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So yeah, I'll be posting my one shot fanfic Turnabout Psychic in this thread and any other one shots I make obviously.
My fanfic will have an interesting feature, you'll see what I mean when I post it. *soundtrack namehere* Means you can optionally open an extra tab, youtube the title and listen to it if you want.

Also "Naru" is my nickname, so yeah, call me that when addressing me :3

1: The following story is a complete reboot of my story "Ace Attorney: Turnabout Nephew" and has been edited heavily into a "canon friendly" edition. If you have any reserves about which “version” to read, I’d leave that decision up to you.

2: As this story is a reboot of the original, a few key scenes have been changed or added, and a lot more detail has been given to already existing scenes.

3: The best way I learn is by doing, however without a point in the right direction, I don’t know what I can do better. In that respect, reviews of any kind are much appreciated.

4: Finally, this story takes place in-between the first and second games in the series; more importantly, the bonus chapter ‘rise from the ashes’ has either not happened yet or not happened at all. I would also like to mention that the 3 year time skip will make little difference to the story, it’s just my way of giving the main character some “experience”.

Title: Ace Attorney: Turnabout Psychic
Author: Narutard 1.5 (AKA Me)
Rating: Teen (Some strong language, depiction of crime scene)
Genre: Uhhh.... Whatever genre AA is?
Status: Incomplete, the rest will be posted later.
Pairing: N/A unless OC/OC counts?
Maxwell has some unusual parents, his mother is obsessed with "Acolyte stuff" and his father was obsessed with out classing a certain defense attorney in LA. Unfortunately, with his life cut short, he writes in his will "Max, put him to justice, I know you can.". Despite his mother's protest, Max sets out to be a defense attorney at Newton's Law school at a shockingly young age of 13. Fast forward five years and it's graduation day, Max's 'talent' gets him out of a tight spot resulting in him getting his shiny new lawyers badge. Without giving it a second thought, he books a flight to LA for obvious reasons, things start going downhill from there.

April 1’st : 8:00 AM : Hallways of Newton’s Law School

*Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney OST - Auspicious People*

It’s a hard life being brilliant; especially when your father kind of demands that you go to law school in his will. This was the case with Maxwell, a somewhat lean 6 foot tall 18 year old who started law school at the young age of 13. School was his only escape from hearing too much, that is to say, he was what some people call gifted, and what others would call a freak; it wasn’t his ears that were gifted, it was his mind in so many ways. His little gift gave him some serious psychological trauma at times, it was like being able to hear what everyone said in a lunchroom, multiplied by a factor of five.

Bully #1’s Conscience: Dude, here he comes-that freak…when he walks around the corner; that bucket…

It was true, Max could see people’s thoughts, or to more accurately put it, their inner selves; he had been bullied quite a lot lately and he knew why. After all his father was a famous lawyer, nowhere near as famous as a certain defense attorney in Los Angeles, but still pretty up there; the only reason he even got into this school was because his parents had set it up for him. As he walked down the hallway outside of his dorm room he examined the area cautiously, taking note of the elegant red and gold carpeting, the sturdy wooden walls, and finally the many archways that went high above his head. After putting his glasses on he glanced toward the corners of the wall, he could see it; very thin and barely visible, high tension fishing line, tied to a bucket of most likely freezing cold water.

“What a drag, that’s like the oldest; most cliché trick in the book…” Max moaned with heavy sarcasm under his breath as he started to walk the other way. “Still…I may as well humor them a little…” He waited a bit before starting toward the booby-trapped arch in question. “Oh gee, I sure hope those jerks from last week weren’t messing around here instead of heading to class.” He chimed as he pretended to be unaware of the coming downpour of whatever they had filled the bucket with.

As he stepped on the expertly placed fishing line he sighed as he waited a few seconds, he could hear their snickers already; and Max was hoping those 24 year old half-wits were more mature than that. Oh well, he did decide to humor them a little, so he stepped aside just in time to grab the bucket; and then tossed its contents onto the leader’s jacket. It was true what he’d heard, it didn’t matter what school you go to; there will always be jocks that think too highly of themselves, the only difference with these goons was their silk tuxedos that looked fairly normal compared to his bright purple vest and pants.

“What the hell…how did he…” It was all the bully could say before he clenched his fist. “You don’t belong here you freak!” And then a classic right jab, just a standard boxing thrust from what Max could tell.

“Really, if you can’t take a prodigy being in your school you don’t belong here any more than I do-rule one…don’t try to play pranks on a psychic.” Max had barely enough time to dodge out of the way, a half a second later and he’d be the one out of breath. “Rule two, don’t piss off a psychic on the day of his final exam and try to make him late with stupid pranks!” Using all his might, he gripped the bully’s arm with his left arm and jabbed at the bully’s stomach, making him a bit winded.

While it was true that Max didn’t have much of a build, he still practiced at least the basics of martial arts; being a defense attorney was a risky job sometimes. He’d heard rumors that some prosecutors would go to any length to get an attorney off their case, if that ever happened he sure as hell wasn’t going to make it easy for them. Even though he wanted to stick around and enjoy the bully and his henchmen stare in shock, he had bigger things to worry about. The little excursion with the bullies made him remember that he’d left his briefcase that held his court record for the final exam in his room, when he started to walk back in order to get it the bullies started chuckling.

“You won’t be finding those files punk, she paid us to hide that briefcase of yours and we hid it damn good. Huh—what’s with the laughing, you know you can’t win without evidence!” The bully snapped in surprise as max started chuckling.

“Only an idiot goes into an exam unprepared…I got it all up here…so I think I’ll do just fine.” He sighed and shook his head, pointing at his forehead as he spoke. “Besides, the court record for this case is already submitted to the court as evidence.” And with that he was off to the mock courtroom where he would hopefully be earning his lawyers badge for real this year.

Last year a transfer student had prevented him from graduating, a practically bloodthirsty prosecutor who seemed to forget that weapons weren’t allowed in the courtroom. The case this year was pretty open and shut, a dagger had been found in the back of a politician and it had incriminating prints on it, he’d managed to stall the simulated case to a third day; and if his hunch was right, his client was innocent. There was very little evidence to prove that someone else did it, but he was going to grit his teeth and press every detail if he had to.

April 1’st : 9:30 AM : Mock Courtroom #2

It was a heated battle, a long line of shouting hold it and objection back and forth by both prosecution and defense; at this point the crowd was rooting for the prosecution, practically cheering for the death of the pretend client. The pressure was almost too much, and Max was sweating every detail that he could remember, especially since his opponent had successfully countered every objection he’d made. It couldn’t be the sensation that someone was watching him, silently cheering him on that was distracting him; nobody would root for a losing defense attorney. Now was his last chance, the witness had repeated their testimony for the final time, and one question had been lingering in his mind the whole time.

“Then answer me this one last question, what were you doing at the scene of the crime the day after?” Max asked cautiously as he glared fiercely at the witness, hoping he could startle him enough to slip up.

“What?! I have a s-solid testimony about what happened on the day of the murder. Why would I return to the scene of the crime? I mean, it’s not like I held the murder weapon at all recently, especially not tw—crap!” The witness froze in the middle of her rant, and stared at the prosecution as if begging for help.

*Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney OST - Pressing Pursuit ~ Cornered*

“Gotcha~” Max chimed pridefully as he crossed his arms and gave the witness a nice, big shit-eating grin.

“I d—don’t know what you’re thinking, it better not be about my cousin’s blood being on the blade!” The witness spat out in a panic as they tried their best to regain their composure.

“What was it you were about to say, that you hadn’t been holding the murder weapon two days ago? Oh I wonder what happened two days ago, that’s right—the murder of a politician, with your knife!” Max exclaimed with a bit more confidence in his tone, he felt like a miner that’d just struck gold.

*Phoenix Wright - Justice For All OST: Tell the Truth 2002*

“Objection! Your honor, the defendants’ blood has been found at the scene of the crime, too. Who’s life fluid on what object is irrelevant to the case, need I remind you whose fingerprints were on the handle of the dagger?” The prosecutor managed to utter her argument without any sign of shock, but she sure jumped in quick.

“Not so fast—the defendant has explained that she knows close to nothing about how to properly handle a knife, especially not one meant for self-defense. Let’s say that the witness decided to pull a stunt, and hand the knife to the defendant while holding the hilt…?” Max paused and waited for the prosecution to respond to his claim.

“Th—the defendant would ask if it was safe to hold a knife like that without a leather glove on…this glove was also found at the crime scene…your honor…” The prosecutor choked out in shame as she started sweating nervously as she presented the glove as evidence.

“Exactly, now let’s say that our witness here, a street-boxing champ explains the proper way to hand a knife to someone. The defendant unwittingly, would obviously grab the hilt tightly, making sure not to drop it and possibly cut herself, resulting in her fingerprints being left on the weapon a few minutes before the murder happened.” Max paused in thought for a moment he wanted to give the judge time to think.

“An interesting theory, but you’ve got one little problem…that glove doesn’t belong to me…” The witness had regained their composure after they spoke up. “I bought that glove as a gift for my girlfriend and mailed it to her, and said girlfriend happens to be the defendant.” The witness explained with a cocky smirk of their own, almost like they were trying to keep something a secret.

Great, just wonderful, Max was so close to winning his final practice case; and the witness was worming his way out of every hole he found. It wasn’t helping that the simulated defendant was scared half to death at the moment, while it was just a hologram it was human enough to leave an impression. This was getting to be a headache, all of his leads were dead ends; and everyone in the crowd was against him, even the judge was doubting him at this point.

Unknown Girl’s Conscience: Come on Max, think, don’t gloves usually come in pairs?~

Pairs, well, whoever the girl was had a pretty sharp mind; if Max actually knew what she was getting at! Seriously, what good did having the power to read thoughts do when it couldn’t help you win a case? Okay, at the very least whomever the spirit belonged to sounded kind of cute, maybe she was on to something.

“Your honor, the leather glove that the defendant was wearing at the scene of the crime was a right handed glove correct?” Max asked curiously as he tilted his head to the side, he was still nervous as hell, but he had to get something out of it.

“Yes…I don’t see how that has anything to do with this case, unless you’re suggesting—“

“Objection! The Judge is right, what importance does it hold if the evidence I submitted just now is a left handed glove? You’re not saying what I think you’re saying…” The prosecutor growled bitterly as she slammed her hand on the desk.

“Hahahaha! What a helpless defense attorney, are you trying to say I would frame my own girlfriend for the death of her father? Ack!” The witness pretty much jumped out of his skin when he realized what he’d said.

*Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney OST - Pressing Pursuit ~ Cornered*

“Bingo! What a sharp mur- ah...witness you are~ of course, I’d be happy to admit defeat, right here, right now…on one condition.” Max stated with a slightly devilish chuckle as he shrugged his shoulders a little.

“And that would be?” The prosecutor moaned in frustration, already sweating bullets about where she thought this was going.

“Let’s have the witness try on both gloves, if they both fit, there’s your answer; if only the left one fits, then that’s even more reassuring, and if only the right one fits…I’m sunk~” Max explained with a little smirk as he looked at the judge.

In the end, the witness absolutely refused to put on either one of the gloves; and when he was asked if he’d seen the knife before the trial he shoved the knife into the witness stand, protesting in an even grander rage than expected. After that the witness passed out from the stress, the defendant was proven innocent, and Max earned his Lawyers badge; it was a good day indeed, but he couldn’t help but feel a sense of danger thickening in the air. It was like some spirits or something were trying to warn him of obstacles in the future, he was too busy polishing his new badge to care though. All that spirit medium stuff was cool and everything, but that was his mother’s stick, not his; it was hard enough being able to read minds, and he could hardly do that right. Well, much less in the sense of doing it right and more so in the sense that he couldn't control it.

Max spent the greater half of the rest of the day cram-studying actual schoolwork, he hadn’t been keeping up on his assignments lately and he needed some brainfood; once the study session was over with, he packed up his things in the single large suitcase, how he managed to get a month’s worth of clothes in a single suitcase was another thing he got from his mother. Going to the airport would be a pain, but soon he would be tracking down and meeting one lawyer in particular he wanted to work for.

April 3'rd: 12:00PM Los Angels Airport:
*coming soon* :phoenix:
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