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Anyone has experience with making a Maya wig?Topic%20Title
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Maybe it's kind of strange to make a topic for this, but I really need some help. I wanted to wear my first cosplay ever (a self-made Maya Fey) at the Japantag in Düsseldorf, which is in two weeks. I already have most of the clothing (though I'm not really happy with my sewing work) but I have no wig. And according to the internet, it's insanely complicated to make this kind of hairstyle. To make it worse, buying a wig that already has a similar style seems to be impossible because it would take far too long to get here. I don't need anyone else to tell me that this is poor planning, I just want to know how to proceed now. Is there anything I can do, or would it be wiser to wait another year/for another occasion?
EDIT: I'll probably decide not to panic but to do it anyway. :maya: That's why I changed the name of the thread, but I'd be happy if someone knew how to make this because I don't want to bomb it.
Re: Anyone has experience with making a Maya wig?Topic%20Title
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Ugh. Lawyers.

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oh! I just saw your other thread, and I think you looked good!

There are lots of people who have cosplayed some form of Maya -- maybe send a few a message and ask how they did it?? They've already figured it out, which saves you the trouble of doing that part ;]
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