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The series is Survival Horror and has currently five main games, with some spin-offs and manga/live action films. The player follows multiple protagonists through haunted or occult locations, armed with nothing but the Camera Obscura - basically a view camera, filled with spiritual power - that allows them to exorcise ghosts.

Overall, the main games are not directly linked, though I, III and V are somewhat loosely connected due to having the same characters and expanding on the previous games' events at times. II and IV are more separate games themselves, so the protagonist of II is mentioned in III and IV counts as a sort of prequel to I.

What are your thoughts on the games? And the series? It's definitely very Japanese, especially noticeable in how sacrifices are usually considered the right choice and seen as necessary, which can come across as very cruel to Western players. And since most of the main games' rather bittersweet to sad endings are considered canon, it's also a depressing series.

I absolutely love this series, though I haven't really played any of the games yet. I'm currently waiting for II: Deep Crimson Butterfly to arrive at my home and play it on my WiiU. Also, thinking of getting the 3DS spin-off game Spirit Camera. Can't say I'm too happy to hear that V only came out as an e-Shop game in Europe, but I will definitely get it.

I find the voice acting in the games I've heard to be mediocre up to now. At least, the English one. I'm not sure if some of the games allow Dual Audio. I kind of hope they do, especially V, because it's just a feature I really like. And, well, part of the horror can come from the voice acting. And if the voice acting is... you know... kind of loses the horror and becomes hilarious.

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