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I'm looking for AAI2 minisTopic%20Title
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So I'm working on a few different sprite videos, and I need some minis (small sprites that show the entire body) of Raymond Shields and Sebastian Debeste from AAI2. I already have basic walking sprites for Sebastian, but I need some of the talking ones. I don't have any for Raymond.

If anyone knows where I could find these, it would be appreciated.
Re: I'm looking for AAI2 minisTopic%20Title
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It's hard with these because there used to be a tool to rip them all yourself which was available in like, 2011 (made by Auryn).
I used to have all the minis on my old computer but not anymore... I'm sure the tool itself may be lingering around the forum. Do a search for "GKTool" here on the forums and see if it's still available.
Re: I'm looking for AAI2 minisTopic%20Title
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Sometime ago, I decided to try organizing the AAI2 minis together and put them up as organized sprite sheets. I haven't gotten all the character minis yet, which is owing to my dramatic amounts of laziness, but I do have Sebastian and Raymond up.
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