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Re: What are you playing now?Topic%20Title
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Finished my Anarchist playthrough of Tyranny. I figure I might as well run with a Chorus playthrough (as well as look into New Game +) at this point. No idea if I'll like it; Nerat's been good for plenty of laughs, but they don't come much more evil than him. I prefer to play the role of an otherwise good person who seeks to do good whenever he can get away with it. "Chaotic Evil" is a role I've always been hesitant to play, so this could be a nice test of my role-playing skills, if nothing else. I'll probably stick to the "Rebel" path after that, as I feel it allowed me the most room to be the kind of character I prefer to be.
Re: What are you playing now?Topic%20Title
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Nice work General!

I'm trying to work through Pillars of Eternity now. Currently in Twin Elms and still enjoying it a good bit. My mate is doing the same because he wants a completed character file for Pillars of Eternity 2.
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Re: What are you playing now?Topic%20Title
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Just ordered a Persona machine Playstation TV and P4G. It's coming just as my finals wrap up, so I'll have quite a bit of time to play it. Very excited, and I hope it's as good as the 5th one.

Still in the middle of Chrono Trigger. It's a solid game, but I often time have trouble finding the motivation to start playing it. It's a good game, but it's worn down on me. Add in that I'm maybe halfway through at best, and I dunno if I'll finish it before P4G gets here, which was my goal.
Re: What are you playing now?Topic%20Title
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Twilight Princess HD and Devil May Cry HD Collection

It feels weird, going back to Twilight Princess when I'm already used to BotW's controls. Even the wolf sections feel off, since I'm already used to Ōkami's controls. Still, I can see a couple of QoL changes were added: Link's climbing speed increased, you only need to find 12 Tears of Light in each area, and the starting wallet holds 500 rupees. Textures were also given an overhaul, so nothing looks pixelated. Now if only Link's hat would stop clipping through his shield...

In contrast, this is my first time entering the Devil May Cry series and I can easily tell the HD collection is a lazy port. Sure, the in-game graphics can be rendered in 1080p, but the FMVs are all in their original resolution, making them look worse than standard gameplay footage, and none of the textures have been updated. You could probably get similar performance results with an emulator and a widescreen hack.
Still, it's pretty fun. DMC1 is fine if you accept that the level design was salvaged from a scrapped Resident Evil game.
I knew people hated DMC2, and I wanted to try to give it a fair chance. I put it down after four chapters, tried DMC3 and immediately understood why everyone hates 2. 3's controls just feels so much more fluid.
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Re: What are you playing now?Topic%20Title
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Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster

My sister bought it for me a while ago and I haven't played it yet. I've only played the PS2 version when it came out. Aside from new dresspheres and slightly upgraded graphics everything is pretty much the same. Which I like. I'm almost finished with my first playthrough. I didn't really care for the story. I usually get more into it the second time around. I'm going to try to get 100% in my second playthrough though.
It feels so nostalgic playing it again.
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