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Doctor Who RP: The Darkness WithinTopic%20Title
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This will be a RP based on the British (and popular overseas) Science-Fiction Series Doctor Who.

Character Creation:

First, some things to keep in mind.

Time-Lords ARE allowed (But give a good backstory)
If someone wants to be The Doctor, fill out a special Skeleton Profile.
You are allowed to create a new race or be a existing one, except villains (Cybermen, Daleks...)
Timelords can have their own TARDIS, so (if you want.) make a description of what it looks like.

Skeleton Profile:
Weapons: (Sonic Technology IS allowed even if you aren't a Timelord):
Backstory: (Not really a problem unless you are a Timelord.):
TARDIS: (If Timelord)

The Doctor Skeleton profile:


POST YOUR APPLICATIONS HERE: viewtopic.php?f=44&t=21002

The RP will start in modern day London, so keep that in mind!
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Re: Doctor Who RP: The Darkness WithinTopic%20Title
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I'm bad at puzzle solving..

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London. Pandora had always hated London, what with its busy streets she had to push by people and wasn't fond of being gawped at by adults and children alike. She had somehow managed to find an alley that evaded the hobos and the homeless beggars, and she stood at the back, hoping she couldn't be seen. A preacher rushed into the alley, waving around his copy of the Bible, babbling nonsense about sending Pandora back to Hell.

"What are you talking about, mister?" Pandora asked, using her cutest voice. She was about to pull off a stunt - her preacher scaring tactics.

"You're a DEMON!" the preacher yelled, waving his hands up and down for emphasis, though he just looked rather stupid doing so. "You should go back to Hell!"

"Demon...? Me? Oh, these wings are just for decoration," Pandora replied. The preacher walked over and nervously ran a finger down Pandora's feathered wings. Pandora resisted the urge to slap him away as her wings itched. Then she moved her wings and the man screamed, then ran off. Pandora smirked. Preachers were just misguided, she could forgive them.
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