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Acoustic guitar ballad for Gumshoe!Topic%20Title

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:sadshoe: Poor guy - he just needs a bit of recognition for his work like the rest of us! I recorded a ballad-style arrangement of Gumshoe's theme from the original trilogy on 3 classical guitars, and had a bit of fun with it! Let me know what you think:

I've recorded a bunch of other acoustic guitar arrangements for Ace Attorney tunes, and you can hear Cornered (2001) & Objection! (2004-2016 Medley) on the same YouTube channel. Trying to finish a whole album of these for chilled out listening, but takes a long time to get it done! Currently recording a medley of Courtroom Lobby themes too.

AND! For anyone who'd rather dance than chillax, I just finished a Dance/Funk (Jamiroquai-ish??) version of the 2004 Objection! theme too.

Hope someone out there likes them! Thanks guys :phoenix:
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