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The Best Waifu

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When you've had a long day, and you just want to be in another world, you boot up a game just to feel it.... That is what it means to be comfy.

What's her name CR?

For me it's Garry's Mod.
I love spawning in NPCs, downloading new maps, getting cool new mods.
I like spawning in a Maya NPC and having her with me while we shoot at stuff together, or watch stuff on my Media player.
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Re: /comfy/ GamesTopic%20Title
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Bokujo Monogatari (formerly known as Harvest Moon) games.
There is work in maintaining a farm, but the overall atmosphere of the game is pretty laidback.
And the music can be relaxing.

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Infinite Ammo? Try INFINITE GUNS!

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Overwatch is doing it for me just now.

I can just play for like an hour and not care about anything too much. No real progression, fun in short bursts, don't need to prepare equipment or gear. Simple.

Used to be Civ 5 but that led down a dark road.
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Re: /comfy/ GamesTopic%20Title
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*laugh track*

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VLR is very relaxing to play through.

At least the puzzle segments, that is. The music also's pretty great.

Also Bookworm Adventures which I haven't played in ages
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Re: /comfy/ GamesTopic%20Title
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Wriggling piece of plywood

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The Professor Layton games are very pleasant. Nice music, some brain-tickling puzzles, charming main characters. Perfect curl-up-in-an-armchair-with-a-cup-of-tea-games.
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Any Kirby game; Super Star in particular.
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Courtroom Révolutionnaire

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Animal Crossing New Leaf!
Re: /comfy/ GamesTopic%20Title
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Do you see the black one...or the white?

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Earlier this year, it was Atelier Sophie for me. One of the most comfy and snug games I have played in a very long time.
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CatMuto wrote:
Pierre wrote:
Man...that looks dull...this actually makes me worried for KH3 (since that team worked on the battle system)

I feel the same
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Shine Sprite

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Been playing RPG Maker Fes.
It kinda eats all my time at the end of the day, and I'm just making maps or playing around with the controls.
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