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Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip!Topic%20Title
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Jeremy, after typing a few final things into his computer, begins to make an announcement. He let out a deep sigh before turning on the microphone. The intercoms and TVs popped to life as his message was delivered to every corner of the building.

"Attention students: As participation in the last trip was frankly disappointing, and by the requests and concerns of many students, I would like to officially call an end to this first chapter of Hope's Peak #11038. I am putting an indefinite hiatus on the Integrative Learning program, which in short means we will not be traveling to any new locations for a while. Plus, I have heard there is an... event happening rather soon that I, myself, would like to keep an eye on. Please feel free to make use of #11038's facilities as you see fit. Also, you may continue to spend Free Time with other students as well as request Free Time topics with those you have not already. I will still handle those. However, also feel free to return to your friends, family, and home branches of Hope's Peak as well. I will send out a call to all of you who wish to return when I have something for you all to return to. Stay tuned for any updates on that. In the meantime, enjoy your break and let us all Keep Hope Alive! This is your Director, Jeremy Slezak, signing off."

Afterwards, Jeremy began to weep. He couldn't help but feel like a failure, even if he knew this wasn't necessarily the end. Not once did he let his students see the pain he was feeling as he noticed participation levels begin to wane. He was new at this, and thus realized that he wasn't quite sure how to handle an entire class of students. He did, though, take solace in the fact that his students had put up with him for as long as they did. Before long, the tears ceased, and Jeremy began to smile once again at the thought of the future. He shut down his computer and exited his room to find Jay closing his own dorm room's door.

"Oh, Jeremy! I-I guess you were serious, huh? What are we going to do now?" Jay asked, looking a bit downcast.

"I know what I am going to do," Jeremy replied, "I am going to teach. Teach myself how I can improve this for the next chapter, and teach others who would still wish to learn around here. I will spend the next couple of months learning from my mistakes and turning things around."

Jay rushed forward and hugged his brother. Jeremy reciprocated and the two stayed like that for a few seconds. "And I guess in the meantime, I'll learn as much as I can so I can be the best assistant director ever!"

"How about 'Co-Director?'" Jeremy suggested, "But only after you graduate, of course."

"Oh right, that! There's still like, things I need to do in regards to my own schooling. Well, time to get started!" Jay declared. The brothers walked out into the Main Hall. No final party, no fanfare, but this wasn't to be the end anyway. Instead, they looked forward to the promise of tomorrow, and what that promise would bring them. They realized that their latest life had truly just begun.
Thank you for reading. I hope you have a wonderful day.
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Re: Danganronpa School Mode: SHSL Class Trip!Topic%20Title
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Remeku wrote all of the ingredients for her potion in her notebook. She skimmed through it a couple times and made sure that she put the right things down for the potion. She was in rather a "lavable" mood so she dicided to make one of the hardest potions out there, ~Love potion~. She sighed at the things listed on her paper: a star from space, sunlight, a lotus pedal, a human tear, chocolate, sugar, cherry blossom sapling, glitter. She put her hand in the air and reached out like she was grabbing something. "I promis to every part of my heart that i will make people happy by giving them something to smile about! I may be a genius but i expect me to fail several times, you hear me! I want to win the impossible on my own hand!" Remeku yelled into space as she spinned around happy and ran to her room witch was now her personal science lab. She was happy to be making something that would also make people drop their jaws when they see it. She was happy to see her dream come true. To see others happy at her own creation. "I want to fall in love some day.... and i want the day to be the last day I cry, the last day I run away, the last day that i.... I-I..... FAIL! THE LAST DAY I REGRET ANYTHING! The last day I have my heart torn into pieces.... That will be the last day of my journey... That will be how Remeku Lata fills her destiny as the next Albert Einstein." Remeku said in her dorm room as loud as she could that she was sure her next door classmates heard her.

(cliche I know!) :basil:
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