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Re: Spoiler Rules - Updated 12/12Topic%20Title
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Bad Player wrote:
Southern Corn (SC) wrote:
So now that Christmas has long passed,what is the stance on SoJ spoilers?

We're still deciding exactly what we want to do, but they'll probably be lifted soon-ish.

I'd honestly say about late-Febuary/early-March to late- :april: /early-June would be a good time for lifting spoilers. Christmas is over, New Year's over, early birthdays (?) are knocked out. Most people would have had time to play and buy the game during March break or other random times.
Re: Spoiler Rules - Updated 5/20Topic%20Title
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Update: SOJ spoiler rules have been lifted! Run wild with your Dhurke memes wherever you want!

DGS spoiler rules have also been updated to include DGS2 (which I'm sure most people figured already anyway).
Re: Spoiler Rules - Updated 5/20Topic%20Title
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Yesss! A dragon never spoils, but I guess I can now~

(Took long enough :P )
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Re: Spoiler Rules - Updated 5/20Topic%20Title
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Dhurke memes!


I got nothing...
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Re: Spoiler Rules - Updated 5/20Topic%20Title
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