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Hi! I'm Looking for Cosplayers and fellow anime convention goers to participate in a panel

for Delta H Con 2015! The panel will be for phoenix wright and we need about 3 to 5 people

in the panel. if you'd like more info please email Or speak with

me for the panel!

PLEASE volunteer we do need more people for the panel and soon. everyone is encouraged to join the show and watch the amazing show, and we encourage people to volunteer to be in the panel! also there will be a simulated trial, Q&A, and a look at the series in the making! we look forward to the outcome! cant wait to see you guys there!

We are Currently looking for:
Phoenix Wright
Maya Fey
Mia Fey
Pearl Fey
Larry Butz
Godot/Diego Armando
Miles Edgeworth
Franziska von Karma
Dick Gumshoe
Redd White
The Bell Boy
Dahlia Hawthorne

when applying please use the following format:
1.Character that you'd like to portray
3.willing to portray another character of previous cosplays (if applicable)

If Applying,Please note that we cannot and will not accept anyone who cannot commit. we understand if you have days that you cannot attend meetings, however with that being said please let us know ahead of time, otherwise it will be noted as an abscence.

We look foward to your response! practices and rehearsals will start at the second Saturday of March :7/11/15
:phoenix: :edgeworth: :udgey: :maya: :pearl: :karma: :franny: :godot: :sahwit: :redd: :yogi: :lana: :damon: :jake: :grey: :hotti: :adrian: :acro: :dahlia: :kudo: :hobohodo: :tigre: :viola:
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