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Danganronpa School Mode: Phase 2 - SPLIT Opinions!
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Author:  Mujō.Samairu [ Sun Apr 22, 2018 1:28 am ]
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Remeku sat there for a very long time. She rested her head on the tree trunk, and tried not to continue her flow of tears, but couldn't help but to keep crying. She still cried even though she heard her big brother, Jay, and Lumica come running soon up the hill to her. She looked at all of them, feeling completely broken. Remeku then screamed out her tears. "I didn't mean to make Mikey upset! Why did I react so boldly!? Why!? Why do I seem to ruin everything!? My goal in life was just to make this world happy! But I just seem to make it so angry! I try! I try so much! I try not to look down a cliff that is a long way down and think tragic things!!! It's so hard! I'm sorry! I'm so so so so so so so sorry!!!!!!" Remeku cried out her sorrow and covered her face with her hands.


Kirimi stared at his sad little sister and frowned. How could he comfort her? How could he tell his precious little sister that he would make everything better? He can't tell her such a lie. "Princess... If only I could have been a better brother and saved you through all the hate... If only I could have told you more truths than lies... If only I understood what it is that you are going through... But... We must not dwell on the past and forget how to live. Look at these plants, at these clouds, and this universe around you! It loves you and respects you! You just have to suck in all of the really good energy and then you will feel the source of happiness that the world wants you to feel. Rem Rem, I love you so much... Please don't let the cursed part of this galaxy pierce through you... Let the light shine upon you and then discover that the world certainly could never be angry with you. We all react to things boldly sometimes... and that's okay, because we are human. We all have feelings... we all work differently some how, but we all have a big thing in common. You don't ruin anything... you make it stronger. It learns new things about you everyday. Do you really think the world has people like you come along everyday? No! Of course not! Your aura is very rare! To us and the world, you are so special! I am so proud to be your big brother! Suicide... ah... how a tragic thing it is... but if you dare to think about it, I will hug you tight and never let go until you can't breath anymore! I will never let you think such tragic things... even though you might already be thinking tragic things... not anymore! You will think puppies, sunshine, lollipops and rainbows! You hear me! You will feel only loooooooove! We all love you... even Alfons, in a way. If you don't want to listen to the encouragment that I have represented, you have Jay that is a really good pep talker! Well, at least that's what I've heard... But just know, we all love you, and we want you to love yourself too." Kirimi smiled and heald out his hands to his little sister.


Lumica nodded confusingly to Jay's remark and Ran off behind him. When they reached the tree where Remeku was located, a giant speech filled their ears and sent Lumica to tears. Lumica jumped up and nodded violently. "La La... I will never let you go to the dark side! I will sing your ears off until you understand that! Ahahah ehehee!" Lumica cheerfully grabbed Remeku's hands and waved them around everywhere.

Author:  Lone [ Tue May 01, 2018 4:18 pm ]
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Flo saw everyone come back to base and waved at them.

"Oh, good job everyone, back in one piece..."

She hovered down and bowed to them.

"S-sorry, I kinda just left you guys all alone, huh? I w-was... err." Flo looked around, desperate for any sort of excuse.

"J-just afraid, I'm so sorry. I got scared and ran off. I hope you can forgive me for it all."

Author:  Slezak [ Wed May 02, 2018 4:13 pm ]
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Mikael was shivering from the words he heard Remeku crying out in the distance. He decided the best course of action would be to help his distressed friend. He excused himself with a shaky voice, "I'm s-sorry Felicity, I-I . . . I'll t-talk to you l-later." He left the bottle containing the colorful liquid near Felicity. With a quick wave, he dashed towards Remeku.

He saw her leaning against the tree, just now finishing her lamenting speech. He began trying to comfort her in a soft voice, but emotions quickly took over, "Remmy, I-I don't understand. I'm not upset; just confused. I don't-I don't know what you want." He breathed deep in order to calm himself, to no avail. "Actually, I think I know what you want. You want 'Mikey' back. You want your childhood friend. And I . . . I am not him. I'm just an afterimage, trying to make amends for something that I didn't even know happened." His voice began to crescendo as his eyes welled up with tears, more visible now that he was in his human form, which shimmered as he struggled to hold it through his emotion, "I'm trying . . . I'm trying my hardest to be 'good enough', but it's not-" He inhaled sharply and started as he felt a hand touch his shoulder.

"You are good enough, Mikey." The voice of the Wordsmith was trying its best to be comforting and reasonable, "It's clear that Remeku's been through a lot. I believe you're doing everything in your power. It's going to take a lot of time and a lot of effort from a lot of people to help Remeku through this, but I think we can do it. I know we can do it."

Jay turned to Remeku after patting Mikael's shoulder a couple times. "Remeku, you don't ruin things. Remember, if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have Austin with us. You saved him." He hoped the words would sink in a bit, though he knew it would be a long uphill battle.

Finally, he turned to Flo. "You don't need to apologize, Flo." There was a look of sad familiarity in his eyes. This wasn't the same person who had saved his and his friends' lives many months ago, even if she looked exactly the same and had the same name, voice, and mannerisms. He swallowed his own emotional lump and continued, "We were all scared. We all would've retreated sooner had the hellhound not shown up and tried to take Austin."

Mikael sat down in the grass near the tree, facing Remeku, and attempted to reconcile what Jay had just told him.


Jeremy finally made his way over to Kirimi. He had spent some time collecting himself and pondering what to say. After listening to Kirimi's speech, Jeremy tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. "Mr. Lata, while I admire your attempts to comfort your little sister, I am afraid this situation is not so simple. I am by no means attempting to imply I know her better than you do, so please take my advice with a grain of salt. All of us need to do what we can, here and now, to help Miss Lata. I have no doubt you were the best big brother you could have been, but there is only so much one person can do. Please keep that in mind as we move forward."

Jeremy felt a bit odd offering advice to someone who was older than him, but he knew there would be times that even adults could use a bit of guidance.

Author:  Mujō.Samairu [ Wed May 02, 2018 6:30 pm ]
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Remeku looked up at everyone and then nodded. "I feel . . . somewhat sorry now . . . I don't want everyone to worry about me. It would just put a bigger burden on all of you." Remeku looked over at Mikael and frowned. I really am a bad friend . . . He doesn't understand what's going on, so why should he deserve to try and fix it . . . ? That's right . . . he shouldn't!" Remeku wiped her tears and walked over to Mikael. She put a hand on his head and ruffled his hair slowly. "I-I'm sorry, Mikey . . . I'm sorry for making you feel like you have to fix something . . . I'm sorry for putting you through pressure. It's not your fault that any of this happened . . . It was mere bad luck, an accident. Mikey, no matter if you forget about me in a million timelines, or change your personality completely, you will always be my childhood friend, you will always be my sidekick, you will always be the first friend I have ever made. We may not be able to regain your memories now, but you will someday. We just have to work together, to fight against the evil, right?" Remeku wasn't expecting an answer from Mikael, as she took her hand off his head and sat next him. "You are not the only reason I have these feeling all the time. It's other things in my life, like school, my family . . . It's not all on you. I always knew I would see you again, I just knew it. I felt in my heart and every where I went, I got a bit of courage because seeing you again was something that made me try and fight harder against the things that were eating my happiness, that were taking way all of my strength. The thought of you is how I fought through life . . . even if you weren't actually there . . . S-so, thank you Mikey. Thank you for giving me strength. Mehe~!" Now with more confidence, Remeku stood up and held a hand out to Mikael. She had a gleeming smile on her face. This time, it wasn't fake.


Kirimi nodded to Jeremy and looked down a bit. "Thy understands what thou is saying," Kirimi chuckled a bit before looking more serious. "I just feel . . . Like I could've done something . . . I was at work so much I couldn't be there for her! Remeku is way more important than work . . ." Kirimi sighed and looked over at Remeku with sad eyes. Although she looked more alive at the moment, Kirimi couldn't help but be stuck in the past at the moment.


Lumica hugged Remeku tightly. "La La . . . I won't let you be sad ever again . . . Sadness is madness and if it consumes you, you will lose sanity . . ." Lumica said softly. She was a little confused on the situation but she would do anything to comfort her best friend.

Author:  Slezak [ Tue May 15, 2018 5:04 pm ]
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Mikael listened to Remeku's speech with intensity, holding back tears the best he could. When she offered him a hand, he grabbed it and let himself be pulled up. As he found his footing, he wrapped his other arm around Remeku for a brief moment. He stepped back, but didn't let go of the hand Remeku had used to help him stand. His face was a bit flushed from embarrassment.

"Ehehe, I u-understand. You're not a burden to me. I just . . . I guess I just felt responsible because I don't remember you. And then, e-even after I told you I'd believe in you--that I would try my best--it didn't seem like it was enough. But now I see . . . now I see that . . . well, with how much you've had to deal with, I realized that it's going to be a long road."

Mikael sighed, a bit relieved by Remeku's genuine smile. He then turned to the angel who had just hugged Remeku. Still feeling nervous when he talked to new people, he explained in a shaky voice, "U-Um, L-Lumica, was it? I actually think it's okay to be sad sometimes. In fact, I'd say people who appear to be happy all the time are probably the craziest ones."


"Kirimi . . ." Jeremy uttered. He always found it difficult to use first names for people other than those he cared deeply about, but he had started to believe that might make him seem impersonal. "I believe you have done everything you possibly could for your little sister. I am sure she knows how much you care about her. I hope that Miss La--er, Remeku, being in a safe environment such as this school is enough to relieve some of your stress. Anyway, if there is anything I can do to assist you, please do not hesitate to request it."


Seeing that the group seemed to be reconciling pretty well, Jay found a nearby log to sit on and began to noodle around on his imaginary guitar again. He realized he suddenly felt more competent in his playing.

"Oh hey, everyone!" Jay called out, hoping he wasn't interrupting anything too important, "After calming down from our first battle, I think I'm starting to feel stronger." Jay returned to his improvising. He hoped it was enough to soothe away any stress people still had from the battle. There were still a lot of mysteries to solve, not the least of which was finding a means of escape, but at least for the moment the group could make the most of their time here.

"He's right. I . . . I can protect people now . . . !" Mikael muttered to himself in response to Jay's observation, his face having lit up from the realization. Yume~Kokoro, the one Mikael had called 'Puffy,' was glowing faintly and circling the boy, reveling in its own new-found strength.

Author:  Mujō.Samairu [ Fri May 18, 2018 4:20 am ]
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Remeku looked down with a small sigh of realization. "Mikey . . . You thought you weren't enough . . . ?" Remeku grasped Mikael's hand tighter and looked down at the ground beside her. "You being here is more than enough . . . even if you don't remember me, we will still get them back some day! I believe that if I try hard enough, I will be able to master the memory recover potion but . . . we just have to let time take way." Remeku smiled brightly to herself. She felt a little odd at that moment, like there was something she was supposed to know but didn't. Her heart felt like it was being grasped by a very strong and tight aura. She gritted her teeth. Her whole conscious felt like it wasn't real. She herself didn't believe that she was herself. Remeku suddenly let go of Mikey's hand and grabbed a piece of her hair. It was like she was outside of the realistic world and in the real one. Did she still have brown hair? Wait . . . when did she ever have brown hair? She had white hair . . . no, that can't be right. Her mother was a half el- w-wait no! Her mother hated her guts! Wait . . . who is her mother? Who is her father? Remeku's eyes widened. Who is her brother? Her heart pounded at an unbalanced rhythm in her chest. She didn't know what was going on. A horrible nightmare? Maybe a memory of something that happened long ago? Was it just her imagination? Does she even know who she is? Maybe she should just believe what it was telling her and let it consume--- "No, I am Remeku Zenaku Lata! No one else . . ." Remeku said aloud knowing that Mikael could hear her. She smiled nervously over at Mikael. "Sorry, just talking to myself." Remeku's mouth twitched a little. She knew she was only making herself look weird, but it's not like it hadn't happened before. She just needed to understand why her mind was triggered in such an odd way . . .


Kirimi smiled and nodded to Jeremy. "Yes . . . Thank you very much, I will. It's just that . . . I'm always in chronic stress . . . Being at work so much with Remeku at home alone when I know my parents don't really care. I always think about her, tell myself that she is okay, knowing vastly that she is not . . . I know that she needs me the most every single day . . ." He put a hand on his forehead and started to cry. "But . . . I am never there for her! She has no one . . . what am I supposed to do when she never tells me how she is feeling. I always know the answer, but I like to ask so I can at least start a conversation, but it always ends at the question. Her heart is ghastly torn apart and I can barely fix it. I know this is a lot to deal with being a headmaster, Mr. Slezak, but I just don't know what else I can do for her . . . I try so hard but I can't fix something so damaged . . . She is just so riven." Kirimi clenched the part of his shirt that covered where his heart was beating. His eyes were closed and his glasses were near to falling off of his face. What more could he do for someone he doesn't completely know what is going through.


Lumica giggled a little at the blue haired boy's words. "Well I'm always happy but I'm not erratic!" She said smiling widely at the boy. "Yup! That's my name! Lumica Ongaku Moon, the Ultimate Singer!" Lumica said with a thumbs up. She looked over at Her best friend and frowned. What is going on inside her head? congenial thoughts or pessimistic thoughts?

Author:  Lida_Rose [ Sun May 20, 2018 4:41 am ]
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Exhausted by the day's battle, our heroes find themselves too tired to even set up a camp. Cat volunteers to take the first watch. The rest of the party falls asleep together under the stars. Even though Cat knows she should be staying awake, she finds herself nodding off as well . . . .

Author:  Mujō.Samairu [ Sun May 20, 2018 4:46 am ]
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”This way . . .” A hand on his heart, Kishima was walking in the direction his mind was leading him to. He walked with his eyes closed, not needing them to see where he needed to be going. He felt her presence, her soul flowing in the existing air. His little sister was somewhere near, he could almost grasp it. ”Remeku . . . I’m coming . . .” His heart beated twice, he walked to the right. It beated three times, he walked to the left. It beated once, he walked forward and stopped. Something was standing tall in front of him. ”Hope’s Peak Academy . . .” Kishima opened his eyes. There stood the grand high school for gifted juveniles. He smiled as his connection with his little sister had gotten incredibly stronger. He knew where she was now. He walked slowly to the entrance of the school and opened them with his other hand. His heart beated three times, he walked to the left. Once, forward. Twice, right. Four times, back. The room was now in his view. His blue and grey eyes were wide. A whole class of students were wearing headsets of some sort. ”How aberrant . . .” Kishima said with a tilt of his head. He scanned his eyes over the students like a computer program. All of the students were thinking at the same level; nonchalant and at ease. They seemed to be stronger in their mind set for some reason. What was going on here? Then he stopped. A girl that was resting placidly, with her knees close to her chest and arms uninhabited around them. Her thoughts were more pernicious, like she was trying to calm herself down from something. Kishima walked slowly towards her and stopped. This was the girl. The aura around her was turbulently strong. Just being around her made Kishima feel blithe.
”You know why we run around so much?”
”I am not good at looking at someone and saying who they truly are . . . The Lata family hid the identity of your sister, that’s what your father told me.”
”I have the abilities of father! I can find her!”
”Honey, are you sure? You were so young when she was kidnaped. I am curious as to why you love her so much having no memory of what she looked like.”
”I will not let that stop me from finding her. I don’t care if I didn’t know much about her. I wanted to be a big brother, and close friends of ours took that away from me. They vanished with something so unbelievably important to me, even I can’t understand myself. I will find her if it’s the last task I will ever accomplish. Right now, Remeku is believing she has a different big brother who barely even visits her, she is believing her parents hate her, she is believing that death is the best answer all because of vengeance and retribution that wasn’t needed, that was all a big misunderstanding. Instead of asking why father landed an attack on the house they lived in, the Lata’s jumped to conclusions and took away something important to me and I will make them see that I will never forgive them. It’s been fifteen long years, and I want some blood to be spilled of the sorry little children that look like noble adults. I want them to cry, suffer, they need to feel pain like I felt when I never got to be a big brother like I dreamed. I loved Remeku, but they didn’t, and they will die for what they have done!”
Mother was frightened when Kishima said those words. It was hard not to think about what he had said right before he came to the academy. It almost brought shivers down his spine. He use to be happy . . . then he developed a dark side. When it was released, it was horrifying. Kishima was scared by himself at the things he did when he got the dark side. Remeku’s mind was absolutely in trouble. She seemed to be in pain not only mentally but physically. ”Don’t worry, Remeku! I am here!” Kishima stood up and went to pull her headset off. He pulled with a good amount of force for a while but still didn’t manage to pull it off. He began to realize that it wasn’t possible to remove the headset so instead he looked over at an empty chair. There was a unused headset lying on the chair. Kishima ran over to it and put it on. It felt weird on his head and even weirder for his eyes. He began to feel dizzy at the sight in front of him. Pixel pictures formed all around him until he finally stood on what seemed to be a grassy plain, although it wasn’t so normal. There was scratch marks, torn down trees, blood, and other objects all around the area from what seemed to be a battleground. He went over to the blood and touched it. It was fresh, maybe from a few hours ago, but he didn’t know how time worked in this world. That’s when he heard a scream. It was rather high pitched.
”No, no, no, no, no!”
It was Remeku! Kishima dashed to the direction of the screams with his claws ready. He wouldn’t hold back from attacking something or someone. If it was his sister he needed to save, he would kill existence.

Author:  Lida_Rose [ Sun May 20, 2018 5:04 am ]
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Our heroes awoke in beds. Strange; they remembered falling asleep outside, but after that . . . .

Well, it was weird, but it didn't seem to matter very much. They decided to explore. They noticed their clothes were clean, and the rooms were dreadfully plain. So they all left to explore the rest of the . . . wherever they were. It didn't take long for them to realize that they were in a cottage. The girls were upstairs, and they went downstairs to get to the living room. The boys, meanwhile, merely had to traverse a hallway. They bumped into each other and exchanged their standard greetings. Then they entered the kitchen, where they found breakfast had been laid out. More excited than he ever thought he could be over food, Gary began stuffing his face. And then he made a face. The food was cold.

Then they started to realize other things. It didn't seem like Flo, Arthur, Sakura, or Alfons had woken up yet. And . . . was that . . . sobbing they heard?

Looking around, they found Austin huddled into a tight ball in the corner. Cat tried to get his attention, patting his shoulder and saying, "What's wrong, Austin?" He did not respond.

Author:  Mujō.Samairu [ Sun May 20, 2018 5:39 am ]
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Remeku wasn't that confused as to why and where they were. It seemed that things like this would happen in a virtual world. Austin may be really good at programming but he can't be perfect. Maybe a glitch in the system? Remeku walked over to Austin and patted his knee softly. "What's wrong Austin? Did something happen? What ever is going on, I hope your not being effected because you made the system!" Then suddenly Remeku grunted in pain. Her head started throbbing in horrible pain. A bunch of words and scenes started flashing in her head that she didn't have time to process. She had a bad feeling about what was going on. "Nghhh . . . this isn't good . . ." Remeku banged her hand against her head knowing that it would only make it worse. Each time her hand hit her head, it was like a stabbing feeling to her thoughts. Her mind was left completely blank. She couldn't quite think about anything. She banged against her head more and then a monster appeared in her head. "Ahh! What is that!" Remeku kept hitting her head. The monster got closer and closer and closer until it was grabbing her head and picking her up off the ground. It began to crush her. Remeku screamed loudly and swatted away at what she thought was a blood thirsty monster. She didn't relies that it was just in her head. She opened her eyes quickly. She wasn't in front of a monster, only sitting down against the wall beside Austin quietly crying from what she was seeing in her head. What was that? Was that her stress formed in a monster. Even though she was in reality, she still had a nauseating headache witch made her still quietly cry to herself in pain. What ever it was triggering her, wasn't something positive, it was painful.


Kirimi looked around in confusion. "This almost seems like a horror cliche . . ." Kirimi pushed his glasses up on his face. His black hair was a bit messy from waking up making him blow it from his eyes every once in a while. Remeku was worrying him. For some odd reason, she was crying. Was she scared? That doesn't seem like her. She has lived through far worse things than anyone he had ever known. "Rem Rem? Is everything okay?" Kirimi pulled her close to him, afraid that if he left her alone any longer, she might be captured by something. He looked over at Austin. As a teacher, Kirimi felt responsible for what ever was happening to him. "Austin? Is there something you wish to explain? Why is it that your in such distress at the moment. I am here for you. As your teacher, I won't let you get hurt." Kirimi said. He then looked around the area they were in. Something was certainly going on, and it seemed it wouldn't be a good thing to write about a fan fiction later on.


Lumica shivered as she walked around. It was so dark, or maybe that was just how she was picturing it. She didn't know what was going on, and for some reason, she liked not knowing. Maybe knowing what was happening would only scare her more than when she does not know. Lumica's heart pounded crazily in her chest. It seemed like her heart was also shivering. If this was some test to see how she would handle this, it wasn't very nice.

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Jay was the first one of the three in his "group" who awoke. Last he remembered, he had been playing something calming on his "guitar." Did he fall asleep doing that? He couldn't really remember. He quickly jumped up and bothered his brother, who had also been sleeping in the same room.

"Uuuuuugh . . . w-what . . . I--""EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! Jeremy, wake up now! It's serious!" Jeremy's groggy stirrings were interrupted by his brother loudly screaming into his face. Indeed, the situation was disquieting. How had they ended up in an . . . inn? Cottage? Whatever the case, someone, or something, had brought them here against their will. Jeremy rose from his bed and rubbed his aching head.

They did not hesitate to investigate the situation as they made their way to the living room/kitchen, Mikael lagging a bit behind, clearly shaken up by the whole affair.

After doing a quick head count, Jeremy seemed unmistakably concerned. "We are in an unfamiliar place, and we are short a few . . . namely, Mister--erm, I will just use first names from now on. Alfons, Arthur, Flo, and Sakura have not joined us yet."

"W-What!? Nobody woke them up?"

"I knocked on all the doors and announced an emergency all-hands meeting on the way out here and did not wait for a response. I would send an announcement to the handbooks . . . if they worked." He checked once more. Sure enough, the e-Handbooks were still inert.

"M-M-M-M-M-My n-n-name is M-Mikael S-S-S-Stanza. I-I-I am the Ul . . . Ultimate V-Voice Actor . . ." Mikael muttered to himself, almost as if he was attempting to recite a mantra.

"Mikael?" Jay asked, curious what the blue-haired once-again-nymph was doing.

"Uwah! MyparentstoldmeifIwokeupinanunfamiliarplaceIshould-" Realizing he was talking frantically, he paused and took a deep breath. "M-My parents said I should make sure I know my name and who I am if I ever woke up in an unfamiliar place. I . . . um, don't know why, but at least I don't seem to have amnesia."

"Hm . . ." Jay was intrigued by the Voice Actor's explanation, but his attention was diverted when he realized Austin was sobbing in the corner.

"Austin! Cat!"
"Austin! Cat!" The brothers ran over and knelt down near their distressed friend and his confused mother.

"W-Wait . . . R-R-Remmy!?" Mikael shouted, nearly jumping out of his seat when he realized that Remeku had been crying, sitting near Austin. The brothers running over had caught his focus. Dashing over and sitting down next to her, he asked, "What's the matter? A-Are you hurt?" He prepared to cast a cure spell, but began to realize what she was feeling might be more psychological in nature. In any case, he wasn't about to let her down again.

Author:  Blinky [ Sun May 20, 2018 1:56 pm ]
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Isaiah slowly paced around the kitchen, mumbling to himself. He finally sat down on the floor, wrapping his arms around his knees. He appeared to be shaking.

Author:  Lida_Rose [ Mon May 21, 2018 3:14 am ]
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Austin looked up as more and more people called him by name. That was when his distress really showed: there were very dark circles under his eyes, which were bloodshot, and he had clearly been crying recently. His hair was a rat's nest. Speaking of hair, since when did he have that mustache and beard growing in? Then Austin cried out, fresh tears welling up in his eyes. He buried his head behind his arms and curled up tighter, rocking on his heels and babbling.

"No . . . y-you're not real . . . you're not . . . j-just go away . . . I'm sorry . . . I'm so- I'm sorry . . ."

"Austin?" Cat's voice strained with worry and empathy. "Of course we're real. What's the matter with you?"

Austin didn't seem to hear her. He just kept repeating, "I'm sorry."

With a sigh, Cat turned to Jay and Jeremy. "I . . . I don't know what to do. I've never seen him like this. Maybe we should give him some time? I'll be right here with him, but maybe - maybe you guys should all . . ." She trailed off, uncertain. Would splitting up really be the right call? They were in an unfamiliar place, after all. Cat continued to silently rub Austin's shoulders, and Austin kept rocking and shaking and sobbing and apologizing.

Meanwhile, Rosalida, who was hard to see due to her small size, couldn't handle all of the noise. As such, she plugged her ears and looked around. It seemed that Austin and Remeku were both being taken care of. So that left Lumica and Isaiah both looking like they were having silent panic attacks. The school counselor couldn't be in two places at once. She decided to try comforting Isaiah first. She flew onto his shoulder and tried to set up a telepathic link so she could talk to him. But would he let her?

Author:  Mujō.Samairu [ Tue May 22, 2018 3:27 am ]
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Remeku rubbed Austin's head gently. It seemed that she needed to calm him down or the whole server would crash down along with them. "Austin, it's going to be okay. If we are not real, then how come I can physically touch you? How come I can talk to you and it comes through your head? Austin, we are here for you . . . and if you think we don't exist right now, then what will happen when it actually becomes true? Just know that sadness is okay to have but never loose sight of what is true. You're my friend, and a very interesting person . . . please don't leave us, Austin. Don't leave us . . . Don't go to the dark side . . . like I almost did." Remeku made a flower with her magic and set it into his hands that didn't grab back but just still held tightly to his legs. Austin was not in the best state, so Remeku didn't want to push him too far. She needed to find a way to make him find a courage that would kind of boost him to have confidence. Remeku wasn't scared for Austin, just focused on defeating what might be keeping him from seeing the light again. Remeku looked over to Mikael who had a concerned look in his eyes. "Oh, uh, I just have this nauseating headache for some reason. It's kind of making me alert of something eerie of what's going. Something isn't right. Something is terribly wrong . . ." Remeku clenched her head and made a sound through her clenched teeth. Something was off, not right, anti of how she felt before this virtual world started.


Kirimi's eyes widened at Remeku's words. "Wow, Rem Rem . . . You truly are inspiring, little sister." He pushed his glasses up his face as dramatic tears rolled down his face. It was hard to take someone seriously when they're so small.


Lumica heard a sound to her left as she walked through out the area. She stopped and covered her mouth. Tears came down her face. "I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm okay. I am okay! I am jolly good. Fun time happy, Lumica. I can do this. I am having the best time!" Lumica kept telling herself encouraging words until she heard another sound coming from her left once more. She jumped up frightened and scurried back. "Nope! Never mind! I'm one hundred percent dead! I'm so dead, it's not even funnnnny! OhmygodIamsodeadthatitkillsmyinsidesandeatsmealive!!!" Lumica backed away with her hands frantically moving everywhere trying to block off anything from any direction.

Author:  DarkAgea [ Tue May 22, 2018 4:35 am ]
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Felicity wasn't really fazed by finding themselves in a cottage. Sure, it wasn't where they had been yesterday, and they were still stuck in a virtual reality with no way to escape that she knew of, but things could always be worse. At least they were together - mostly - and stood a pretty good chance against anything that fantasy could throw at them.

After they all entered the kitchen, she had hovered behind the three who were near Austin, wanting to do something to help though not knowing what. But with how Austin had reacted to his own mother, Felicity wasn't sure she could do any better.

That feeling of helplessness only intensified as she looked around to see others seem to silently break down. 'What's going on?' Felicity wondered. The situation didn't seem all that horrible, but maybe that was just her and her screwed-up sense of horrible...

In any case, it was impossible for her to just stand around and watch. 'Should I talk to Lumica? Remeku and Isaiah already have somebody with them, after all.' With that thought, Felicity walked over to the clearly distraught angel and spoke a bit louder than usual, "Lumica? Are you alright?" On second thought, that wasn't the best question to start with. "Uh, wait, I guess the answer's kinda obvious but, um... Anything I can do to help?" She hoped her awkwardness didn't show, although that was probably a foregone hope.

Author:  Slezak [ Tue May 22, 2018 6:17 pm ]
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Mikael gulped in response to Remeku's reply. "U-Uuuuuum . . . s-something feels really off? W-Well, if you think you'll be a-alright . . . I'm, um, going to take a look around." He began searching the area, looking for a window or anything to look out, checking around the living room, things like that. He stayed alert in case anything happened, of course.


"'Not real,' huh?" Jay pondered Austin's words. He'd never heard him say something that hit so close to home. Of course, now didn't feel like the time to feel validated. Noticing his continued distress though, Jay spoke up. "Guys, maybe we should give him some space. I think we might be inundating him with our concern. Let's just do our best to make sure everyone becomes calm, and then figure out our situation." He stood back up and took a step back, but kept an eye on Austin. Something seemed quite off about him indeed, but Jay felt like Austin was distracted enough by his own internal struggles that he probably wouldn't notice the silent scrutiny.


Jeremy nodded and stood up as well. There were plenty of others to be concerned about anyway. Plus, how would one reconcile something like 'You're not real' into an argument to disprove? Plus, it was beginning to appear that Austin might not even be responding to external stimuli, despite what Jay might be saying.

Lumica's reactions seemed to be even more immediately concerning, and Jeremy began to wonder what he might be able to do, since the counselor seemed to be occupied with another, more silently-distressing, student. But, it was then that Felicity stepped forward and began to comfort Lumica.

Jeremy was at a bit of a loss with regards to what to do now. Should he go back and check the other doors? There were other adults who could handle things, and he could run back in the instant he heard something, so he began to head back towards the rooms to see if he could find anything.

Author:  Franzise Deauxnim [ Thu May 24, 2018 5:38 pm ]
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"Um..." Sayako, who'd been fairly quiet up to now, finally decided to speak up. She wore an uneasy smile. "Let's all try to calm down and think about our situation with clear heads, okay? This is... still a game, right? So all we need to do is figure out how to leave and we'll all be alright."

She bowed her head slightly and began floating towards the stairs leading to the second floor. "I-I'm a little worried about the ones that are still asleep, so I'm going to go try to wake Sakura and Yates-san up again," she explained. "Could someone check on Arthur and Einarrson-kun?" Sayako then blinked as if she'd just remembered something. "Oh, did anyone else wake up in a room with extra beds? There were two in my room. I just thought that was a little weird. Er, I mean, this entire situation is a 'little weird', but I thought maybe it meant something. It's probably nothing, but it doesn't hurt to ask just in case, right?"

Author:  Lida_Rose [ Thu May 24, 2018 8:39 pm ]
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As Remeku spoke to Austin, he trembled more violently. The flower she placed in his hand flickered for a few seconds and then disappeared. Cat smiled, placed a hand on the girl's shoulder, and said, "Thanks, Remeku. I don't think he's going to go to a dark side. I just think he needs some time to compose himself."

And then Sayako spoke.

Austin jerked his head up to look at her. His lower lip was bleeding where he had been biting it, and the look in his eyes was wild and wounded. He leaned forward, reached for her, and changed his mind halfway through the motion. "Sayako," he whispered. He brought his hand back and grabbed a fistful of his unkempt hair. "Sayako, I'm sorry." His voice became higher and louder as he repeated himself: "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Sayako!"

It didn't matter at that moment whether she was real or not. He needed to apologize to her, just like he did every time he saw her. After all, it was his actions - or rather, failure to act - that hurt her the most.

Cat shot Sayako a look of desperate confusion, then took her hand off of Remeku's shoulder. "Hey," she said, her voice strained, "hey, it's okay. Come on, try to relax." As she spoke, she patted Austin's arm and tried to ease his grip on his hair.

Rosalida heard the frantic noises coming from Austin and felt tempted to go try to help. But she wouldn't abandon Isaiah now, and so she poured all of her focus into strengthening the telepathic link.


In the living room, Mikael noticed that there were thirteen dusty armchairs around a coffee table, and that aside from the furniture, there wasn't anything else. Not even windows. There was, however, a door. Perhaps it led outside?

The sparseness of the hallway could not escape Jeremy's notice as he headed back toward the bedrooms.

Author:  Mujō.Samairu [ Fri May 25, 2018 4:20 am ]
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Remeku jumped away from Austin and frantically moved back, keeping her arms in front of her at all times. It seemed like all people she tried to comfort would always hate her, no matter how sweet and kind they usually are, they always hate Remeku. She sighed tremulously and got up off the ground. Her heart was starting to rupture, but she held on to it tight and put it back together with halcyon. It's not like she wasn't use to the pain, it was sort of like an ally. Maybe someday she would understand why she had to be in the pain. Remeku wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and shook her head. She needed to focus on the situation. Austin just needed some space. "S-Sayako . . . ? D-do you have a-any idea w-why he i-is acting like t-this?" Remeku asked perturbed. She had never seen anyone act so compunctious to someone. It was almost like a scene from a movie. Remeku, regarding what she asked Sayako, backed away from Austin as far as she could, feeling the headache get more and more excruciating in her head. She started to feel sick. What was happening? All the things that Austin as been through in this Virtual World seems almost phantasmagoric. Remeku sat against a wall. Her head, her heart, her feelings of borderline, her anger, her stress, it all contused her. "This is so infuriating . . . I wish I knew how to fix things . . ." Remeku rested her head against the wall in stress.


Kirimi's eyes were wide at Austin's actions. It almost seemed like he was seeing something different than the present being played in his head. Kirimi bit his lip in frustration. If he can't help his student, then what kind of teacher is he? He looked over at Remeku, who was frightened by Austin it seemed. "Are you okay, Rem Rem?" Kirimi called out. "I assure you, he is not being hostile intentionally." Kirimi didn't know weather to comfort his little sister or his student. He looked over at Professor Slezak. He seemed as puzzled as Kirimi did. If Kirimi had a lot to handle, then Jeremy was probably losing his mind.


Lumica looked up at Felicity. Noticing that she wasn't a blood thirsty monster, Lumica smiled and sighed. "W-well . . . I certainly don't like the atmosphere of this place, and how it's effecting my friends, but I will be fine. If I think I have it bad, I should look at Austin . . . He is having it the worst." Lumica got up and crossed her arms protectively. "Thanks for asking though, Felicity." Lumica said quietly and nodded to her.

Author:  Slezak [ Fri May 25, 2018 3:51 pm ]
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As Mikael explored the living room, he found two things:

"Th-Thirteen armchairs? What an oddly specific number. What is this place?" he asked himself. And then there was the front door, or what Mikael could only assume to be the front door; it was not much more than a solid board with a handle. He took a deep breath and muttered, "Okay, I can do this. Mother Gaia, give me strength."

He pulled open the door a couple inches and peered through the crack . . .


"W-What?" Jay's gaze flicked to Sayako, then back to Austin, then Sayako again. She woke up in a room with an extra bed? Jay recounted how he awoke in the same room as Jeremy. Like clockwork, the train of thought unfolded in his head. Sakura hadn't shown up yet either, and Jay knew how close the Origami Practitioner and Coupler were.

"Oh, like hell am I going to let this happen again, universe!" Jay declared with determination as he shot off like a bolt, bounding up the staircase to the girls' rooms, ascending two steps at a time. He almost literally threw open all the doors, looking for any trace of Sakura or Flo. The whole time, flashes of what he remembered from the previous summer invaded his thoughts. Even if it was just a virtual world and the real Sakura would be okay, there was no way he could just stand around. Even knowing these were technically different people and thus would have no memory of what he saw didn't deter him from his mission.


Hearing Jay's urgency, Jeremy picked up his pace as well, opening up all the doors to see if there was any sign of Arthur and Alfons.

Author:  Franzise Deauxnim [ Sat May 26, 2018 2:48 pm ]
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Sayako flinched slightly at Austin's outburst and shook her head as she smiled in what she hoped was a reassuring way. "Ah, n-no, it's okay. Er, well, I mean..." She floated a little higher off the ground. "Look, I can fly, and use magic, and do all sorts of amazing things here I'd never be able to do back in the real world. It's wonderful! So... things might be a little tough right now, but we can figure it out if we all work together, alright?"

She then murmured quietly to Remeku. "I... think the stress of being trapped here is getting to him. We should... probably try to be supportive and not push him too much. I think. Maybe."

And then Jay went charging up the stairs yelling something about the universe, leaving a very confused Sayako behind. "Er, uh... h-huh?" she eloquently mumbled as she flew up after him.

Author:  Blinky [ Sat May 26, 2018 6:53 pm ]
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Meanwhile, Rosalida, who was hard to see due to her small size, couldn't handle all of the noise. As such, she plugged her ears and looked around. It seemed that Austin and Remeku were both being taken care of. So that left Lumica and Isaiah both looking like they were having silent panic attacks. The school counselor couldn't be in two places at once. She decided to try comforting Isaiah first. She flew onto his shoulder and tried to set up a telepathic link so she could talk to him. But would he let her?

Isaiah flinched and looked around, a little confused. His head felt...funny. It was like someone was trying to call out to him. After a few minutes of waiting, he realized the person was in his head. He shivered and pulled his legs tighter towards him, but still accepted the link.

Author:  Lida_Rose [ Sat May 26, 2018 7:24 pm ]
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Austin shook his head violently. "No. Nononono, no, it's not okay. I couldn't save--" He stopped short of saying the name and bit his lip. As Sayako flew away, he buried his face in his hands and continued to tremble.

Cat wrapped her arms around Austin's shoulders, rested her head on his head, and talked. She wasn't paying attention to exactly what she was saying - just variations on "calm down, it's okay". It took all of her strength to keep her voice steady. She had been awake for less than half an hour and she felt exhausted. But her son needed her. The question was, what did he need her to do?

Rosalida said into the link, Hey, Isaiah. Talk to me. What are you thinking? How are you feeling?


Mikeal opened the door a couple of inches and peered through the crack. He couldn't see much this way. Just snow and a heavily overcast sky; it was impossible to even tell whether it was night or day. A soft, erratic thudding sound came from somewhere outside, but he couldn't see where from this angle.

Jay and Jeremy did not find Sakura, Flo, Alfons, or Arthur. They just found empty, made beds in identical plain rooms. Parchment labels had been tacked to the doors with shaky names written on them, some in pairs and some alone: Jay and Jeremy, Sakura and Sayako, Arthur, Flo, Alfons, Mom, Remeku, Mr. Lata, Ms. O'Connor, Gary, Isaiah, Lumica, Felicity, and Mikeal. One door was unlabeled, and the room inside was dusty with an unmade bed.


Edited to include Rosalida.

Author:  Blinky [ Sat May 26, 2018 7:50 pm ]
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Rosalida said into the link, Hey, Isaiah. Talk to me. What are you thinking? How are you feeling?

"I'm d-doing okay." Isaiah mumbles. "I'm just thinking about when we'll get out."

Author:  Slezak [ Sun May 27, 2018 1:52 am ]
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"E-Eh? S-Snow? Why is there . . . ?" Mikael muttered to himself in confusion.

Meanwhile, Jay came thundering down the stairs and almost ran into Jeremy, literally.

"What did you find!?"

"Um . . . nothing."

"That's a problem! That's a big problem! We've checked everywhere, and no sign of-" Jay caught a glimpse of the cracked-open door, and decided that's where he needed to go next.

"COMING THROUGH!" Jay shouted as he rocketed towards the door. Mikael barely had time to strafe out of the way as Jay flung the door open and sprang through it . . . immediately faceplanting.

"Aaaah! Jay, are you al-" but before Mikael could finish his question, Jay had already stood back up, shook himself off, and shot frantic glances in random directions, looking for something, anything.

Mikael had also stepped outside, taking a much calmer look around.

"Wait! It might be dangerous out there . . . Oh . . ." He put his hand on his head. But then he thought about it a bit more. Maybe things would be alright. They were stronger now, so they'd probably be able to handle what came their way, if anything did. Still, he stood near the doorway open to the outside now, which was no doubt letting in a rush of cold air.

Author:  Mujō.Samairu [ Sun May 27, 2018 3:56 am ]
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Remeku's head started to give her chills. She suddenly felt very cold and wrapped her arms around herself. "Yeah, You're right, Sayako . . ."
G O . . . O U T S I D E
Her brains stabbed her right in the heart . . . She stood up to her mind's wishes. Each step she took was more lifeless than the other, tripping over herself every three steps. Her head fell to her side, her eyes almost asleep. She walked to the door and walked outside of it. The snowy atmosphere made her feel dizzy and she wrapped herself with her hands tighter. She could hear a very faint voice calling for her, a very sad and angry call.


Kirimi looked over at his sister who creepily walked by him. He followed her behind, keeping a good distance between them. "Wow, Rem Rem! You look like Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul!" Kirimi said with a slight chuckle. He walked outside as his little sister did and a gasp escaped his lips. "Thy is so overwhelmed with light of which caresses my skin!" Kirimi said aloud with complete enthusiasm, not giving a care as to how ridiculous he looked when doing so.


Lumica looked out the door that Jay, Jeremy, Mikael, and Remeku had walked through. Her caution was high as she looked every direction with her hands in front of her. She suddenly heard a noise come from the right and she shifted her head that way. "Don't mess with me! I'm a angel with sharp finger nails! Heeeyaaaa!!!" Lumica called out as she kicked the air in front of her that contained nothing but complete emptiness.


Kishima's heart raced. What would happen if he didn't get there on time? Would he really lose his dear little sister forever? "No!" Kishima ran faster with more passion than before. He stopped when he signaled an interruption. He opened his eyes and placed his hands in front of him. They landed on some sort of barrier. It was bitterly cold, as snow fell on him like fluffy cotton. He didn't mind the cold, for he would go through anything to get his little sister back. "REMEKU! REMEKU! DEAR LITTLE SISTER, PLEASE LET YOUR SWEET VOICE ANSWER ME!" Kishima banged on the barrier with all of his force. He felt like Remeku was being held captive, making him livid in anger. His dark side had unleashed. "I WILL KILL WHOEVER PUTS A FINGER ON MY LITTLE SISTER! I DARE YOU TO EVEN TRY! I WILL BREAK YOU DOWN INTO LITTLE PIECES AND EAT YOU FOR DINNER! YOUR BLOOD WILL BE SPLATTERED ON THE GROUND YOU WILL TAKE YOUR LAST STEP ON! I SERIOUSLY DARE YOU TO TAKE AWAY SOMETHING THAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE! REMEKU IS MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! ONLY MINE!" Kishima pounded on the barrier more and more with every hit, he got more angry, and with the more anger, he felt more determined to rip something apart. Blood streamed from his left eye, falling down his face like tears. Not only he could sence his little sister's soul . . . he could sence a Lata as well . . .

Author:  Lida_Rose [ Sun May 27, 2018 4:42 am ]
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Look, said Rosalida. I'm the school counselor. You don't have to pretend to be fine for my sake. It's my job to help you. She gave Isaiah a reassuring pat where his shoulder met his neck. But for what it's worth, I think we'll get out of here soon.

Suddenly, the air was cold.

And then she heard the screaming. "Wh-what the...?"

The noise startled her, and the sheer volume made her dizzy. She covered her ears as she staggered, realizing too late that she was losing her balance. Rosalida fell off of Isaiah's shoulder, down and down in a spiral, trying to right herself but only managing a diving tailspin.


Outside, upon looking up, it was clear that snow was falling, but none of it was landing on the ground surrounding the cottage. Far above the roof, the snow seemed to twinkle a silvery color for a split second before changing course to land at a distance. The source of the thumping sound was Kishima, who seemed to be desperately striking at empty air - only for the air to shimmer silver and force his fists back. The odd snowfall was landing on Kishima and the ground behind him. The snow formed a line in front of Kishima where it abruptly changed height, two inches higher on his side of the line. His screaming was audible to the others.

Author:  DarkAgea [ Sun May 27, 2018 11:59 am ]
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Felicity smiled back at Lumica. "I'm glad you're fine! This place is better than being outside with all those monsters, don't you think?" She glanced at Austin when Lumica mentioned him. "Yeah, he's not doing well... and that's probably an understatement," she murmured in response, before shaking her head. "Anyway, there's no need to thank me."

She nodded to Sayako as the latter spoke. "I guess it's about time somebody checked up on the others, if they haven't woken by now. And nope, Matchy, I didn't have two beds in my room, but that does sound a bit weird." It was then that Austin started apologising to Sayako. Felicity bit her lip and turned away, finding herself uncomfortable listening to it. "I-I think I'm going to just walk around the place, and familiarise myself with stuff," she mumbled, walking out of the kitchen.

On entering the living room, she was greeted by loud screams from beyond the door. Quite worried, she dashed through it without a second thought, to find herself outside the cottage. Felicity looked at the others assembled there. "Uh, anybody has an idea on what's going on...?" She asked weakly.

Author:  Slezak [ Sun May 27, 2018 6:41 pm ]
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Mikael was searching the area outside when he felt a bump from behind, which sent him off balance.

"Uwah! R-Remmy?" Mikael landed in the snow seat-first, having turned to see who had bumped into him. Remeku looked quite out of it. He gazed in the direction she was looking and noticed a man quite furiously banging on some sort of . . . forcefield? And shouting about Remeku being his little sister? "Um, do you know this guy?" 'My first guess would've been psycho ex-boyfriend, but . . . then he called her his little sister. But I thought Kirimi was . . . I-I'm so confused!'

As he stood up, he realized he was feeling a bit stiff. Then he remembered that he was kind of made of water, and maybe shouldn't stay out in the cold too long. But . . . he needed to protect Remmy! . . . Or did he? He was still quite unsure.


"Who is THAAAAAAAAAAT!?" Jay shouted, slapping his cheeks with his hands. He ran towards the stranger and began to bombard him with questions. "Who are you? Did you trap us in here? Did you see anyone on your way here? What's with that blood? Are you hurt? How did you even get here? I thought the school was secure from outsiders . . ."


All this ire-filled screaming caught Jeremy's attention, and he looked out the door towards the source of the screaming. Was that . . . ? "Erm . . . Hm." He'd had to search his mind for a moment to remind himself whether or not he'd received any information about this newcomer. Did he recognize him? His thoughts were too scattered from the chaos of the situation. He'd have to reconsider it once everyone wasn't so flustered.

The loud sounds did remind Jeremy of something. Namely, that Rosalida didn't react well to them. He had to find her! But where could she be? She was talking to Isaiah before, he thought. He decided he'd start there.

Author:  Franzise Deauxnim [ Sun May 27, 2018 9:43 pm ]
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"S-so they're not here..." Sayako mumbled anxiously to herself as she headed for the exit. "Well... t-that might not be a bad thing. Maybe they managed to leave the game. Still, we should search for them. If we find the campsite again..."

Her soliloquy was abruptly cut short by the unexpected drop in temperature she felt upon leaving the cottage; she instinctively hugged herself and shivered as her eyes widened at the sight before her. "W-what...? Is someone casting a giant magic shield over the cottage? And who's that?" she wondered about the strange boy punching the barrier. "I don't recognize him. Is... he part of the game?"

Author:  Blinky [ Sun May 27, 2018 9:55 pm ]
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"R-Rosalida?" Isaiah stammered. His eyes darted around the kitchen, looking for the counselor. "Are y-you okay?"

Author:  Mujō.Samairu [ Mon May 28, 2018 1:25 am ]
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Kishima stared blankly at the boy who walked up to him from the other side. The questions he was asking seemed to flow nicely through his head and he nodded as his anger barely calmed down. "I . . . am Kishima Nana Henashoru, Ultimate Mind Reader. I am glad to notice you have not hurt my little sister . . . I did not trap you in there, for I have no idea how you even got here . . . No, I did not see anyone on the way here, but if I did, I would have killed them anyway . . . The blood from my eye? They are like my tears, of pure madness, you wouldn't understand, since you're just a normal human . . . The only place I am hurt is within my heart and that wound will forever be open . . . How did I get here? I nearly came in the school, trying to look for my little sister, and then saw a class of students like you are with headset on, to the side there was an extra one, I put it on . . . If you're school secure from 'outsiders' then you are very bad with that . . . Now, if you wouldn't mind . . ." Kishima's anger aroused again and he snarled at the boy. He banged on the barrier with more force. "GIVE ME MY LITTLE SISTER, OR I WILL DRAIN BLOOD FROM YOUR WEAK LITTLE BODY!" Kirimi stopped when he looked over at a girl with white hair, elf ears, and what seemed to be . . . scars. His eyes were wide with more determination. He put his hands to the girl's direction and slowly let it slide down the invisible wall. As blood came from his left eyes, real tears came from beneath his silvery hair of his right eye. His little sister was right there, nearly ten yards away, but a force field kept them dreadfully apart. "REMEKU! PLEASE COME HERE . . . !" Kishima fell to the ground with tears and blood streaming down his face. "Please . . . don't leave me . . . don't leave . . . d-don't . . . Please don't be my imagination . . . don't mess with my head . . . I just want my little sister back . . . Remeku . . ." Kishima put his hands on his face. "KIRIMI OMKI LATA! YOU WILL BURN IN HELL!" Kishima's head jerked up and he pounded on the barrier again with anger once more. His emotions were very mixed at the moment. He was trying to calm down at the same time being sad and angry. His little sister was something he needed to grasp, his worst enemy, part of the family who took her away, was someone he needed to kill. All of the tasks that needed to be done were making him more mad.


Remeku shook her head slowly. "I don't think I know him . . . but I really can't think about anything with this massive headache . . . Maybe if I . . ." Remeku walked to the boy who was trapped behind the barrier and looked at him sadly but with a bit of confusion. "Why are you saying that I am your little sister . . . ? I don't think I know you . . . If I do, I am terribly sorry. My big brother is Kirimi. Why do you want him to burn? What did he ever do? I hope I am not triggering you in anyway." Remeku suddenly felt a connection to the boy, like an odd bond that she couldn't quite grasp. "Remeku . . . I know this is a lot to take in . . ." The boy's voice filled her head. She gasped. "huh . . . ?" Remeku looked to the boy who had his head tilted, hand on his heart, and a calm expression on his face. "Your world is so very small . . . and it's all the Latas' fault . . ." Remeku nodded slowly. "W-wait! What? It's all the Latas' fault!? But Kirimi and I are part of the Lata fami-" "N-no! Y-you're not . . . You're part of my family . . . Remeku, you're not a Lata, you're a Henashoru, my little sister." Remeku's eyes were wide. "W-what . . . !?" Remeku went over to the barrier and hit on it lightly, seeing that if she hit it any harder, she would hurt her little hands. "What do you mean I am your little sister! When were you ever there for me when times got bad! Who even are you! I will not fall for this gibberish! Kirimi is my big brother!" Remeku's fury burst out. She wouldn't let anyone tell her what her life truly is, who her sibling is, and who she was herself. I know you don't believe me . . . but I don't have to convince you . . . the truth will soon cover you like water . . ." The boy's voice was very sad and mellow, like he had given up on what he was trying to accomplish. Remeku backed away from the boy and ran behind Mikael with shivers going down her spine. "M-Mikey! I'm scared . . . I hope you don't mind me hiding behind you . . . It's just that I feel more safe with you near . . ." Remeku's voice was shaky and quiet but loud enough for Mikael to hear her. She wrapped her arms tightly around Mikael in udder fear, not thinking about what she was doing.


Kirimi looked over to Remeku, who was hiding behind Mikael, frightened by the boy behind the barrier. He short a death look to the outsider. He speed walked over to him with a serious death look on his face.

"How dare you tell my little sister lies!" Kirimi hollered.

"I'm her big brother . . . and they are true facts in which you have to understand."

"Nonsense! You being her big brother is like water being thicker than blood! You really think I am going to let you talk to my little sister about fictional facts when I don't even know you!? What is this about my family being the reason her world is so small!? What is this that I am going to be burning in hell from your hands!? Why were you yelling at my friend for simply asking question that are reasonable for someone we have never seen before!?" Kirimi punched the force field. "This wall will not stop me from killing you!".

"You think your tough . . . Are you closely connected with Remeku?" Kishima grinned a little.

"Look . . . I am a teacher here, and if you think you're going to try and start some chaos around here, then you are wrong. If you want to yell at my students and try and rip my family apart then I will happily show you what happens when doing so . . ." Kirimi glared at the boy who was unconvinced, sitting on the ground with a proper posture.

"I understand you don't trust me . . . but I just want to ask you . . ." Kishima looked up at Kirimi with a pleading face. "What happened to Remeku throughout the years . . . ?"

Kirimi looked at the boy in shock. It seemed that he had gone through a lot just to get here. Kirimi thought that he would be mad with what had been happening but he suddenly felt reassuring to him. He looked down. "Oh . . . You're mad at me because you think I haven't been a good brother . . . She hasn't been having it well, I'll tell you that." Kirimi said in a plain voice.

"I know you hate me for saying that I am her brother . . . but weather you believe me or not, I am telling the truth. Do you ever wonder why you're parents don't acknowledge Remeku?"

Kirimi put a hand over his mouth. The boy was right. Why did his parents not pay attention to Remeku. That's mainly what made her so depressed . . . Kirimi walked slowly to Jeremy. "Mr. Slezak, sir, do you know how this barrier could possibly be taken down? I don't think this boy is any threat." Kirimi said as he took a quick glance at Remeku. "Who are you, really . . . Rem Rem . . . ?".


Lumica looked over at Remeku hiding behind Mikael and frowned. "If only I could be a good friend for Remeku . . . All of these stories that she tells me about her life, they all seem so bad. She has been having it bad for a while and I can't think about anything I can do. I thought fighting those werewolves would show that I'm not useless, but I guess I was wrong. Remeku is truly a wonder to me, and probably to a lot of other people as well. Do I really know her . . . for who she really is? I never talk about it a lot . . . but I knew her very well in kindergarten, along with Mikael. We use to hang out in a small group, playing with our imaginations . . . being absolutely innocent. If only I was always with them . . . sometimes I would play with my other friends, but Mikael and Remeku were always together, for the simple fact that Remeku had no one else. But then stuff happened. When I was five years old, my father got terribly sick and soon died. The loss of my father sent me and my mother into dread for a while. But, I soon realized that it is good to use the past to encourage you to move forward. I used the pain that I got from losing my father into strength for incoming tasks of the future. Because I had Mikael and Remeku, I had strength to have smile on my face and mean it. Then . . . Mikael went through something and they had to move away, making Remeku sad. I was her shoulder to cry on for the month that continued afterword. I couldn’t possibly know how much pain she was in, because I wasn’t as close to Mikael as she was. She started to play with sharp things . . . I had to be transferred to a new school because mother couldn’t stand being in the same house that she was once with the person she first fell in love with. I couldn’t imagine what happened to Remeku after that . . . she had no one. Everyone in that school didn’t like her, for how smart she was, for how weird she was, for how kind, warm hearted, and loving she was . . . I guess that school didn’t want any real people to be there. In high school, I saw Remeku again, which set me off. She wasn’t having it well at all, she still had her Lata table that she did in kindergarten. In kindergarten, kids called the Lata table a table for geeks and people with cooties . . . Remeku was the one that was dreadfully put there. Now in highschool, it was the table for outcasts and losers that need a life . . . Despite what they called the table, I still sat there, to be with my best friend that needed me . . . I didn’t care about the people who thought I needed to be at a different table because I was someone else, I just wanted to be with Remeku, even if it was only one time. Then when high school was over for us, we had to go our separate ways . . . I became a singer, and she continued her love for science. But, knowing the calling of the universe, we were brought together once more, at an anime convention. She was dressed up as InuYasha, and I was Princess Mononoke. She ran into me face first and I was sent back, she didn’t realize it was me until I talked about it when we saw each other again here at Hope’s Peak Academy . . . it really is hard, when someone like Remeku is alone for certain reason she doesn’t understand. She never got to know why me or Mikael had to go . . . she only knew that she would be alone. Her big brother was always working, saw that was another person of the list. Isolation is something I could never imagine. the thing is . . . I have feelings for Remeku . . . Even though I know she loves Mikael, I will always love her with all my heart can carry . . . Even if tears will stream down my face, I will still smile, because I just want Remeku to be happy, and if that means her being with someone other than me, then I will gladly let the universe make it's calling . . . I will always love you, La La . . . Nothing can take La La and Lu Lu apart.” Lumica wiped the tears that had been going down her face. Too much has happened, and sadly, there was still a lot more to come.

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The telepathic link broke as Rosalida fell, but not before her panicked scream made it to Isaiah's mind. The horrible shouting stopped as abruptly as it had begun, and she was able to gain her bearings and start propelling herself upward, arms covering her head as the ground came rapidly closer. She couldn't avoid crash-landing, but at least she slowed down her fall somewhat. She landed at an angle, with a harsh impact on her arm, and was sent tumbling. With a sharp breath, she stood up and tried to walk. Her legs felt bruised and shaky, but not seriously hurt. Rosalida staggered toward the table, hoping to get under it so no one would step on her by mistake. She made it halfway before the ear-splitting shouting resumed. Dizzy and rattled, she dropped to the floor and curled up in a ball, covering her ears and crying out, "Make it stop!"

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Remeku backed away from the boy and ran behind Mikael with shivers going down her spine. "M-Mikey! I'm scared . . . I hope you don't mind me hiding behind you . . . It's just that I feel more safe with you near . . ." Remeku's voice was shaky and quiet but loud enough for Mikael to hear her. She wrapped her arms tightly around Mikael in udder fear, not thinking about what she was doing.

"Remmy, I . . ." He could already feel the stiffness reversing as he warmed up from Remeku's horror-fueled embrace causing both embarrassment and . . . well, certain feelings, to surface. The boy scared him for sure, but as a voice actor he was good at feigning calmness. He tried to be as comforting as he could as he said, "Thank you, Remmy. A-As your sidekick, I'll d-do my best to keep you f-from harm. B-But I mean, Professor Slezak told us we have nothing to worry about if it's another player . . . r-right?" Mikael was still trying to process the one-sided conversation he'd overheard Remeku having with, no doubt, who was on the other side of the barrier.

Yume~Kokoro, Mikael's familiar, had shown itself again and flown a few feet in front of Mikael. It would be staring daggers at the strange boy if its facial expression could change. It shone with brilliance. The rest Mikael had taken had restored its magical energy.

Mikael then noticed Lumica looking rather wistful, seeming to have been lost in thought for several moments now. "U-Um, Lumica, is everything o-okay? You seem rather d-d-distraught about things, if y-you d-don't m-mind me s-saying." There was a certain aura coming from her which made him feel nervous all of a sudden.


"Okay, um, first of all, nice to meet you, Kishima. Second, of course we would not hurt, um . . . your little sister?" He looked back toward Remeku, who had made herself scarce by hiding behind Mikael. "There is no PVP here--not like we'd ever hurt her, of course. Third, um, we're missing a few friends from our group, so I would have been really miffed if you'd tried to kill them--even though you can't. And 'normal human'? Perhaps you shouldn't judge someone you just met! Also, my brother would not let anyone in willy-nilly, so he must be expecting you."

Jay held his hand out and touched a random spot on the barrier. After feeling the intense energy resisting his touch, he pulled back his hand. "Finally, as soon-to-be Co-Director of this branch of Hope's Peak Academy, it's my job to help keep the peace around here. Threats against the well-being of any of the people here are not appreciated and will be taken seriously. Now please, let us sort out this barrier issue and we can talk this out peacefully and rationally, alright?" Jay tried his best to give a reassuring smile, despite how stern he just was.

'This guy . . . he seems important. In all my lives, I haven't come into contact with many people with such a strong presence as this one. W-What should I do? If only I still had that telepathic link with my brother from way back when we were last in a Virtual World like this . . .' Jay was deep in thought, having stepped away from Kishima to collect his thoughts. 'You're in my head. I know you are. You can read these words like text on a screen. I, um, hope you like the color I chose.'

Jay also noticed Felicity and Sayako and really wished he was capable of answering their questions. "We need to comfort Austin. That's the only way we'll be able to learn what's going on, I think," he suggested. He was also indirectly implying that maybe it'd be better if they went back inside and closed the door, because they did look rather cold, and leaving the door wide open was no doubt running up the heating bill.


Jeremy hurried over to where Isaiah was. "You . . . You did not even attempt to catch her, Isaiah? How could--" His rant was quickly cut off by noticing Rosalida curled up in a ball next to a nearby table. He knelt down and scooped up the fairy in his hand. It didn't take long to notice the shape she was in. He held the poor thing close to his face, which would no doubt have blushed had it not already been red with anger. In a regretful whisper, Jeremy said, "Lida, I am sorry. I wish there was more I could do." He closed his eyes and prepared to accept the telepathic link he assumed would come. As the shouting started again, Jeremy could swear he heard a pained scream, but was unable to understand what it said.

"Mr. Slezak, sir, do you know how this barrier could possibly be taken down? I don't think this boy is any threat."

Jeremy's eyes snapped open as Kirimi's words broke his wandering train of thought. He performed the move he'd become accustomed to recently; he set Rosalida down with finesse into his belt pack and flipped the flap back over the opening.

After a nervous cough, Jeremy finally responded to Kirimi, "Hmhmhm. I assure you Kirimi, if I knew how to lower the barrier, I would gladly do so. However, I can think of but one person who would be able to assist us in this matter, and he is currently . . . indisposed." He looked toward Austin, who was still unmistakably beside himself, being comforted by a quickly-withering Cat.

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"I'm not sure..." Sayako frowned. "I mean, certainly it would be good to help Zimmern-kun, but I'm not sure what else I can do about that. I think we should at least try to get out of here without having to rely on burdening him with more responsibility."

She looked at the barrier surrounding the cottage again and hummed to herself. "Maybe if I overlap my Shield spell with a section of the forcefield, they'll cancel each other out?" She opened her spellbook and gave it a try.

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Kishima’s eye twitched. ”Nice to meet you as well, Jay Slezak, Ultimate Wordsmith. Maybe if you were a wordsmith, you would actually use it to your advantage . . . It’s only right that I question anyone who is within eye contact with my little sister because I have never seen you before . . . Therefore, I would only assume that you guys would have hurt her, considering the scars on her arms. If I were to kill anyone here, they would just simply be logged out, correct? So even if I did kill Sakura Himawari . . . She would still be fine, but who am I to even touch a girl? I am not rude, I know not to cause harm to any females!” Kishima looked away, embarrassed. ”But, you are a human, isn’t that what you were born as? Am I wrong? Oh, my bad, you’re probably something even weaker than a human, let’s say . . . a rat. That is who you are, and judge me all you please, I have no interest in taking your insults to heart. On my way here, I told myself that no matter how much chaos I started, I would leave with my little sister. Remeku is my blood, I wouldn’t travel this far, for fifteen long years just to find a teenaged girl if she were not important to me. She isn’t you, so if you would, please stop looking at me, you’re eyes are almost pleasing if they were in a jar . . .” Kishima smirked as he slowly read through what Jay was thinking. ”I guess I am important, huh . . . ? I do have a strong presents, you know why? Because unlike you, being a weak human, I am not a human, and I shall never be. I am a demon you could say. I am something that doesn’t contain human flesh . . . Remeku does though . . . She is, let’s say, a half demon. Like my mother. She is both human and non human. The reason you cannot feel her aura is because Kirimi’s family hid her with her own potion . . . known as the forever human potion. She is not just a human . . . So I was not threatening Kirimi simply because he had been Remeku big brother her whole life, it’s because his last name is Lata, and to my family, that is a name that stands for evil and trickery. Why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to understand that Remeku is my little sister, and you can’t prove me wrong now can you? What should you do . . . ? Kyahahaha . . . Well I always say to stay calm and think of nothing but positivity, but why should I give advice to you . . . !? Of course I can read your thoughts . . . and that’s a cute little crush you have there . . . Kyahahaha!” Kishima covered his mouth with his hands, trying to keep away a laugh. The blood that was draining from his eyes sank back into his skin like it was absorbed. He nearly wiped his tears from his other eye. He pushed his white hair out of the way revealing his blue eye that gleamed with more of a settle and happy feeling. ”Sorry for all of the trouble that has been going on, but you have to understand that this is just a Virtual World, so if you die, you just get logged out. I am also sorry for scaring anyone, and I promise that it will not happen again. He was truly sincere as smiled happily at Jay. He felt mad at himself, being two faced. He should always act kindly but his dark side contains how much he is hurting inside and it releases, putting it out on others. This wouldn’t happen if just had his little sister in the first place . . . but it had to come to this, chaos was being clouded together like a storm was getting ready to occure. Most of this storm was cast because of him. Kishima said in a whisper scream. He then looked back to Jay. ”Just give me Remeku and I will happily leave you all be. Kishima smiled and closed his eyes. He knew it wouldn’t be so easy to get Remeku back, but he would do his best. If they all say no, they are only going to cause more chaos.


Remeku released Mikael and nervously stood up and brushed herself off. ”I . . . I . . . I’m sorry, Mikey~Senpai- o-oh! I m-mean, uh . . . Mehehe . . . I um . . . SORRY, MIKEY~SENPAI! I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON! Remeku’s voice was different now. More calmer, even when she was in stress. She looked away from Mikael in embarrassment. Remeku closed her eyes and tried to see if she could connect with the boy. It seemed he was able to do that to her, so why wouldn’t she not be able to do it? She focused really hard on Kishima’s strong aura and grasped it tightly.

”I see . . . I believe you now . . .” Remeku whispered.

”I know you do . . . you just didn’t know it quite yet.” Kishima’s voice echoed like a cave of sound.

”Can I still see Kirimi as a brother . . . ?” Remeku nodded as she began to suddenly remember things as she talked to Kishima.

”Of course you can . . .”

”Mother and father are going to be happy again . . .”

”You have a good memory, don’t you? You can complete any potion in the world . . . you can perform any magical spell in the world . . .” Kishima said with a joyful tone.

”I can . . . ? I can! But I don’t know how . . .”

”Yes you do . . .”

"I do . . .”

Remeku took awhile to process all of her emotions. She was a half blood? Kirimi wasn’t her big brother? She was a master with any type of potion? Any spell? Remeku let go of the link from Kishima and stood there, unable to move. Yeah. It seemed so clear now . . . ”My father tried to destroy a source of evil, to keep it from corrupting the area, and when he thought he saw it, he threw a large amount of energy towards it, but he accidently hit Kirimi’s house. They all survived, but not in the best mood. They declared that one day they would get revenge for what had happened. A couple years later, the Lata family found out about me being born and decided they would capture me. Take me away for their vengeance. I was given a new identity, and they told me that if I were to ever go back to my original form, there would be consequences. I lived my life with no one to look up to. The Lata family didn’t love me, they just want to get revenge on my family . . .” Remeku bit her lip. Anger started to boil up inside of her as everything came into her head like it was shoved in with a ton of force. ”We have to break the barrier . . .” Remeku took out a bunch of her science equipment and sat down. She looked at a potion from her spell book and nodded. The ingredients to the potion were complicated but Remeku did it quickly in no more than ten minutes.
”Exploding PollyJuice Potion”
½ cup wolfsbane
Squirt worm guts
4 drops dragon blood
3 tbspn dream fluid

1. Put a pinch of Gillyweed.
2. Add 2 pieces of Mandrake Root.
3. Pour in 1 cup of Basilisk Venom.
4. Add 2 drops of dragon blood.
5. Stir in 2 shakes of unicorn horn powder.
6. Add 7 eyeballs from a blind cat.
7. Add 1 scoop of bat dung.
8. Stir the potion 3 times, then shake it once.
9. Add a squirt of wom guts.
10. Add 1 scoop of crushed dragon bones then say, “Veritaserum”

Remeku mixed the ingredients together carefully and did what the directions told her to do. It started to sizzle like it was ready to explode already. She threw it at the barrier. ”Veritaserum!” Remeku yelled as the potion splashed against the invisible wall. The barrier flickered a couple times and then blasted back at Remeku, witch sent her flying. She hit the ground hard and instantly fell unconscious. This barrier seemed almost impossible to take down. If she couldn’t do it, then how in the world would Austin know how to do it? She closed her eyes and darkness consumed her like water . . . like . . . water . . .


”Rem Rem!” Kirimi called out as he ran over to Remeku who was sent back from the barrier’s resistance. Her skin was pale, not like it has never been pale before. Kirimi shook her a couple times to wake her up, but she was lifeless, like a rag doll. He looked at the potion she tried to make and sighed. ”You sure do like assuming without reading, huh Rem Rem . . . ?” On the back of the page there was a line of wording that said, "Veritaserum is a truth serum that forces the host to tell the truth, regarding how much they resist." Kirimi gently closed the book and put it back into Remeku’s science bag, along with all the other things she had pulled out to make the potion. He put the bag over his shoulders and picked Remeku up, and took her back into the cottage. ”I promised you something, and yet you make it so hard to keep it. I guess it’s better than having someone as scary as Kishima being my little brother!” Kirimi shivered and then set Remeku against the wall across from Austin. He looked over at the frightened boy and frowned. ”Don’t worry Austin . . . Now you have a friend!” Kirimi instantly regretted what he said shook his head, feeling utterly stupid. ”Forget what I said . . Just stay calm, Austin. We’ll figure out something soon . . . We’ll get outta here and you won’t have to feel scared no more! I am here to protect you, got it?” Kirimi put a thumbs up and smiled. He looked over at Cat and smiled with a bit of concern. ”Everything is going to be a’ okay! We just have to keep are hopes held high and are worries really low! If we all keep a smile on our faces, then there will still be smiles in the future! We only live life once so we have to make it happy and never give up on what is truly right!” Kirimi clapped his hands together and smiled bigger. He took one more glance at Remeku, who was curled up in a ball, knocked out cold. He smiled warmly and walked out of the cottage. Kirimi ran up to Kishima and went to his knees dramatically.

”Please connect to Remeku telepathically! I’m begging youuuuuuuuu!” Kirimi fell down and got back up and started to cry sarcastically. He didn’t care if he was being a certain annoyance to Kishima, it’s not like he even cared that he sounded like a broken kazoo.

”There . . . may . . . b-be . . . a little p-p-problem . . . nnn.” Kishima held his head in his hands, them quaking as he tried to hold them up. His took a hand full of his hair and lightly pulled on it.

”What . . . are you doing?” Kirimi tilted his head in confusion as he stood up from his awkward and uncomfortable position. ”Is everything okay . . . ?”

”You . . . wouldn’t . . . understand . . . what . . . i-it’s like . . . to have such a painful p-p-p . . . power . . .” Kishima looked out of it. Like he was drained of every bit of energy he had.

”I thought being the ultimate mind reader . . . you wouldn’t have problems with your power . . .” Kirimi scratched his head.

”I . . . never . . . wanted . . . to . . . h-have . . . t-t-t-this . . . s-s-stupid . . . p-p-p-pow . . . power . . .” Kishima dug his sharp nails into his scalp with so much pressure, that blood dripped from the tips of his hair. His white hair began to fade red. Kishima grunted in agonizing pain.

”Hay what are you doing!?” Kirimi banged on the barrier, feeling like he should stop the boy from hurting himself any further.

”It’s . . . so . . . hard . . . w-when . . . sometimes . . . y-you f-feel that . . . y-you’re own . . . p-p-power takes . . . full . . . c-c-control . . . o-of . . . ngh! You . . .”
Before Kirimi could react, Kishima collapsed to the ground in a sort of fital position like Remeku did. It did kind of made sense that they were siblings, now that Kirimi thought about it. Kirimi looked down. Of course it made sense. Remeku deserved to know the truth. To be honest, if Kirimi knew himself, he would have told Remeku a long time ago. He would never have let her live a lie. This just showed how he didn’t deserve Remeku at all . . . He pushed his glasses up to his face and sighed. All that has happened, Austin, the barrier, Kishima, Remeku ‘Henashoru’!?!?! He wanted to kick a tree, eat dirt, maybe punch a wall until his knuckles bleed. His parents were heartless thieves . . . they didn’t give mercy to anyone. Even when that someone didn’t do anything wrong. Kirimi did have to thank the circumstances though . . . because it brought Remeku to him. It gave him the chance to meet someone as sweet and funny as little Remeku. Maybe her being in his life will be a reminder to him in the future that life is a beautiful thing . . . and the people that he would meet, are even more beautiful.


Lumica’s face was red from tension. Her heart was like a mirror, if you touch it, it’s okay . . . but if you hit it, it breaks . . . If you look in it, it reflects your actions. Don’t look to deep, or it will reveal who you truly are. Who Lumica truly was, was someone who kept all the pain inside, and never let it show. No matter how much she missed her father, she wouldn’t never let it show. No matter how she wanted things, she would never complain. No matter how much she loved Remeku, she would never tell. Lumica looked over atr Mikael with a frown. ”I . . . I’m fine . . . it’s okay, I don’t mind . . .” Lumica looked down at her feet. She felt weird around Mikael, because she knew that this boy, was the one Remeku was truly in love with. Lumica just wanted her to be happy. Whatever it takes . . . what . . . ever . . . it . . . takes. Lumica gripped her shirt. She needed to get away from Mikael before she accidentally said something. She cared about Mikael, knowing that he was a childhood friend, but she just couldn’t. Maybe when Mikael got his memories back, they could discuss things. Lumica looked at Mikael and gave a little smile before she ran into the cottage. She looked over at Remeku, who was unconscious. ”I was so deep in thought, I don’t think I noticed what has been happening . . .” Lumica didn’t question why Remeku was out cold, she just slowly sat next to her. Maybe it wasn’t so bad that Remeku loved someone else . . . at least Lumica could be with her, even if this would be the last time, she would treat it like eternity. Remeku, despite how rough her life is, she always seems to light up the room that Lumica would be in. Any night, would shine from her presents. Any shadow, would disappear at her entrance. Any frown would turn to a smile when she laughs. Maybe someday, she would learn to actually speak up and tell Remeku how she felt, but honestly, it was too late, Remeku would soon find the courage and tell Mikael how she felt and it would all be over. Lumica’s world would go back to the dark, her shadow would grow, and her frown would stay there for as long as she felt any feeling. Then . . . someday . . . she would not feel anymore . . . and the feelings she once had would be her past humanity . . . when she actually had one. Her soul would become a story . . . told during people’s funerals. Lumica laid her head on Remeku’s shoulder and cried. Someday . . . not only would she lose her best friend, she would lose herself.

Author:  Franzise Deauxnim [ Wed May 30, 2018 2:38 pm ]
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"Do you think threatening to hurt people is funny?" Sayako snapped angrily at the jerk on the other side of the barrier. "Did you do something to Sakura or not?"

Author:  DarkAgea [ Wed May 30, 2018 2:56 pm ]
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Felicity hadn't caught Jay's implication at all, and instead walked closer towards the force field. Sure, it was cold - half-sleeves in winter was not a good idea, and folding her hands tightly against herself didn't help much there - but no way was she going back in when that weird guy was there. The guy who had just shouted death threats, and admitted he would pretty much kill anybody who got in his way.

"Why you..." Felicity muttered under her breath, trying to keep herself in check as Kishima acted aggressive towards pretty much everybody. However, her restrain was broken when Kishima continued to insult Jay even though the latter was being friendly.

"Like Jay said, maybe you'd want to wait till you actually know a person for a bit before you speak like you're aware of everything about them? You're not some kinda omniscient higher power, so please stop acting like you are. Jay has been trying to use his words to his advantage; it's just too sad that his diplomacy is wasted on your arrogant arse. And how far ago has it been since you saw your sister, again? Because apparently you're sooo concerned for her that you'll question anyone you've never seen with her, but you yourself said you've been searching for her for a decade. So what would you know about the people she interacts with, Mister High-and-Mighty?"

Felicity stopped to take in a deep breath, clenching her fists tightly enough that her nails were probably cutting into her skin. "Do you have any kind of morality? You better not have touched any of our classmates. Maybe they'll just be logged out, but dying is not a fun experience and you're horrible for thinking it's alright because it's here. By the way, are you selectively deaf to yourself? That's the only way I can see you saying something like "I'm not rude" without lying through your teeth. And even if Jay's a rat, it's leagues better than being something like you, that's for sure. Also, you'd be pleasing to me if you were six feet under, but wishes remain wishes, don't they?" Her tone remained sweet throughout, but her eyes showed exactly how much goodwill Felicity was feeling towards him.

She completely ignored his spiel about demons, pretty sure it was just him being crazy again, and turned to Jay, only slightly embarrassed. "Um, you probably didn't want me butting in like that, but I couldn't not say anything. It feels a bit cathartic, really, but yeah. You can go on. I promise I won't do that again... as long as he's polite."

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Sayako's magic met resistance against the dome, as if she were trying to force two repelling magnets to touch. Her barrier made a sound like crackling electricity as it shattered. The force propelled her backward, off of her feet and into the snow.


Some time after the screaming and explosion outside had stopped, Rosalida gradually relaxed and looked around. She was surrounded by darkness and a leathery scent, and there was a handkerchief under her. "Oh," she said. "Jeremy's belt pouch. So he came to my rescue again, huh?" Frustration at herself and gratitude towards Jeremy washed over her.

Well, she couldn't be helpful sitting around in here waiting to see if the noise would come back. She flew out of the belt pouch, patted his cheek (wishing she had a better thank-you than that), perched on his shoulder, and initiated a link. Jeremyyy! Thanks again for saving me! I really owe you one. She paused as she noticed the stress in his facial expression. Hey, are you alright? I mean, I know things have been pretty hectic around here . . . and speaking of which, I must have missed a lot. Could you please fill me in?


Austin had seemed to calm down, bit by bit, but had not moved from his spot in the corner. When he noticed an unconscious Remeku across from him, he recoiled. "No, no, no, no," he muttered. He shifted so that he was no longer looking at her, eyes only seeing the corner, and covered his ears and kept muttering. "No, no, no . . ."


"Everything is going to be A-OK. We just have to keep our hopes held high and our worries really low. If we all keep a smile on our faces, then there will still be smiles in the future. We only live life once, so we have to make it happy and never give up on what is truly right."

Cat glared daggers at Kirimi as he spoke. The temperature in the room was colder, and not just because the door had been opened. "Everything is going to be A-OK!?" she spat. "Are you serious? Look at my son. He's traumatized. You don't even know what he's going through. I don't even know what he's going through. And you think we can just smile and it will all go away? Well, guess what? That's not how the world works. You acknowledge what the problem is, and you do something about it. You don't just pretend that it'll get better if you plug your ears and close your eyes and sing songs about unicorns and rainbows!" She shook with anger, and her gaze dropped to Remeku. Her voice dropped a few pitches. "Why don't you actually help and take care of Remeku? You can start by taking her into one of the many rooms in here with an actual bed. It's better than dumping her on the floor and then smiling about it."

She stood still, trembling hands balled into fists at her sides, until Kirimi left. She closed her eyes and reminded herself to take deep breaths.

She opened her eyes to the sight of Lumica crying onto Remeku, and Cat's expression softened. She reached for the girl, hesitated, then gently placed her hand on Lumica's shoulder. "Hey," she said. "I'm . . . I can't promise that everything's going to be okay. I wish I could. But, I . . . " she bit her lip as she considered her phrasing. "I think that you've been trying to be strong for everyone else for so long. And you are. You're so brave. But maybe you're forgetting to take care of yourself. Stop and take a breath and, and let someone else be strong for you sometimes." She withdrew her hand and sighed, raking her hand through her hair. "Anyway. I hope you know that I'm here for you if you need me. And . . . I think Remeku should be in a bed, don't you? What do you say we move her?"

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"Oh! W-Well, um . . ." Jay gulped, trying to collect his thoughts for a response. And then Felicity stepped in. It was creepy how calm she seemed to sound, the dissonance of her words to her tone no doubt unsettling to anyone who didn't know her as well as Jay did. Her comebacks were making even him uneasy, but of course more in an 'I'm glad I'm not the one on her bad side' kind of way.

When she was done, Jay grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze. He then responded to her concerns. "I understand, really. Thank you though. Y-You said a lot of things I'd never dare to say myself. Not because I don't think he deserves them--though I still wonder if it's right for us to judge who 'deserves' them--but because I . . . well, I still wanted to give him a chance." He sighed as he turned back to the one still stuck behind the barrier.

"B-But . . . it's getting really freaking hard, you know?" Jay's voice finally broke. Kishima's words did sting. A lot. A few tears pricked Jay's eyes as he was barely able to hold himself together. "We . . . We all have our struggles. Our hardships. I've tried to be the reasonable one. I never did anything to you. I have friends on the inside of this barrier, you see? You're all alone out there! And even if this barrier did suddenly come down, I doubt one of you could take on at least a dozen of us.

Let me ask you: Has it been worth it? Has all the discord, strife, and vitriol you've wrought over the years really made up for finally finding the one you say you lost years ago? I mean c'mon. If you can read minds, surely you've read her mind and seen where the scars actually came from? Why would you need to distrust us? If we'd really done something evil, you would've been able to tell right away. But we haven't. Knowing that, you still think threats and name-calling is going to bring any of us to your side?

I'm afraid you've let the darkness consume you too much. As a result, I cannot allow you to take your sister back under these conditions. Even if you try your little hypnosis trick again, hope will find a way! It's-It's not like any of my words will reach you anyway. You've already said how you think of me. So . . . I'm just . . . gonna go."

Jay glanced at Remeku, a pained expression on his face as the tears welled up more. He'd never been this untrusting of someone before, and it hurt to be, but what hurt even more is seeing someone who'd been through so much being manipulated so easily. How could he know if Kishima was really telling the truth? Part of Jay felt like if Kishima wanted to, he could control Remeku and do some damage from the inside. He hated that feeling. It wasn't like him to be cynical.

Jay then looked at his other friends nearby. Sayako . . . she should never have to feel the loss like Sakura had felt-no, no, not this Sakura. This Sakura and Sayako had no traumatic past--that he was aware of at least.
Mikael . . . how was he taking all of this? It seemed Remeku meant a lot to him, despite only knowing her for a day and a half.
And what about Flo, Arthur, and Alfons? What even happened to them?


Jeremy thought he might have to try to find a more quiet place so that Rosalida could recover and they could talk without distractions. Luckily, the noise quieted down and Jeremy didn't have to wait long for the tiny fairy to respond.

She flew out of the belt pouch, patted his cheek (wishing she had a better thank-you than that), perched on his shoulder, and initiated a link. Jeremyyy! Thanks again for saving me! I really owe you one. She paused as she noticed the stress in his facial expression. Hey, are you alright? I mean, I know things have been pretty hectic around here . . . and speaking of which, I must have missed a lot. Could you please fill me in?

Jeremy took a deep breath. 'A-Ah, well . . . it is nothing. Anyway . . .' he began to explain the events that had transpired since they had woken up, making sure to carefully leave out the part about the person on the outside of the barrier being a mean jerk to his brother and everyone in the area. He did say that was who was doing the screaming, but he chalked it up to the guy being afraid and wanting a safe haven.

'Now Lida, since you are up to speed, I need your advice. Austin is--pardon the non-technical term--delirious.' He recounted the exact things Austin had said, hoping the counselor would have some ideas on how to talk him down and what they could do about their current situation. He did decide to separate himself from the hubbub for a while though, attempting to dust off one of the armchairs and then sit in it. He really wished he had his laptop or something. Without that, his idle hands might get fidgety. He tried to minimize that risk by clasping his hands together.


"Wh--h-huh?" Mikael stammered as Remeku's voice, along with her entire mannerisms in fact, had changed. He thought only he was good at doing that.

"A-Ah . . . g-getting into character, I s-see?" Mikael asked weakly. "O-Or, um . . . oh, crap, this must be . . . th-this must be a lot for you to take in . . . U-U-Um, I g-guess . . ." He really wasn't sure what to say, let alone do, in this situation. He observed Remeku's poring over her science equipment, working hard on the potion she was making. At some point as he was spectating, he realized quite suddenly that it was becoming more and more difficult to move. He found it somewhat painful to even take a step. He shivered violently as frosty white specks had begun to appear around the surface of his form. "S-S-S-So . . . c-c-c-c-cold . . . I-I m-m-m-must . . . g-g-get in-ins-s-side . . ." He took one incredibly shaky step towards the cottage. Then another, and then a third. "P-Please . . ." Mikael's call was barely-audible, and he didn't even know what to ask for. But he needed to get out of the cold somehow. Why, if his best friend was so close by, did he suddenly feel so alone?

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