice. “I don’t know.”

“Miss, do I know Miss Fey? You certainly seem to.” Adrien put a finger on their cheek in thought. “I think I’ve met her, her name seems familiar somehow.”

Belinda closes her eyes for a moment. “I... believe you met her at the Grossberg Offices reunion party.” She opens her eyes and smiles. “Yes, that’s it! It was a year ago, do you remember?”

Adrien’s recollection comes to their mind in a flash. “Was she the one with the white yin-yang-thing for a necklace?”

“Yes!” Belinda beams, her eyes shining. “That’s an heirloom, I think. Something vaguely mystical like that.” A weak smile replaces the bright one, as if the memory is painful. “She was so excited to meet you. She said you reminded her a bit of her sister with your enthusiasm.”

Adrien snorts derisively.

“Don’t deny it, Adrien, you have a real passion for the law.” Belinda puts her hands on her hips, smiling triumphantly at her protege. “She even said you were coming along better than her understudy, and you can’t deny that.”

Adrien looks sheepish. “Well—“

“Do you know how incredibly proud I was when she told me that? You are a star, kid. Accept it.” Belinda smiles, then signs, the joy of the situation sucked away by the dire news.

Adrien looks pained, their mentor is usually such a positive presence. “There’s going to be a trial tomorrow, Miss Phosphor. You might want to know that the defendant is Miss Fey’s sister, Maya Fey.”

“That’s obviously a mistake; Maya’s two years younger than you are!” Belinda frowns in annoyance The police force can’t really think a child did it, that’s ridiculous.

Adrien’s hands ball into fists and their eyes narrow. “What, teenagers can’t commit crimes?” they cry, adamantly.

Belinda rolls her eyes. “Adrien, please! That’s hardly the point!”

There is some silence as Adrien flounders for a witty comeback, but instead of retorting, Adrien asks “Was Miss Fey special to you? If it were any other lawyer, we’d be on our way to the courthouse right now. What about Miss Fey makes you paralyzed with grief?” It’s a tad melodramatic, but it works on Belinda. Mostly.

“No, she wasn’t special, other than being my friend,” Belinda lies, eyes turned away from Adrien.

Adrien sees right through it, to the shadowy past beyond. They ready their index finger, then point it emphatically at Belinda. “Hold it!” they interject. “You’re lying! You contradicted yourself! You say she isn’t special, but then say she is because she’s your friend! What is the truth, Miss Belinda!”

Belinda is startled by this, and stumbles back a few steps. She looks regretful, as if this could have been avoided. “You’ve honed your lawyerly skills well, Adrien. I suppose I did too good of a job training you. Alright, here’s the truth.”

Belinda begins after a deep breath and avoidance of eye contact. Not that Adrien ever makes eye contact. “As I’ve already told you, Mia was a coworker and a friend at Grossberg law offices. I wanted more than her friendship, you see. I was in love with her. I never got a chance to tell her because of the chaos of her first case, the death of her boyfriend, and then we got offices on the opposite sides of the state... I last saw her a month ago to congratulate her understudy on his first case. You were visiting your relatives, that’s why I didn’t bring you with me.”

Adrien looks shifty, like they’re hiding something, but luckily for them, Belinda doesn’t notice.

“I tried to tell her then, but... it didn’t work out that way. I think—“ Belinda chokes on her words. “No, I know that I’ll never know if she ever felt the same way.” Belinda sobs. I can’t believe she’s gone, that I’ll never get this off my chest, that I’ll never see that smile of hers again.”

(Now I’ve done it. Nice job, jerk,) thinks Adrien, then hugs Belinda as she cries, saying “It’s okay. It’ll be okay. You have your memories, and that will be enough.”

Belinda finishes crying after a long while, sniffling. “Thank you, Adrien. I needed that.”

Adrien smiles, a bit rakishly. “Which one? The infodump, the hug, or the cry?”

Belinda beams. “All three!” She then gets a tad more serious. “So, tell me about the trial.”

Adrien digs in their bag and pulls out a paper, reading bits and pieces and turning them into an explanation. “The murder of Miss Fey was committed with the statue of the Thinker—“

“From her understudy’s first case! His name is Phoenix Wright, if you’re curious. He’s a very good man, very polite.”

Adrien glares at her. “Please don’t interrupt, it’s difficult enough to focus on my notes with the music still playing.”

Belinda busies herself turning the music off as Adrien continues “Prime suspect is Miss Maya Fey, as the name Maya was written in blood at the scene. Mister Phoenix Wright, yes the same one, is defending her, and Mister Miles Edgeworth is prosecuting. Okay, I’m done, Miss Belinda.”

“I’m so glad you’re calling me by my first name, Adrien.” Belinda then processes what was said and blinks in surprise. “Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth? Two rising stars? Well that’s settled.”

“What is?” says Adrien, puzzled.

“We’re going, of course! To watch those boys duke it out and go make sure Mia’s protege does not go unwitnessed! Pack your bags, kid. We’re going to Los Angeles.”
Re: The Phosphorous FilesTopic%20Title
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Title: Phoenix Wright: Ace Barista

Your name is Phoenix Wright and trying to get coffee has never been harder than today. Because today, the cute barista you had been eyeing each time you came in is the one serving you coffee. Normally, an old guy named Winston is your barista, but this cute one doesn’t know your order. And you can’t help yourself.

“Medium coffee with cream and 7 sugars. And your number.”

His face doesn’t move at all in response. He just holds a resting grumpy face that you find oh so pretty. “Yes, sir. And no, absolutely not.” He leaves to bustle behind the counter, making your coffee and you notice as he goes that he has a great tush too. Next to you, someone orders from Winston, who smiles and taps his glasses as he takes it. When the cute barista comes back, you notice his only his last name is on his badge. It says ‘Mr. Edgeworth’, no first name or anything. “It’s almost done, feel free to sit down.” The lively words don’t reach his voice, and it’s obvious he’s speaking from a script. “Name?”

“Yours first, ‘Mr. Edgeworth’.” You place your fists on your hips, smiling in a triumphant way.

He sighs. “NAME?” It’s practically a Batman whisper-shout, dark and menacing.

You yelp and jump, knocking into a different barista, a blonde one, delivering a drink to a customer, knocking the drink into the air. You lunge to grab it, but it doesn’t come down. The barista who was carrying it swirls it over your head, speaking to Edgeworth. “Bullying another customer, Herr Edgeworth?”

Edgeworth grunts and bustles behind the counter again. You pick yourself up and dust off, embarrassed. Everyone must’ve seen you make a fool of yourself.


Your name is Miles Edgeworth, not that you’re going to tell the admittedly cute but infuriatingly flirty customer that. Getting chastised by Klavier of all people isn’t helping your stormcloud of a mood. He’s almost worse at customer service than you are, what with his flirting and his German. Somehow he swings it, unlike your brooding nature.

The customer, who still hasn’t told you his name, stands up from a lunge to grab spilled coffee, smiling sheepishly. “My name’s Phoenix. P-H-O-E-N-I-X.”

You pointedly ignore the spelling and write ‘Feenie’ on the cup. You hand it to him and that’s almost the end of it, but he looks almost like a kicked puppy, and you’ve always been partial to dogs. “My name’s Miles.” Your hands touch as he grabs the cup and he blushes. You watch him as he leaves, practically running, but leaping occasionally to give a whoop. He’s going to spill his coffee that way, but you have a feeling he’s not going to mind.


A few days later…

You’ve been seeing him around the coffee shop, but Winston’s gone back to being your regular. Miles. What a pretty name. When you arrived today though, he’s there, typical scowl on his face. “Medium coffee, with cream and seven sugars,” you recite, grinning at him.

Some time passes, but when he calls ‘Feenie’, you know it’s you and go to the counter. You bring your game this time and make a show of checking all your pockets and your briefcase before saying “Shoot, I lost my number! Can I have yours?”

He returns with stony silence. But eventually, he grabs the pen back and writes his number on your cup. You are momentarily close as he passes it to you and he says “Tell no one.” And that’s the first time you see Edgeworth smile, even if if is a sort of smirk.

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Summary: Maya, looking back, realizes that she actually has issues because of Morgan. Phoenix takes her to Edgeworth so they can talk it out and heal.

Spoiler: Repaired
Maya slumped on the couch, letting a wave of exhaustion wash over her. She had been channeling Mia on and off all day, which was always tiring, but today she was close to a meltdown. She felt the tears brimming in her eyes, and remembered that she hadn’t even eaten today. Well, shoot. Looks like she had a one-way ticket to meltdown city.


Phoenix walked in after almost half an hour, he had to finish the investigation first, after all. He knew Maya was tired so he let her go home, but when he did return, she was nowhere to be found. “Maya?”

A groan from the bathroom.

He knocked, gently. “I thought we could go get some burgers, at that joint you like.”

She groaned again, and there was a retching noise.

He opened the door to see Maya curled up into a little ball, her stomach growling endlessly. He sighed. “Maya, you should’ve told me you were this hungry.”

She shot him a glare, which was made a lot less imposing by the fact she had tears streaming down her face.

“Sorry, but usually you’re really good about remembering to eat! I don’t have to remind you like Gumshoe has to remind Edgeworth.” He turned to leave. “I’ll get bike-thru and be right back, okay?”

She nodded, and thought about how she got into this mess. And why she was feeling so damn guilty! It’s not like she chose to forget to eat, or to channel Mia all day, it was just necessary. Nick seemed fine, of course, but he had his own issues, ones bigger than forgetting to eat. It took her a second, but she figured out exactly why she was feeling so guilty. It wasn’t a reason so much as a name. Morgan. When Maya had melted down, Morgan had always been kicking her to get back up. Not while Sis was around, of course. Not while Pearly was around either. Only when it was just Morgan and Maya, that’s when Morgan had been cruel. She dismissed Maya’s feelings, just how overwhelmed she was, her thoughts, because she wasn’t ‘normal’. Morgan often said “It’s all in your head,” and “Mystic Mia doesn’t cry like this”. Remembering those days hurt. That was probably why she didn’t try to remember unless she was already hurting, when more pain wouldn’t make any difference. She sobbed into her knees, wishing she had been better prepared for the day.


Miles Edgeworth was doing paperwork when there was a knock at his office door. He shuffled the papers into some semblance of the correct order, then said “Enter.”

Phoenix Wright entered and Edgeworth frowned. They were working on a case against each other, why would he come to see him? Not that it was unwelcome, quite the opposite in fact. He was growing deathly bored with the paperwork, where it was usually calming, it was repetitive and tedious. Edgeworth realized why Wright had come in when he saw the girl behind Wright, Maya Fey. Her face was tear-streaked, and Edgeworth knew from experience that was sign number one of a meltdown. Sign number two was in her bearing, curled up and hunches. The third sign was her shakiness, which confirmed beyond a doubt in Edgeworth’s mind his friend had had a meltdown. He stood up from the desk, concerned. “Maya? What happened?” His voice was flat as ever, he was too worried to make the effort to reflect his emotions in it.

Wright stepped behind Maya, allowing her to speak. He then remembered she was nonverbal at the moment, so be began explaining, embarrassed. “She forgot to eat and was channeling all day today. Also, she realized her guardian was abusive. Think you could help?” He was holding a sheet of paper where Maya’s scrawl explained about Morgan. Wright looked at Maya for confirmation, and she nodded.

So he handed the paper to Edgeworth, who read it. I just remembered that Morgan was a worse guardian than I thought. Abusive worse, Nick. Do you think Mr. Edgeworth can help? Remember Mr. von Karma and how he was Mr. Edgeworth’s guardian? I think we might have even more in common than we thought.

Edgeworth remembered von Karma, of course he did. The man had made his life hell for fifteen years, he wasn’t someone you just forgot. Edgeworth grabbed some paper and a ballpoint pen from his desk and offered them to Maya. She nodded and accepted them while Edgeworth turned to Wright. “Do you mind leaving us, Wright? I’ll return your assistant before it gets too late, alright?”

Wright nodded. “Alright. I’ll see you in court tomorrow, Edgeworth.” He left, giving Maya a hug before he did so.

Maya used one of the sheets of paper and wrote Can I have a clipboard or something? I don’t think I’ll be talking for a while...

Edgeworth blinked, feeling a tad foolish. “Of course.” He dug around in his desk, trying to find some kind of portable writing surface. He didn’t find one, so he grabbed a book from low on the shelf, one on the finer points of the German law system. He handed it to her with a warning “Please be careful, don’t press too hard.”

Maya nodded. She was feeling a bit better already. So... Do I start? Do you start? Do we just sit in silence forever? What’s the plan here?

Edgeworth looked solemn. “You should probably start, you’re the one who had the meltdown today.”

When was the last time you had a meltdown, Mr. Edgeworth? asked Maya, changing the subject.

“When I was nine. I do have shutdowns now, a lot more often than I ever had meltdowns.” There was a silence, free of Maya’s scribbling. “You really should talk about it. I’m told it helps.”

You first.Maya stuck out her tongue, a tad petulant.

Edgeworth cleared his throat. “Alright then. Manfred von Karma was abusive, both emotionally and physically on occasion.” He paced back and forth as he spoke, talking with his hands. “I was never allowed to be myself, I always had to be the perfect pawn” –he spat the word like it was poisonous– “for him to play with, not a person at all.” Edgeworth slammed his hands on the desk, from the opposite side of where his chair was. He was shaking. “I was nothing to him, nothing but an instrument of revenge. He set me up to succeed then pushed me into despair; he made me who I was then took that away. And yet... I can’t bring myself to hate him, not even for that.” He looked down and shook his head. “He trained me like a dog. Like a dog, Maya. He would shout at me until I stopped moving my hands. Until I stopped moving altogether. He took the joy out of flapping my hands, Maya. He is the reason
I shut down almost daily. But I still can’t hate my mentor.” He looked at her with tears in his eyes but a demented smile in his lips. “Even after all he’s done.”


After Edgeworth calmed down, it was Maya’s turn. She took a deep breath and opened her mouth, only to have nothing emerge. She frowned, she wanted to speak but it seemed she was stuck nonverbal. My story isn’t as dramatic as yours but I should probably tell it anyway. She settled further into the couch next to Edgeworth (who had sit down), allowing him to look over her shoulder as she wrote.

My aunt Morgan raised me since I was two.

“And she got you diagnosed at eleven, correct?” Edgeworth confirmed.

Maya nodded. But after my diagnosis she started treating me different. She had always dismissed my feelings and my meltdowns, but she went out of her way to belittle me after my diagnosis.

“How? If you don’t mind me asking.”

She’d say “Cheer up, you’ve got nothing to worry about ,” and “It’s just your disorder, Mystic Maya, you’re better than it.” A few tears trickled down Maya’s face, pulled from her by the memory. She made me feel so guilty and stupid. Like I was useless.

Edgeworth scooted closer to Maya, checking for confirmation before putting an arm awkwardly around her shoulder.

Maya stopped writing for a bit and cried, taking in shaky breaths. She turned her head into Edgeworth’s chest and he tightened his arm around her protectively, despairing for his friend. She was so bright and joyous, but she had the most difficult life. Much like himself, Edgeworth supposed. But where he had turned away from the world, she turned towards it with open arms. She was cheerful, and such a good influence on him.

She stopped crying, sniffling a bit, then turned to her friend properly, looking at his face. “Thank you, Mr. Edgeworth,” she said.

“Anytime, Maya.”
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