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Re: Teach me how to Roleplay pleaseTopic%20Title
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As she sat at the table, she broke her gaze from the window, her hand subconsciously fiddling in her pocket. When it withdrew, the jingle of a gold chain sounded, a locket connected to it. She hadn't opened it in some time, not since the day she accidentally stepped on it during an attack near a playground. Of course she felt guilt still, even though the perpetrator had been tried already. That case may have passed, but what if the evidence was....

No. We had plenty of evidence to convict her of the other murders, and assaulting me. I still had those death threats she sent me...

The case the ordeal stemmed from was sixteen years prior, but even then Yuuka considered that woman's conviction as for her parents' deaths moreso than the bad as that may have seemed. She didn't know the circumstances or motives for the others, nor did she wish to know.

If that case has to be tried again and they release her....It'll give her more reason to come after me.

She gripped the locket, hesitating before sliding her fingernail beneath the clasp, lifting it up and to the left; Her stepping on it had slightly bent the clasp mechanism. And in looking at her parents' pictures, she felt suddenly...melancholy.

"None of it would have happened if I had done something then..."

She knew her vision was slightly blurred, and so she closed the locket as a trickle of emotion slid down her cheek and hit the table below.
Re: Teach me how to Roleplay pleaseTopic%20Title
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I'm back and no one cares!

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Wellington sighed"aw man so this channler can't be used by us...oh well I'll just have to perpair for my next trail without one."he set a drink at one of the tables when he saw the Yuuka wasn't looking very great,worried and not liking when people are feeling bad sence it made him feel bad he would check on her now just to cheer up the place."Hey you feeling alright Yuuka you don't seem to look you want me to drop you off at your house or something?"Wellington didn't know why he said this but he just wanted everyone to feel better.
what do i is called rollplaying, i really don't think i am richard.
Re: Teach me how to Roleplay pleaseTopic%20Title

Umm hi?

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Crilly went outside to go to the ally and opened up a pack a cigarettes put it in his mouth lit it up and whispered " idiots"

(Yes Crilly does smoke but not in public and my char is older then me)
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Re: Teach me how to Roleplay pleaseTopic%20Title

Likes to think he is extremely clever

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"aaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" *SMASH!*

Lockblade looks up from the new crater in the floor and sees the stares from the other occupants.

"Ummmmm..." he says, looking around. "Oops?"
Re: Teach me how to Roleplay pleaseTopic%20Title

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( May I?)

* Crack*

The door echoed

" Foolish fool:" she muttered to herself tossing her head back and glaring at the idiot.

" Didn't you hear; we have no time to be fooling around with this foolish idea. Fool."

* Crack!*

" Get me a cup of tea and none of that watery rubbish fool. "

Pulling up a chair sinking down onto it.

Glaring at all around her:

" What's your problem fools?"

a sneer crossed her face, two sharp cracks of the whip against the table.
" NOW!"

The grip tightened around her whip she let out a long sigh.
" That foolish fool of a foolish detective,"

Glancing around:

" Get me a cup of tea now a head prosecutor should not have wait this long fools!"

* Crack*

Feeling the satisfying snap back of her trusting friend. Her cynical smile re-appeared..
Knowing the world was indeed full of ' foolish fool!'.
Glaring around once more: where was her tea? This was supposed to be quick.

" Fools: FOOLS!!!!"


The sound echoed and she sank back down in her chair irritable the chair slid back and her heels echoed.
up and down why was it taking so Long?

( Hey there you go who's going to deal with her today?)
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