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Liking my Anime version of the fan fiction from the new one itself base from a video game of Ace Attorney? And my made up characters like Raven Strides? Well, if anyone can can make a fine art drawing of her for me would be nice. I can't do it so well... :( But if anyone can, please do and show it to me after. Raven looks like in my head...Long white-like gray hair, clear blue eyes, wearing red headphones on her head 'really a device that she uses from her hacking skills', a long sleeve shirt-like black dress with a white star marking on it, black and white long stripe stocking, red shoes, with a small pocket-like laptop computer she takes with her in a carrying brown bag, and her robot-like rabbit MOCHI... 'It'll see later on in my story soon enough' - like a stuff animal, weird colors of black, gray, blue, and purple all over, being covered in stitches, small hands and feet, red buttons for his eyes, long ears, sharp teeth, and a cotton ball for his tail. Okay? Hope I can see what she looks like. She's Phoenix's girlfriend in my version. So yeah...
My name is Tayla 'Marie' Drago Hester, the number one Anime lover and supporter of all voice actors. Who also loves Ace Attorney things! :D
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