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Wanting to Find the Truth (Cornered 2011)Topic%20Title

Both boring and interesting.

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Found an XG MIDI version of Cornered 2011, gave it the Timbres of Heaven treatment and...honestly...I absolutely love it. Other than the overdriven/distorted guitar that plays along with the bass in the original, it's all accurate to the original. I changed the bass line to a synthetic bass since I wanted that little extra "oomph" the synth bass gives you, not to mention the bass was slightly lacking thanks to it being an octave higher than I would prefer. Might need to turn up your volume, it's pretty quiet. ... nered-2011

I was going to give you guys a direct link to the MIDI, but the creator's whole collection of MIDIs are amazing for the most part, so, here, have the whole library, Cornered 2011 included. I pretty much have the entire collection of his or her Ace Attorney MIDIs, they're just that good. :will: ... nh=1&mh=25
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