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I was just thinking about this the other day, and if you think about it, there are A LOT of weird, off topic, and unknown games in well known video game franchises. Weird little gaming gems like what I hope to discuss here have all ways interested me, and I wondered if you guys share the interest and know of some I've never heard of. But first, I'm putting in my obscure game from a well known franchise.

Radical Dreamers. Radical Dreamers was a game for the Japan only satalliview snes add on that was a sequel/spinoff/side story to Choro trigger and a alternate universe of Chrono Cross. The game is a rpg/visual novel that has a distinct style that I've never seen, and while I haven't played the games English translation, I love the other 2 more famous games and have always wanted to try it if I have the time. I have heard, upon researching the game, that it has many story, music, and character similarlies with Chrono Cross because Cross is what the series creater wanted Deamers to be.

So let the talk begin!
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