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Re: Danganronpa F1 - Chapter 6 Class TrialTopic%20Title
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"So Flo, you were willing to sacrifice yourself... for us? Th-that is a debt I can never repay," Jay stated, holding his hands to his heart, "But... what gives? You're here, and Arthur's not. I... wonder what changed, and when." When Flo brought up the screen with the password input, Jay's eyes lit up immediately.

"Password! Password! Password! Sakura tried something earlier! Yes this must be it! Try 'SUNFLOWER'. Fun fact, the word is what Sakura's last name means, but look: it also contains 'Flo'. How fitting!"
Thank you for reading. I hope you have a wonderful day.
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Re: Danganronpa F1 - Chapter 6 Class TrialTopic%20Title
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"Well, Big Brother?" Monomi looked...oddly fierce. "What do you have to say? My students deserve an answer!"

Monokuma didn't answer her. For the first time anyone could remember, he didn't say anything. He just slowly swayed in his rocking chair, staring at the class' discussion. And...thinking.
Re: Danganronpa F1 - Chapter 6 Class TrialTopic%20Title
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"Oh, that must be it." Flo typed in SUNFLOWER onto the computer. Another video booted up.

Spoiler: The Video
The camera turns on. It’s just Arthur this time.

Arthur puts on an unconvincing talk show host voice. “Welcome to Late Night in Arthur’s room. Ladies, stay at your own peril!”

Arthur chuckles to himself. “Sorry about that. A little bit of levity for what’s to come. Or, I guess what’s already come to pass for you all. Plus, I didn’t want the last words you hear me say to be cursing Flo out for pushing me off my own bed.”

Arthur paused. “Anyway, if you’ve seen the previous video, then it’s probably pretty obvious what actually happened. I… took Flo’s place. And I made Flo take mine.”

“There’s, as always, practical reasons for this, and also the real reason why I chose to do it. The practical reasons why none of this would’ve worked the other way around is easy.”

Arthur shrugged. “I’m a guy, and I’m short. Shorter than all the other guys. Think for a second about all the guys that have died thusfar. Subaru’s body was utterly destroyed, so it’s useless for us. Cesar was maybe the closest to me in height, but as I mentioned before, I don’t think I could’ve personally deconstructed his body-- and if I did, I’d have to hide the bruise on his face that he received when he fell from the clock tower. in addition to making it look like my own. And Van… could you imagine me trying to pass off Van’s limbs as my own?”

Arthur allowed himself another laugh.

“No, I couldn’t be the fake victim in this murder. It had to be Flo. Her body’s much more typical than my own, and thus it would be easier to pass off any of the girl’s limbs for Flo’s. Karega’s should suffice. I suppose I should say that I’m sorry to Karega for the state of her body. I think it’s gonna be... pretty rough.”

“Also, in the last three trials, there were at least three people who didn’t vote for the culprit. The excuses were the same-- ‘well, I wasn’t sure...’ or ‘the evidence was too flimsy...’ But the real reason is that we liked the culprits. We liked who they were, and we believed in them. I get it-- I was one of those people too, remember?”

“But in this trial, we’ll only have 5 people. If 3 people abstain, or purposefully vote wrongly, then someone random gets executed. And I can’t allow that.” Arthur shook his head. “Not with my final mystery. So I’ll have to be the person you want to vote for.”

“I… will probably have to say some messed up stuff in order to keep control of the flow of the class trial. Some of it’s going to have to be pretty heinous and outrageous.” He looked at the camera. “I am so sorry for this. If you never forgive me for this, I’ll understand. But the only reason that I have to is that you’re all brilliant. All of you. And if I have to make you hate me, I’ll do it, I think. It would be so… simple. But I don’t want to. For the record, I don’t know who the Origami Killer is, or was. The book you’ll find was a fake, written by me. Just to play to your expectations. Your fears. And I’m all but certain that there’s a mastermind among the students-- if there’s a mastermind, I’m sure they’re far away from here.”

“But if I’m wrong-- if you don’t hate me, but yourselves, I’d like for you to let it go. Forgive yourselves. This whole murder is of my doing. There’s nothing you could’ve done to stop me or figure me out. Unless I crack, you reacted in exactly the way I made you react.”

Arthur inhaled sharply. “I hope it doesn’t come to that, but if it does, know that it’s only because you’re all so brilliant that I had to distract you. I could fool Monokuma with the corpse, but I can’t have you look too closely at the case and see through it. That’s not an excuse, and I’m still sorry, but if I’m going to destroy all the bonds I worked so hard to achieve, then at the very least I’d like to do you the service of not losing. But know, whether it makes you feel better or worse, that every barb I trade with you stabs me in the heart as well.”

Arthur sighed. “And that’s the real reason why I can’t let Flo carry out this plan. Flo’s sensitive, and much nicer than she lets on. I think it might be due to her talent, or maybe that’s just the way she is. She studies the connections between groups of people. For her classmates to… I can only imagine the hurt and pain that I’ll have to endure. It would break her, I think. And this plan absolutely cannot fail.”

Arthur looked down. “And besides. I’m the Ultimate Mystery Novelist. If I can’t stage a crime scene and control the narrative and make you all pick me, then… what good am I? What even is the point of me? I’ve failed as a detective. I’ve failed as a friend. I’ve failed as someone who… well, nevermind that.”

Arthur paused and gulped, but collected himself. “But this, I can do. I can’t give you hope like Sayako could, but I can give you your futures. On my pride as the Ultimate Mystery Novelist, I will open the door for you all.”

“Don’t mistake my meaning.” Arthur added. “I don’t want to die. I’d give anything to see the future with you all.”

Arthur sobbed, but recovered. “But I’m trapped by my actions. Now that I can do something, everyone who dies from here on out dies because I didn’t act. And I won’t have that. I can’t. If I’d have been able to act sooner… If I saw the end sooner, how many more could I have saved?”

Arthur wiped his eyes. “If… if I think about that now, I’ll be crushed under the weight. And there’s still work to be done.”

“So, Monokuma, if you’re still alive, I want you to know that I consider you a failure in every way imaginable. Did you imagine we would fall to despair? We fell all over each other to kill only to stop more killing. Arguably, only Cox killed out of malice. The rest of us only killed the willing, or in defense, or trying to save others. So if I have to become some avatar of despair in order to leave, I would have it be your despair as well!”

Arthur gathered a box of tissues. “Sorry, I promised myself I wouldn’t do this, but empty promises are all that I can make. Apparently.”

“Anyway, my last words aren’t going to be to Monokuma. So, as is the right of the dead, I thought I’d leave you with some parting unsolicited advice. Or perhaps just my goodbyes.”

“First up there’s you, Flo. I bet you’re pretty pissed with me. I know I’d be pissed with me if I were in your shoes right now. But I think you know, deep down, that I’m right. There’s no way you could’ve stood the looks of scorn or curses or whatever fresh hell is waiting for me. You’re more sensitive than you let on.”

“So go out there and pour your heart out to someone. Something that I never found the strength to do. Oh, and lay off on Ryuji and Jay. You know you like them more than you let on. And Jay’s talent is a talent, even if you don’t believe in it.”

“So this brings us to… Ryuji, I think.” said Arthur. “Ryuji, I’m sorry I held Van’s plans against you so long. I’ve said it already, but I already forgave you for that. If I could afford to have witnesses in here to make these words a proper will, I’d give you the film rights to my books. I was able to negotiate them with my publisher way back when. They should revert to my dad in the event of my death, and he’s the kind of guy that’ll sign them over to you if he knew that that’s what I would want. So if you find him, his name’s Michio Ranpo. Yeah, that’s really his name.”

“We never really got along after that night we drank together. I wish I could blame it all on Van’s plot, but I think there was something more fundamental than that. Maybe it’s because you’re one of the most random and reckless people I’ve ever met. At any rate, I wish you health and happiness and a long life with Tatsuya.”

“Oh right, and sometimes, maybe, you don’t have to force people to yell their feelings out loud?” said Arthur, pleadingly. “Not every act of love has to be a grand confession in front of a half dozen friends and not every accident has to break out into a taekwondo match. Sometimes… it’s not cowardice to hold your feelings inside. My best friend taught me that here.”

“Matt...” Arthur sighed. “Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt...”

“I’m sorry I never reached out to you, I meant to, but… I never really forgave myself for Alchie.” said Arthur, shaking his head. “I’m not sure you did either. Quite rightly so, I think. I never really got to know her, but I liked her well enough. And I sure was envious of what you two had. It just didn’t seem fair that you two seemed to just fall into accidentally something that I’ll never have.”

“But, I’m sorry to say,” said Arthur, “that it makes me a little happy to facilitate her last wish. I know that’ll drive you nuts in the best way possible.”

“Jay...” he almost whispered. “I’m most afraid of you breaking apart my plan-- I think you know that. You know, I think we’re kindred spirits in a way. And I did inherit your talent for a while, so I feel like maybe I understand you a bit better than most of my friends here. Which, of course, makes you dangerous to me right now. Because as I understand you more, I’m sure you understand me more as well.”

“Do you think the people you talk to-- the ones you refer to in ‘the forum’-- do you think they’re proud of me? Do you think they approve of me, of what I’ve done? Or do you think they find me an insufferable person who couldn’t leave well enough alone? That I think I’m smarter than I am? I’m honestly not sure. Do you think I had a player? That maybe, somewhere, some part of me survives? That a part of all of us survives this place? That’s a nice thought, I think. But not one that I can bring myself to believe.”

“Have fun with your brother. Smile with him again. Tell him about SiRReN and that time she taught you how to make costumes. And, if you can bring yourself to, tell him my story, won’t you?”

Arthur drew in a labored breath. “Lastly… “ He tried to hold his gaze upon the camera, but found himself looking away, tears finally giving way. He turned away for a moment. “Lastly… Sorry, you must be tired of seeing me like this now, aren’t you?”

“And yet the last time I said something like that, you told me it was okay, didn’t you, Sakura?”

Arthur opened his mouth to speak, but a thought crept onto his face instead. “Oh! Before I forget!”

Arthur picks up a cardboard box that had been out-of-frame. “Look at this!” he sifted through what looked like hundreds upon hundreds of origami cranes, of various quality. “I must’ve folded six hundred of these things. All for this one…”

He picked up a single crane, one they were already familiar with. “My fingers are so sore… But it’s perfect, at least to my eye. It’s probably my second or third favorite thing I’ve ever folded…”

“... I don’t wanna put it in Flo’s mouth. I want to frame it. But that’s hardly the most disappointing thing about this situation, I suppose.”

Arthur looked into the camera. “I’m scared of you, Sakura. That you won’t be able to bring yourself to believe that I’m any of the heinous things I’ll say about myself. Scared that I won’t be able to bring myself to convince you.”

“You were my first friend in here, and I’m very happy to have known you. Truly.” said Arthur, letting his tears fall freely. “A part of me wishes that I’d have made you my ‘victim’, so I wouldn’t have to see you hate me. But unfortunately, Flo’s perfect in that regard. I’m not sure I could recreate your hairstyle if all our lives literally depended on it.”

“Now that you know the punchline, that you’ve read my last page, did you think it lived up to expectation? I know the twist wasn’t very good, but… maybe, in time, do you think you could come to appreciate it? It was in a weird sort of way the ideal mystery for me. Because it enabled all of you to come together to escape this place?”

“W-w-when Saya died…” said Arthur, no longer able to contain himself. “... When she died I thought I’d lost the both of you. I thought… I thought I’d seen the last of you. And I was… my heart couldn’t take losing you both. That’s why… that’s why talking at the belltower yesterday was so important to me. I-I figured it out that you must’ve folded with her just like you did with me. So when I brought you that tray the first night after it happened… I never had the heart to apologize to you for that, but I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Saya wanted me to explain to her mom what happened. Her name’s Sachiko. She didn’t give me any more info than that, but… well, for obvious reasons, I can’t tell Saya’s mom anymore. I left her notebook in your room. I figure, if it couldn’t be me, she’d want you to do it.”

“Anyway, I’m… it would’ve made me so happy to know that you and Saya found each other. I’m glad you did, even if it was only at the very end. You deserved each other. And you deserved longer. It’s part of the reason why I’m sure you’ll leave to meet your future. Because you carry her will with you. I wish… Well, I wish a lot. I wish for your happiness above all other things. I’ll miss you most of all. I do hope you can hold a little place in your heart for me. It’d make me feel better.”

For about another 10 seconds, Arthur did nothing but cry. Until he finally collected himself.

“There’s one last person I need to send a message to. One of you will make sure he gets this, right?” Arthur all but begged his classmates.

“...Dad. I know since Mom passed, we weren’t really close. We never said things like ‘I love you’, not after Mom… But I do love you, and I wish I’d said it now. More often. All the time. And you were right about me working too much, and living too little. I wish I’d realized how wise you were before… well, before I got here.”

Arthur smiled slightly, through the tears. “But… funny, now it occurs to me... I did do many of the things you said I should do as a kid. You told me I should go out and get in trouble with my friends-- we drank (as minors!) at the banquet we had. I cooked for that, too. I flirted-- you should’ve seen it. You told me to fall in love for stupid reasons, and I did that too. I even lost, like you said I should. I was there for a friend when he was in his darkest hour, and a friend was there for me when I needed her, too. I laughed a lot. I hope one of my classmates is there to tell you about all the stuff we did.”

“And so, Dad, I’m so sorry I had to leave you. I know it’s no consolation, but I died helping people I cared for out of an impossible situation… I know you don’t understand-- how could you? This story’s insane. But while I can’t say I died with no regrets, I did die the way I intended. With my mystery bringing together people. In hope, I trust.”

A notification played “Battery running low. Please finish your recording to prevent loss.”

Arthur started to panic. “N-n-n-n-no, I need more time, please! Don’t take me away now!”

Arthur shook his head. “L-l-look, I don’t really know what’ll happen once this whole thing plays out. But Sakura, you made me promise to keep moving forward. You promised me that too. You all… you all need to keep going forward, to your futures. Carry me-- carry all of us that fell here-- with you if you want. Remember our stories! B-but don’t make me a burden. Don’t make me a rope of regret to bind yourself with. Learn from me! Do something! Don’t wait because you’re scared! There’s no such thing as a right time or a wrong time. Just the time you choose! Don’t you see?!?”

Arthur descended into uncontrollable fits of sobbing, but wouldn’t allow himself to stop talking. “P-p-p-please… I *cough* I don’t w-wanna go! S-save me, please... *cough* S-Sakura… somebody… Not like this. Not hated… Not *cough* by you...”

Another notification. “Shutdown imminent.”

Arthur inhales and forces a smile to the camera. “I-I hope I gave my story a hell of an ending. Well, I’ll be seeing you.”

The camera shuts off for the last time.
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Ryuji went silent as the video played out, and by the end of it, he was speechless. He began to tear up as he clenched his fists.


Ryuji turned angrily to Monokuma. "Y-Y-You'd better own up to this! You broke your own rule! What are you going to do about it?!"
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"Arthur…" Flo wiped away her tears. "No… I'm not mad at you, how could I? You were just trying to save me, to save everyone. And it worked, you did it! If only you could see now… but don't worry, this will not go to waste. We will end this right here, right now. I promise, when we get out, we will find your dad and tell him everything."
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"A-Arthur, w-we'll all live on in your name..." Ryuji said once more. "...I-I promise you..."
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The one feeling Jay hated the most hit him right in the gut, and he immediately fell to the ground crying. "ARTHUR!" Jay screamed, "No! No no no no no no! I... I mocked you! I tried to break you down. And you were doing it all... to save us! I... I can never take back the horrible things I said about you. M-my words... what have I done with them? I cut wounds when I was meant to mend them. And... and... I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry! I was talking to who I thought was the Origami Killer! You... must've been hurting like hell inside when I... used those cutting words. And for that... I can't forgive myself." Jay began to just let it all out. Not being able to fix his regrets was one of the biggest issues that Jay was unable to cope with.
Thank you for reading. I hope you have a wonderful day.
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"He really did it then…" Flo mumbled. "Oh god, so that's what all those people were. He-he convinced you he was the mastermind and was gonna bring in more students. He made you think he was the origami killer…"

She went over to comfort Jay.

"It's okay, at the very least, he died knowing that his plan worked. I agree with Ryuji, we must live on in his name."

Flo pulled out yet another disc.

"This… back when me and Matt were at the radio tower, before SiRReN's trial, we saw a monitor tracking all the student handbooks. We also saw something else on screen. Yes, Karega and Cox. Monokuma had recorded Cox in the act. This disc I'm holding, it's a recording. We can turn this into the cops, bring him to justice. But just in case something happens to any of us."

She handed the disc, case and all, to Jay. She took out three more copies and handed them to Sakura, Ryuj, and Matt respectively.
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"Th-thanks Flo..." Jay stammered, taking the disc but still unable to control the tears, "I-I'm trying to remember that Arthur was... manipulating me. He was bringing out my worst so that he could go on with his plan... Please, please tell me that's what it is! I want... I want Arthur back so I can tell him myself! Why... why am I like this?"
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Sakura was entirely unresponsive, staring at the blank television screen. She made no motions to take the CD Flo gave her, so the sociologist just left it on the podium instead.
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"…" Flo had remained silent for a good while.

"Guys…" she whispered. "I know none of us are in any good mental state at the moment. Everyone's filled with regret with their last words to Arthur… and we'll have to live with that. But…"

She pointed at Monokuma.

"We have HIM cornered. It's just one final push now, we need to put our heads together just one last time. So, we've got to push for our release, but how?"
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Note: Each survivor gets one more post in the game (not including your character ending). Make it a good one.

Spoiler: Final Decision
“Interesting…very interesting.” Monokuma smiles. "I’m not one to get trapped in a corner so easily though. A bear fights until the end.” He unsheathed his claws.

“I’m not the only one who broke a rule here.” He shows the class a page on the e-handbook.

5. A class trial begins shortly after a murder. All students must attend

“There was a living student who was conspicuously absent that trial, right?”

“Of all the-that’s idiotic!” Jay protested. “In that case, Flo is the rule-breaker, so you still killed an innocent student!"

“I see two scenarios in front of me: One, Flo is the killer. She got Arthur killed by using me and my rules—she tricked him into having her miss the trial, therefore making me the murder weapon and her the killer. Two, Flo broke the rules by missing the class trial and should be killed anyway. In either scenario, Flo is dead. In which case, I see no problem. Two people who would be dead anyway.”

He raises a gavel up, as if it’s been decided.

“W-Wait a second!” Ryuji protested. “As little sense as that first scenario makes…we’d still have to vote for Flo, right? If she is to be executed?”

“Plus, you can’t run a game if you’re just gonna be a tyrant!” Monomi shouted. “It’s not a game anymore at that point! There are no rules or truths!"

Monokuma twitches. “Fine. We’ll vote. We’ll all have a little vote.”

A podium goes up in front of everyone. “You guys can determine who the one who killed Arthur Ranpo is. I’m not on the podium so…if Flo doesn’t receive a majority of votes, you all can leave. Otherwise, the killing game will continue with new students.

“That’s nonsense.” Matt scoffed. “You couldn’t have given us an easier decision.”

“None of us would vote for Flo at this point!” Sakura yelled. “N-None of us would choose to stay here…”


Jay looked around, clutching his patch. The decision seemed clear.

“You…are all more foolish than I thought.’ Monokuma smiled. “Remember what I told all of you? The ultimate answer?”

Nobody said anything. Nobody would dare repeat it at this point.

“You’re all characters in a forum game. That’s been a truth since the beginning, and I’m sure everything you’ve seen has showed you that this world can't be anything but that. If the game ends, so do you.”

“..what are you saying?” Jay asked. “T-That’s not proof.”

“What about all the transfer students that came in though?” Monokuma asked. “Where do you think they came from? And you, Jay…heh, you should want to stay here more than anyone. I recall you being an insidious murderer in another time, going as far as to kill your own family to cover up your crimes.”

“…murderer?” Jay asked.

“Yup! At least you know that if you stay in this game, you’ll be who you are now.”

“H-He’s lying.” Ryuji said doubtfully. “C’mon Jay, don’t listen."

“Your characters were made for this game, they don’t exist outside it, and soon they won’t even be remembered by the ‘real world.’ If you choose to escape and end this game, that’s it. Your existence ends there.”

“If we don’t vote for Flo…we’ll cease to exist?” Matt nervously asked.

“Come on, guys!” Flo shouted. “This is completely ridiculous! We’ve all had enough, right? A life in a perpetual killing game, that can’t be worth it!”

“You said that you were almost…glad for this summer school, weren’t you Sakura? For all the people you’ve met? Any life you had is because of this killing game. And it’s the only thing that’ll sustain it.

So, I leave the choice to all of you.” Monokuma extended his arms to them. "Place your vote.”
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Ryuji was stunned for a brief moment at Monokuma's words, but only after a few brief moments did Ryuji realize he could not falter. All the wishes of his friends, and everything Ryuji needed to accomplish outside led him to believe in the chance that stepping outside te walls would allow him to return to the life he treasured before.

"I...always think back to one moment in times like these. I remember the day I wanted to die so badly, Tatsuya...of course it was Tatsuya, he told me to remind myself of who I was...Ryuji Arisato, the Ultimate Actor."

"Of course I could never forget those words. And I know what they mean now, more than ever before. Besides, I still need to find him and make sure he's okay. These memories...they can't be false ones! I need to make it back out there! So, with all my heart, I, Ryuji Arisato, the Ultimate Actor, will cast my vote for Monokuma!"

Ryuji, with a renewed vigor, cast his vote for Monokuma and decided to leave the school.
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"So that's how you'll play it then, very well," said Flo. She gave everyone a nervous smile.

"You guys remember our original plan right? Yeah, Arthur and I switched places. In other words, I intended on being in that class trial. But then Arthur knocked me out and stuffed me in SiRReN's room. I was unconscious the whole trial, and even if I woke up, the EMP would've prevented me from leaving SiRReN's room. So in other words, Monokuma," she pointed at him.

"You, you were the one who killed Arthur. You failed to get me out of that room. By your own failure, you broke not one, but two of your own rules."

She turned to everyone else.

"Forum game… you know, if that's true, then we can still have hope. Just think of Arthur, the mystery novelist. His characters don't die when he dies. They live on through his pages, as he does them. Both live on in people's memories, beyond the constraints of the book. The book shows but a section of life, there's always a before, and usually an after. If we are being played by some forum goers, then it's the same thing. We've had our before, so now we'll get our after. We'll get our endings, our lives immortalized! They can have us in another forum game, hopefully less brutal this time. Our time is far from over. In all honesty, I'm excited, I want to leave! I want to see what life has in store for us."

Flo cast her vote.

"I'm not voting for myself. I'm voting for Arthur's killer, MONOKUMA!"
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Matt thought intensely for a few minutes. More so than he had in the entirety of this game, which said a lot about how lazy he was. Now that you think about it, he never really did anything at all.

"Can you really say that it's not a forum game with certainty?" He said, looking up. "You don't have any explanation for it to not be a forum game, do you? Yet, if it IS a forum game, then everything makes sense. The ridicolous premise, Monokuma and Monomi popping out of nowhere, Monokuma's powers, the rooms.. All of it makes no sense in real life because it defies the laws of what we know." Matt looked around.

"You might say, what about all the emotions that we felt?" He let out a small chuckle. "If any of you have played a forum game, the emotions are what your creator makes you feel. I have a reason to continue to exist. Something I cannot abandon doing. In other words.."

He looked at the podium. "I'm voting for Flo." He input his vote.
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"Monokuma, did you really think that would be enough to change my mind now?" Sakura said coolly. "After all that happened, did you really think I'd willingly let this chaos continue just out of fear for my own existence? I won't let Matchy down, and even if I don't deserve it, I can't let Arthur down either. So here." She folded a cross out of black paper and threw it like a shuriken at Monokuma, only narrowly avoiding him so as to not break the 'no violence' rule. "You have my vote." The cross landed flat on the opposite wall, like a checkmark on a voting card.
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"H-How indeed," Jay agreed, still sniffling and wiping away tears. How could one man continue to have this much emotion after everything? Through all the trials and tribulations, the deaths of his best friends, the death and subsequent revival of someone he realizes he really does care about as well, the death of waht he thought was the villain, only to find out in post-mortem that that's when he should've been caring about him the most... Jay thought of his brother, Jeremy; what he might do in that situation, what relevant advice he'd bestow upon him. Words suddenly echoed in his head.
'I can...'
Jay looked up in surprise, eyes wide.
'Finally hear you...'
He quickly procured the patch. Its form had slowly deteriorated to the point of unrecognizability, the lettering now half-gone and there were small rips along the edges. He set it on top of his podium and also procured the origami teaching cap Sakura had made him, placing it on top of the patch.
'Now, Jay.'
"Th-those are the words... Arthur had left for me. But that wasn't Arthur's voi... JEREMY!?" Jay jumped up and slammed his fist down on the podium, narrowly missing the setup he'd made.
'You've got what you need, Jay. You know exactly what to do.'
"I have to make it out! I refuse to believe I'll cease to exist once I escape! W-when I said I had people on the outside, I meant it!

I guess I should also explain that Monokuma's right. In another time, I was one James Ridley, a man who would end up killing his family to keep his secret safe... but, but that was before I took control of him. I tried to make him a good guy, but it was already too late, and I died at the hands of my own brother, only knowing that because I was able to... read the description afterwards.

But in other times, I've been everything from an amateur detective to other participants in strange games.

Monokuma, face it: It is only YOU who will no longer exist when this game is up! You want us to stay here so you have something to look forward to. Well, I'm not going to give you that chance! I'm sure you've got better things to do anyway.

Plus, I also had a double meaning when I said I need to find my brother because he is not here. I need to look somewhere else, somewhere else entirely. Maybe if you try hard enough, and believe the way I believe in all of you, you can do what I do." Jay collected the items on the podium and replaced them in his belt pack. They would always come along with him wherever he went. He began walking around to each person in turn, expressing his feelings.
He started with the one to which he had the least to say: Matt.
"Matt, I know you don't care much for anything after Alchie died, but at least remember that you being here allowed Flo to execute her plan in the first place, so thank you for existing."
Next was Ryuji.
"Mr. Arisato, it's been great fun being with you here. I regret my snide comments about all your emotions being an act. I hope you reunite with Tatsuya, but even more than that, I hope your next role is even more fulfilling! I know mine will be, because there's always more to learn."
He went to Flo next.
"Flo Yates, Ultimate Sociologist. You really have made this a whirlwind of a game. I might be a little goofy for you, but you know what? You did inspire me. During the trial, I walked over and gave Arthur a pet on the head. Even if you never see me again, I know you'll remember me. I'll remember you, too. So, between friends..." Jay gave her a couple pets on the head, his eyes trying to stare into hers with genuine hope and understanding.
Finally was Sakura.
"Sa... Sakura. Thank you for the teaching cap for Jeremy. Once again, it's something physical that I can carry with me. It's not only a reminder of you, but of this game's existence. Maybe... one day, when you least expect it, I'll see you again and show it to you. I understand how you felt about Sayako. Her death completely wrecked me, as well as my 'guardian angel' I tried to tell you about. Maybe you still don't understand what I meant, or maybe you do. In any case, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you've done, Sunny. Keep shining bright; it's what you do best." Jay leaned in for a brief hug.
He walked back to his podium.
"So this is it then? My last hurrah? Well, I can't end it all sentimental, can I? So from me to all of you..."
And from me to all of you...
"Let's all keep hope alive! Keep on rockin'! And most of all, don't forget to be awesome! The world is waitin' for us! Let's show it what we're made of!"
Jay slams the lever down with a vote for Monokuma.

I love you. All of you. Everyone reading this right now. Never forget how amazing you all are. Remember, I'll always be here if you need anyone to talk to about anything. Until next time... [KEEP HOPE ALIVE]
Thank you for reading. I hope you have a wonderful day.
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“They got you, Big Brother!” Monomi shouted. In what seemed almost instant, a glow emanated from her wand and a magical blast engulfed Monokuma.

“Upupupu…” Monokuma said while being vaporized. “Well, I had my fun at least. At least I can say…I was never bored.”

Then he was gone, a piece of paper being left where he stood, with one phrase written on it: F1-1037

The remaining 5 survivors stood at the main door.

“H-Hey…where are the other transfer students that showed up?” Jay asked. “Shouldn’t they come with us?”

“Uh, I don’t know where they are.” Monomi confessed. “It seems they disappeared with Monokuma. I’m not sure how ‘real’ they even were.”

“…I see.” Jay said, disappointingly. “Well, that’s that then.”

“I’m sorry all this happened…” Monomi frowned. “But anytime you guys want to have a true summer school session, please return! I’d be happy to be your teacher!"

Matt punched the code into the main entrance, finger hovering over the enter button. “Ready, guys?”

“I-I’m not sure…” Ryuji sighed. “If we believe what Monokuma said…how can we be so sure there’s anything out there?”

“We can’t.” Sakura admitted. “But we all made our choice. So, let’s move forward now. To something better.”

Jay clutched his patch one last time, as if thanking it for finally rewarding him. “Alright Matt, do the honors.”

He pressed the button, and the doors slid open.

Final Survivors: Sakura, Ryuji, Flo, Jay, Matt
Successful Graduates: Solomon
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Spoiler: Solomon
Solomon sighed. He had just finished washing himself in a river. A few hours had passed since the conclusion of the class trial, and he had managed to wash the paint off his skin. He looks at his beret. Right next to it were 4 bottles of paint and a paintbrush. The paints were red, blue, green and yellow. They had all previously been under his beret his whole time at Hope's Peak. Though they weren't the brand he preferred. That had been confiscated by Monomi at the very beginning of his time at the Academy. For one simple reason.

But Solomon wasn't thinking about that currently. He was thinking about how he became to be. How he had become the Ultimate Painter. He thought back to middle school, where he was an expert in the tango (and had even caused a girl to swoon over him due to his expertise, which resulted in them dating). However, the time had come to choose if we wanted to continue pursuing his dancing abilities. At first, the answer seemed clear. Obvious, even. He was going to continue with the tango. But his sister, Sophia, had another idea.

"Sully, you should consider becoming an artist! I think you'd be pretty good at that!"

Looking back, Solomon hadn't the slightest idea why Sophie had thought so. Art was one of his worst subjects- he was terrible at it in every form and way. However, he simply couldn't resist his sister's charms. He decided to pursue the subject. And he did so. However, it wasn't without its own sacrifices. His grades in other subjects dropped due to him staying up all night to paint. He spent a good deal of his allowance on materials with which to paint. His favourite brand was considerably expensive too, and he used up a whole set within a month. He had to constantly try to ignore insults coming his way; often having something to do with his last name. His girlfriend even broke up with him ("I liked it better when you tangoed with me!"). However, the day finally came. The day...of the exhibition.

He had submitted an painting for the school's yearly art exhibition. That year, a famous painter had come as a special guest. Upon seeing Sol's work of art, he heartily congratulated the young pioneer, who blushed furiously at the artist's praise. Meanwhile, the rest of the school looked upon him with awe. This was not something Solomon was used to, and it sparked something within him. He decided to work even harder from then on. And thus, the fruits of success blossomed. He became well known in his area. His paintings were put on display in several exhibitions. It was said that he had a one in ten million talent in his field. He became known as a prodigy,

Solomon looked next to his beret, where his shirt lay. It read I LOVE ART. The last part had been obscured by his lab coat during his time at Hope's Peak. He looked at said lab coat with a sad sort of smile on his face. It had paint splattered all over it. He thought back to that fateful day...

Art class had just ended for him, and it was time for his chemistry practicals. He had to change the colour of a certain solution into something else. However, he had another idea. He had tried thrice already and failed. But what if he just added his special brand of paint to the solution? He looked around slyly, then added a drop of it to the solution. To his surprise, however, it starting smoking. He screamed and ran for the door. And then...


..Thus the chemistry lab was destroyed. There were thankfully no casualties, but his peers were understandably enraged at his actions. From what he could understand, the special brand of paint he liked oh so much had somehow reacted with the solution...unfavourably. The rest of his paints had splattered on his lab coat. And so, Solomon Cox was sent to Hope's Peak. Upon hearing about the explosive paints, Monomi had confiscated them from his personage.

Solomon sighed as he put on his clothes. In a strange way, he missed the other students at Hope's Peak. He had given them a false identity as a Bookworm (it was the first thing that came to mind since he was once friends with one in middle school), but mainly because he didn't wanted to be flooded by fan girls. However, to his surprise no one even recognised his name. This was even counting the fact that one of his paintings had been hanging in the art room. But his hidden talent had come in handy in his murder, and he was barely even suspected. He chuckled as he remembered the students' faces when he confessed. Flo especially.

Solomon didn't want to admit it, but he really liked Flo. She was pretty, likeable, and easy to manipulate. He wouldn't have minded going out with her sometime, but that time would never come. He had stayed behind for a while to wipe off all his fingerprints so that he would never be caught. While doing so, he had heard the others' cries of lament and hatred. Flo's reaction had caught him off guard the most.

From what he could tell, the others were in denial about being forum game characters. He wasn't. It had made complete sense to him. The whole situation had seemed extremely unrealistic, and the thought that it was fake had consoled Solomon considerably. He looked down at his hands. Those were fake? He shook his head. It didn't matter. He would go back to his parents and sister and give them a fake reason for returning. He would then live a normal life under a pseudonym, never to be caught. At least, that was the plan.

Solomon put on his clothes. He had a lot of walking to do, and idle reminiscing would do nothing. He got up and started walking. As he did, he looked up towards the sky.

"To the bastard who's been 'playing' me for the entirety of this stupid fucking game, you can take that keyboard you're writing this with and shove it up your ass!"

"Eh, no thanks, I'm good.", Southern Corn shouted back.

Solomon~ END

Spoiler: Sakura
As Sakura left the Summer School, she looked down at the three items she took with her, all papercraft and each from a close friend.

There was a paper crane from Jay, with his name written on the side. He was a passionate man, and a true friend. He was always eager to learn, even going as far as to make this very crane despite his poor eyesight. And he'd survived until the end, keeping hope alive for everyone all the while. Hope was something Sakura was in great need of right now, and looking at the crane helped reassure her that everything was going to be okay, somehow. She planned to stay in contact with him after this, though perhaps after spending some time alone, away from other people.

Then there was a sunflower, made by Arthur using paper from Sayako's notebook. Sakura hoped desperately that he could forgive her for how she treated him in his last moments. He had saved all of their lives, and yet she had treated him with nothing but cold disdain, despite all they'd been through together up until then. Right now she couldn't entirely sort through her own emotions, but she hoped in time she'd be able to remember the time they'd spent together fondly. He had wanted her to stay strong no matter what; this was practically the upper limit of 'no matter what' for her, but she had to do it. Anything to make up for how much she hurt him in his last moments.

Finally… an origami lotus. The last thing she had to remember Sayako by. The prospect of losing her had almost been the end, but somehow Sayako had given her the courage to keep going regardless. They'd planned to do so much together if they got out; now it was up to Sakura to carry their collective will and live a life that would have made the coupler happy. She intended to go to the beach first, possibly abroad. That was probably the kind of break she needed to start getting over everything that happened in the Summer School.

But before that, she had one last wish to fulfil.

After returning to Japan, she arrived at the address of Sachiko Amachi, Sayako's mother. She hesitated for a long while on the doorstep, unable to bring herself to ring. What could she possibly say to her that would make what happened okay? When even she herself wasn't okay with it? But this was what Sayako had wanted. With a hand that was surprisingly steady, she reached out for the doorbell.

Spoiler: Matt
A few months after the killing game had ended, life was back to its normal monotony. Whether that's good or not, it depends on the person. But Matt had things to do that weren't done yet.

Particularly, there was something he needed to research and build. His room was full of mangled paper and balled up paper. A single queen chess piece lays on his desk, which he glances to every now and then. Various electrical components also decorated his room, in a way that was seemingly random. He had locked himself up in his room and only went outside to eat, go to the bathroom, go to school and attend the very rare family meet ups.
What kept him going however, was the determination to fulfill something. A wish he had since the killing game.

In the middle of his reflection however, the door to his room opens and a feminine figure with snow white hair in a messy ponytail stands in the door, sighing. She looked about the same age as him. "Matt, do you feel like telling me what you're doing? Pretty please?"

Matt thought for a few seconds, twisting the pen around his fingers. He then turned to the female. "I'm making.. a very special thing. One of its kind." He said, putting the pen on the desk. He then got up and sat on the edge of his bed, looking down at the floor.

"Well, what is it?" The female pressed, unsatisfied.

"...A time machine." He concluded. "I know roughly how it works, but the implementation is... troubling." He responded, finally laying down on the bed.

"Huh... a time machine. Sounds like somethin' out of a science fiction movie." The female said, giggling at her own joke. She quickly put a straight face back on and looked at him, unsure of whether to press or not. Matt had gotten angry at her for trying to pry information from him in certain occasions, so she didn't want to risk it too much. She decided to press after a few seconds of thinking, gulping.

"But... why do you... need one?" She said, preparing for the inevitable backlash. Or so she thought.

"There is a very special person I would like to meet again... It's complicated to explain, Eli." He replied in a sad tone.

"You know.." Eli began, unsure of whether to continue or not. "I'm your best friend, and... I don't like seeing you like this. You might want to look at the mirror and... think about what you're doing for a bit. This time machine thing is becoming too bad of an obsession." She said, shooting a worried glance at Matt. "I'll leave you alone now." She nodded, and left the room, closing the door.

Matt thought over what she had said fondly. Was he really doing that bad? he had never realized it. He stood up, and looked at the mirror for a couple of minutes, going over what he was doing. Was it really worth it? Spending all this time for... something he possibly would never be able to complete? Was Elizabeth right?

6 years had since then passed. He had realized his mistake and trashed his project. He realized how important his current friends are and that it was a very real risk that he'd lose them if he kept the obsession up, all thanks to Eli.

Now, he was in his room in his new house, sat on the edge of the bed. He was looking at his phone, waiting for a certain someone to message him. He was in a fancy suit, even if he had almost never worn one before.

Suddenly, he gets a message from someone else, one of his buddies. It says, "I actually can't believe you guys ended up getting married! It was so unexpected!"

He giggled at the message, and put his phone back in his pocket. Looks like that time machine will exist in the future.

Spoiler: Flo
The front doors of the summer school opened. Sunlight shone into the eyes of Flo and the four other survivors. They stepped out and took a deep breath. The air had never tasted so good.

“We finally did it, we’re free!” said Flo. She pumped a fist into the air. Her classmates however, didn’t share the same sentiment. Each looked very glum and downtrodden by the whole experience.

“Err,” Flo continued, “so, what are you guys gonna do? Should we search for Cox together, or do we all want to go home first?”

Ryuji and Jay mumbled a ‘home’, Sakura and Matt stayed silent.

“Oh, okay then… I guess this’ll be our last day together.”

They walked in silence through the lush green forest. They made it out onto the road, finally, society again.

The survivors bid farewell to each other and went on their separate ways. Sakura went in search of Sayako’s, family, while Ryuji and Flo went for Arthur’s. Before that, Flo decided to give her foster family a quick visit. They greeted her with open arms, asking why she was back so soon. She was hesitant on the details, and explained she was going to be busy with a few things in the meantime.

Once that was done, she reunited with Ryuji and they went for Arthur’s father. She told him she was a classmate of his and of what happened to his son. She showed the video to him, and the old man cried. They shared a few beers in Arthur’s memory.

Then she got in contact with hope’s peak and told them of what happened. She showed them the video footage of Cox as proof. They were dearly sorry this happened again, and promised to compensate the survivors and the families of the dead.

“I just have one request,” said Flo. “Solomon Cox, let me be the one to capture him. It’s my fault he walked free, so it’s my responsibility to make sure he faces justice.”
“Okay then,” the hope’s peak headmaster said. “We’ll let you handle that. But just as a precaution, we’re getting the Ultimate Warden to help you with this.”

The next day, Flo’s foster mom called her down. Someone was at the door for her.
Curious, Flo walked down and saw a huge man in a burgundy jumper. He had a bowler hat on.

“Hello,” the man said, extending a massive forearm. “The headmaster assigned me to you. I’m Viktor, the Ultimate Warden. I look forward to working with you.”

“Oh, right,” said Flo. “Okay then, let’ s go look for Cox!”

She bid farewell to her foster family, and went off with Viktor. The search wasn’t difficult. Cox was in the first place they check. His house.

“You will come with us,” said Viktor. “You will turn yourself in, or we will force you to.”

Cox saw his sister and parents watching and decided to do the right thing.

"Well, you have me here now. I won't try to escape. My time is over now. Let's get moving already." Cox took a deep breath. "There's a rope in the storage closet over there. You can tie me up if you think I'll escape."

Flo and Viktor were taken aback by his nonchalance.

“Th-that’s it?” asked Flo. “Huh, I thought you would put up more of a fight. I mean, that’s why I brought along this strong Russian man.” She rubbed Viktor’s arm to emphasize how thick it was. He made Van look like a twig.

“Go tie yourself,” said Viktor.

Cox obliged. He walked with them all the way to the police station. Cox confessed everything and let Flo turn in the disc as evidence.

A few months later the trial happened, and while the judge was unsure what they meant about Monokuma or the killing game, the footage and the tears from Karega’s family was sufficient enough.

“H-he killed my wonderful onee-chan!” screamed Karemo. “I can’t live without my onee-chan!”

With that, the head juror declared a “guilty” and Cox was wheeled out of the room.

Flo lay on her bed. Every once in a while, she’d invite Viktor over. She needed his company at times. And he was more than happy to. She’d been consulting a therapist and a bar to get over what happened. The therapist had given her special permission to legally drink at 16. It was working bit by bit. The baristas had memorized her favorite cocktails now. She occasionally thought of her fellow survivors, hoping they went back to their daily lives okay. With Cox behind bars, Flo seemed to have tied all loose ends.

It’s all just a memory now, thought Flo… She suddenly started tearing up, there was still one thing she couldn’t come to terms with...

“Daddy…” she whispered. “Oh, why did you die?”

Viktor knocked at her door. She beckoned him to come in.

“Flo… you’re crying about your dad again.”

She gave a teary look at him.

“Well then,” Viktor smiled. An older man walked in from behind. He nearly tripped over his own shoelaces.

“Whoops,” he said. “Oh clumsy old me. Flo, come give daddy a hug!”

Flo gasped. She thrust himself into the man’s arms, her tears of sadness now tears of joy. She just couldn’t find the words to express how she felt. After everything she’d been through, at last, she was truly happy.

Spoiler: Jay
Stepping outside the confines of his prison for the summer, Jay gazed up into the bright, blue sky; the first he'd seen in a good long while. He watched as the other students began to walk off.

"Goodbye! I hope to see you again someday!" he called to them. Jay remained behind. Now, he was well and truly alone once again. He sat down on the front steps and examined the tattered remains of his patch; the one thing he'd made to remind him of Jeremy and an obstinate reminder to never give up hope. He still had Sakura's origami teaching cap of course, which he tried to keep in perfect shape. It would be proof of his friendship with Sakura. For now though, Jay just wanted to sit and think. Think about all the friendships he'd made. Think about the ones which he would be able to continue: Sakura, and maybe Flo and Ryuji too. He also thought about the ones which were cut off before their time: Sayako and, one he'd realized way too late, Arthur. He thought once more about the one he was able to tie off nicely just before it was too late: his friendship with SiRReN.

Jay felt like he'd been sitting there for well over an hour. Then a cheery voice blasted out behind him.

"Hey you, what are you still doing here?" The voice had come from the strange rabbit creature who had introduced herself at the very beginning: Monomi.

"Oh, it's you," Jay remarked flatly, "Monomi."

"At your service!" the rabbit responded, "What's got ya feeling so down?"

"I... I'm not ready to be done with this," Jay replied, "I must go find my brother, but... t-them." He motioned, indicating where the others had walked off.

"Of course you're not done! You haven't forgotten, have you?" Monomi asked, suddenly reaching a hand out to Jay's belt pack.

"Oh!" Jay interjected, quickly pushing away Monomi's hand, "Yeah, of course I remember. S-SiRReN's last wishes. I... I can never forget what she told me." Jay decided to reread his notes once again anyway.

"Hocus pocus!" Monomi shouted, waving her magic wand. Jay turned around to find the contents of his and SiRReN's rooms together on the ground nearby. There was a clothes rack with Jay's suit, several changes of clothes, and a large bag containing miscellaneous items hanging on it. There were several more racks filled with various cosplays, most of which Jay didn't recognize, and a myriad of sewing materials and fabric, a machine Jay recognized, and one he didn't. Monomi explained, "I can't have you leaving your stuff behind and the rooms remaining all messy now can I? So I took the liberty of cleaning everything up."

"O-oh, thanks!" Jay chirped, glancing at the strange machine, "Um, what's that?"

"Gimme!" Monomi said suddenly as she snatched the patch out of Jay's hand before he could protest. She took it over to the machine and went to work. Jay could only watch in awe as the patch was restored to its former state before his eyes. In fact, it was in even better shape: embroidered letters replaced the hastily painted-on ones and there was a nice, thick border around the patch to prevent it from fraying. Monomi also grabbed some gold-colored material from nearby and created three star-shaped patches with the numbers 1, 2, and 4 on them.

"Ta-dah!" Monomi called out as she presented the patch and three stars to the Wordsmith.

"W-wow! So is that like a 3D printer or something?" Jay asked, gladly receiving her handiwork, "And what are these for?"

"Well, um, not quite; it's just an embroidery machine," Monomi corrected, "But with someone possessing the proper talent behind it, or a magic wand--hehe--it can pretty much make anything, so I can see how you'd make that mistake. Oh! And the gold stars?" Monomi rushed back and began making more: two more with a 1, two more with a 2, two with a 3, and one with a 5. She tossed them wildly into the air, sending them flying in all directions. She continued her explanation, "Why, they're the MVP badges of course! Wear yours with pride! Oh, don't worry about those other ones; they'll get to where they need to be."

"Oh my, thanks!" Jay gasped, holding the stars and new patch close, "But... what about all this stuff? I can't just haul it off with me!"

"Already covered!" Monomi stated. Suddenly, a clipboard with paper and a pen appeared in Jay's hands, nearly causing him to drop his badges.
He quickly put them away while asking, astonished, "What's this for?"

"Dedication! Now!" insisted Monomi.

"O-oh! Right! Of course," Jay replied, complying. Putting pen to paper, his hand flew across the page, then several more times as a dedication letter appeared in the midst of the frantically-writing hand. The following is the result:

Jay's Dedication Letter wrote:
Dear Family, Friends, and Fans of Sarah, A.K.A. SiRReN,

It is with utmost sadness and regret that I must inform you that the amazing, wonderful, and talented SiRReN, the Ultimate Cosplayer, passed away several weeks ago. She was involved in an untimely accident, the details of which I do not wish to discuss here. Instead, let me leave you with her last words to me, and maintain the positive impression which you no doubt have of her.

Before that though, allow me to introduce myself. I am Jay Slezak. I am what some call a Wordsmith. I felt like I had known Sarah even before I met her just a month and a half ago. She arrived at the same summer school I did and we became fast friends. She taught me to sew and together we made outfits for a grand banquet to be attended by all the students. It... pains me to say this, but through no fault of her own, she had lost her talent. I'm thankful I was able to assist her with the creation of the outfits, but the events which transpired subsequently wounded me deeply.

Anyway, before she left me for the last time, she gave me this final message to send to all of you: "To my parents: I love you very much. To my fans: Always work towards your dreams. Even if you never get recognition for it, remember why you're doing it - because you love it. Because no matter what anyone says, you want to do it. Don't lose sight of that."

I really wish it was possible for me to make up for the immense void that the loss of such a great talent as SiRReN has no doubt created. I pray that this letter will suffice, along with all of the impeccable costumes which she left behind. I am leaving said costumes in capable hands to be distributed in the best way possible.

Finally, I must admit I will probably be unable to answer any lingering questions you may have, but if you ever wish to talk about it anyway, wish to know more about me, or have any other questions you believe I can answer, please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address enclosed. SiRReN was taken from the world way too soon, and it has been very difficult writing this letter. Rest assured that her spirit resides in a much better place now, no doubt making fantastic costumes for all those who also live there. She will be sorely missed and I cannot apologize enough that it had to be me who broke the news. All I can say though is: Heed SiRReN's final words. Keep being your amazing selves, never give up your hopes and dreams, and as they say in my hometown: Don't Forget To Be Awesome.

Sincerely yours,
Jay Slezak
Ultimate Wordsmith

Jay was crying hysterically after he completed and signed the letter. Monomi gently pulled it away from him.

"Thanks, Mr. Slezak. Final preparations are now done. I'll make sure everything goes where it needs to. Do you trust me to take care of it?" Monomi peered at Jay with a look which would seem more genuine if it wasn't coming from an anthropomorphic rabbit.

"Y-yes. Do what you will," Jay conceded with a sigh, wiping away his tears. He had no idea how he would have handled the process, but he assumed whoever Monomi really was was perfectly capable of keeping it under control. With another wave of Monomi's magic wand, Jay's letter, along with the racks of costumes, disappeared into the ether, all except for one. Another quick flick caused the costume to appear around Jay. A full-length mirror also materialized right in front of him. This startled him, nearly causing him to tumble to the ground. With a quick sidestep, he regained his balance and simply admired.

Jay was now dressed in a white button-up shirt. He was also clothed in a predominantly dark blue waistcoat, dress pants, and top hat. These three items displayed a pattern that consisted of various square cutouts of letters in various styles, colors, and typefaces thrown together in a pile. Dark blue-framed reading glasses now decorated Jay's hazel eyes and he was surprised to discover similar mechanisms to his magnifying monocle along the arms, allowing him to zoom and focus each eye independently.

"O-oh my words, she made this for me!?" Jay exclaimed with a cheer, performing a pirouette ending in a flourish. The mirror vanished as suddenly as it had appeared.

"Yup! You really look the part now," Monomi declared, "Though I kinda... helped, a bit."

"Vintage... with a flair for the dramatic. It's perfect!" remarked Jay. Another wave of the magic wand, and Jay's belt pack reappeared around his waist.

"Whoops, almost forgot that. Sorry!" Monomi apologized.

Jay looked around him and saw that the clothing racks were now empty and the two machines were gone. In their place, a large steamer trunk, now containing the aforementioned items, rested on the ground. An official Hope's Peak luggage tag was tied around one of the straps and contained Jay's personal information. A carry-on suitcase sat on top of the trunk sporting an identical tag.

Monomi suddenly gasped, looking a bit flustered, "Jay, you'd best hurry! The plane's leaving soon!"

"P-Plane? What are you talking about? Where am I going?" he asked, worried.

"Off with you now! Can't dilly-dally any longer! Good luck on the quest to find your brother," Monomi called as she retreated into the school and closed the doors behind her with a loud thud.

Suddenly, a first-class ticket and a stack of currency appeared in his hands. Before he knew what was going on, a yellow taxicab pulled up.

The driver, dressed in standard cabbie garb, yelled out, "G'day, mate! You called for a ride, yes? What're you waiting for? You said it was urgent, didn'tcha? C'mon then."

"R-right! Right away!" Jay shouted with resignation as he hastily grabbed the handle of the steamer trunk and ran for the rear of the cab. With a lot of effort and the assistance of the driver, he loaded his luggage and himself in the back seat and the two sped off towards the rest of Jay's life.

Along the way, Jay attempted to recount the events that had transpired over the summer. The cabbie seemed to listen intently to his words, letting out reactional grunts and gasps whenever a twist was discussed. Before long, they had arrived at the passenger drop-off area of the airport.

"...And that is how I spent my summer." Jay concluded.

"Crikey! Mister Jay, if I wasn't in the driving business, I'd totally write a book about your story!" The driver complimented as Jay handed him his fare, "I've always wanted to compose a brilliant mystery book like that one famous author. Ranpo, was it? Anyway, gotta run! Enjoy your trip!" The driver exited the vehicle and assisted Jay with unloading his luggage, then reentered the driver's side and hurried away to his next waiting passenger. Jay sighed with relief and finality. It was over. It was all over. Even though Jay had no idea where he was off to, he would welcome his new destination with open arms. He strolled inside the airport and began the next leg of his journey.

Jay spent the next few weeks putting his life back in order. The mysterious plane ticket led him back to his hometown, somewhere in the eastern United States. He had no family to go back to and hadn’t really made a lot of friends in middle or high school, so he was pretty much left alone. He found some comfort in returning to his parents’ old house, discovering that a monthly maid service had kept it clean for the duration that Jay was away at Hope’s Peak. They showed up and did their work on the first of the month, so Jay found out about them just a couple days after he had returned.

Jay spent the entirety of his first day back home organizing his emails, deleting all the irrelevant ones and flagging really important ones to respond to later. The trunk remained in the middle of the living room until Jay heard a knock on the door--the maid service--and had to be hastily hidden in the closet of his bedroom. Jay discovered that his letter had made it to several message and discussion boards and social media sites that the Ultimate Cosplayer had frequented. The reactions were, as Jay expected, mixed between skeptical disbelief, genuine shock and sadness, and nostalgic discourse. He found login instructions to the accounts, which were created in his name and used to post his letter, emailed to him by a mysterious sender calling herself “monomi11037”. Jay wished he could take a break and allow the tragic events of the summer to drift out of his mind, but he also didn’t want his story to be forgotten. Thus, he did his best to explain himself and the letter, expand upon details of the events of the summer school, and find out exactly where all those costumes had been sent.

He never forgot about his other friends. Every day he searched for new info about Flo Yates, Ryuji Arisato, Sakura Himawari, Matt Cognomen, and even Solomon Cox. The ones who didn’t make it certainly hadn’t escaped Jay’s curious mind: Connie, Karega Shinda, Subaru Musashi, Cesar, SiRReN, Susan Brown, Alchie Elwyn, Van Waterfield, Charlotte Bloom, Sayako Amachi, and Arthur Ranpo. SiRReN, Sayako, and Arthur were the most difficult for Jay to deal with of course. The pictures and descriptions he found only served to remind him just how fond his memories of them had become. He even searched for information on the new students he’d briefly met just after Arthur’s execution: Sonny Copperfield, Collin Reed, Daniel Elwyn, Karemo Shinda, and Grayson Brown.

He logged everything he found particularly relevant into a document of important people. His time at summer school had taught him that the more you can write down about someone, the better friendship you have with them. He actually managed to locate the channel on which Sakura livestreamed, but noticed she hadn’t broadcast anything for a couple months. He followed it on the off-chance that she’d go live once again someday.

Jay’s obsession with finding out what happened to his friends finally caught up with him when he realized that he hadn’t eaten anything or taken care of his routines for two days straight. It was then he decided something had to change. He set up an auto-response and shut down his computer, vowing to not turn it on again until he recovered.

The next three days were the most difficult for Jay. Constant anxiety, random emotional breakdowns, and spontaneous fits of depression plagued him. Every night, he had dreams and nightmares relating to the various happenings he’d experienced during summer school.

Suddenly, the fourth day, things changed. The night before, he’d had a vision about his brother. In the dream, Jeremy looked concerned but slightly disappointed. He told Jay that he needn’t worry; what he was experiencing was normal and that if he could be strong for others, he needed to learn to do the same for himself.

“Don’t let your loneliness get to you,” he advised, “You’ll see the others again someday. I’m sure of it. Until then, there will be nobody to help you, but you already have the skills you need to persevere. Cry for me, cry for the others, but then move forward. You’re almost there, Jay, even if the goal seems so far away on the horizon that there’s no hope of reaching it. I know you know better than that. Keep following your instincts, and they will show you the way. Until then, I have work to do. Come find me when the time is right.”

Jay woke up the next day and dragged himself out of bed, determined to perform his morning routine. “I…” he muttered, suddenly surprised by the sound of his own voice. He hadn’t spoken a word in days and had almost forgotten what his own voice sounded like. “I want some donuts. Donuts, and a nice hot cup of coffee sound really good right now.” That was the tastiest breakfast he’d had in awhile. Sometimes, all it takes to remember to enjoy life is indulging in simple pleasures. A nice, fresh, unhealthy breakfast turned out to be Jay’s reminder of this fact.

His momentum restored, Jay stopped into a local hobby shop and purchased some origami paper and instruction manuals for creating origami models and sewing basic garments. He desperately searched for books written by the ones who would have been most skilled in those talents: Sakura and SiRReN, but alas, he had no luck.

Undaunted, he rushed back home and enjoyed a nice lunch of cold cuts and sliced cheese on wheat bread. As he ate, he studied the books he’d bought. Before Jay realized it, his house was filled with diverse origami creations and random assortments of patterned garments. One can say this about Jay: When he puts his mind to something, he’ll follow it to its logical conclusion. He could easily be a candidate for Ultimate Overachiever--just like this story seems to be.

Anyway, after unloading his assorted collection of boredom-fueled creations, giving most of them away but managing to make a pretty penny with a few of the others, Jay set on the task of returning to Hope’s Peak proper. His senior year was about to start after all, and Jay began to prepare himself. He never did find out what happened to his friends before he had to go back, but he never gave up hope. Every day he’d stare at his patch and remember the mantra he’d left for himself and for others. With that, the first day back to school arrived. Jay set foot back into Hope’s Peak, very much alive, and very much ready to take on the world. This is where Jay’s story draws to a close for the moment. Full of potential and most of all, full of hope.

Jay End: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Just Keep On Writing.

Spoiler: Ryuji
Months passed after the killing game had ended, and Ryuji had never really felt the same. His anxiety over people he didn’t know grew -- it was a side effect of watching how brutal the human condition could be. Trust became an ever growing issue for him as attempted to stride back into the world. With the world unaware of the killing game, he was worried about what how people would react if Ryuji had told anyone. So he kept it to himself.

As the group left the school, Ryuji remembered something Arthur had said about his father. Wishing to tribute and immortalize Arthur’s work, Ryuji requested to join Flo in the search for Arthur’s father. Soon after they met up with him, they notified him of his son’s death, while the film rights for Arthur’s stories were passed onto Ryuji. He continues to try and find a studio to fund the film, and he wishes every day that Arthur were alive to see how his creations unfolded. To this day, it’s still a struggle.

Amongst the challenge of securing production for Arthur’s film, the thought of Tatsuya had permeated through Ryuji’s mind, swamping his psyche completely. When Ryuji had left the school, finding Tatsuya was his priority -- nothing was more crucial to him. The moment Ryuji had exited the walls of the school, he quickly boarded a flight in order to get to home. He remembers walking into Tatsuya’s house, rushing up the stairs, hoping to find Tatsuya somewhere. But he was nowhere to be found -- and there was no trace of him anywhere.

He waited weeks in Tatsuya’s home, hoping that one day Tatsuya would enter through the front doors. It was then he decided he would follow Flo in order to find Arthur’s father.

One night, while resting in his room, he gazed at the script that he was able to acquire that sat in front of him. He lay his head down on the wooden desk in front of him, twirling his pencil in between his fingers, trying to find inspiration, but it never came to him. Day after day, his passion for acting dwindled as his hope in finding Tatsuya grew dimmer and dimmer. All he could do was force himself to focus on the film adaption, but how could he? Ryuji wanted badly to produce this film in Arthur’s honor, but without the passion, it was hopeless to him.

There were weeks that had passed where Ryuji wouldn’t leave the house, still waiting for Tatsuya, hoping that someday inspiration would strike him on the chin. One fateful & silent night, Ryuji couldn’t take it anymore. On a whim, he left the house, in a desperate frenzy to search for Tatsuya, searching through all of their usual spots. He passed by the theatre where he had first performed himself -- the very same theatre where Tatsuya and Ryuji met for the first time. It was in a horrible state: old, dirty, and derelict. A large foreclosure sign hung at the entrance where the bright lights once shone through the night. Suddenly, he walked inside.

The hallways were dark and cobwebs were spread across the walls. As Ryuji walked through the darkness, he could see the grand chandeliers hanging from the ceilings that shot light out across the rooms. He could see actors and actresses in their dressing rooms, putting on makeup so that the spotlights wouldn’t repudiate their beauty. He stumbled into the main theatre, where he could see himself standing on stage, taking a bow for the dozens of attendees that relished in his art. But as he walked towards the stage, he saw the tattered curtains closed around the wooden floor, covering it’s imminent beauty. As Ryuji approached the stage, he could see a hand peek out from behind the curtains, as if it were searching for something important.

Suddenly, the lights came on. They brightened and brightened and shone onto the stage, and the curtains opened with gravitas. Standing in the middle of a stage was a healthy, young looking man in a grandiose costume, who offered him his hand. His red hair shone brightly amongst the shining lights, and his smile was as pure as anyone could see.

“T-Tatsuya..!” Ryuji exclaimed excitedly, as he eagerly grabbed his hand and climbed onto the stage. The two were stuck in a timeless embrace, as the lights around him grew brighter and brighter. The orchestra pit filled with the grand sound of instruments and song, and the backstage and balconies suddenly filled with the staff responsible for carrying out their stories, while the seats filled with the eager faces of people relegating their attention onto Ryuji and Tatsuya.

“You’ve come home…” Tatsuya said gently. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Tatsuya...Y-You don’t know how much I have to tell you…”

“It’s’re okay.”

“I-I missed you so much..!”

“I know...I did too.”

Ryuji let out a few sobs, before wiping away the tears in his eyes and looking at Tatsuya with his innocent, child-like eyes. “I-I’m home..!”

Tatsuya nodded, let out another gentle smile, and placed his hands around Ryuji’s cheeks. “Ryuji... I have to tell you something.”

The lights surrounding them dimmed. The people up in the balconies moved the spotlights into the stage. Suddenly, Ryuji and Tatsuya’s tender moment was on the forefront, the lights shining around them and only them, their surroundings covered in darkness. Ryuji could hear the orchestra in the pit below them playing a soft, solemn tune on the violin.

Tatsuya wiped the few tears that fell from Ryuji’s eyes, and patted him on the cheek.

“This isn’t our moment…” Tatsuya said. “This isn’t real.”

Ryuji looked up at Tatsuya’s face, blurring away. “W-What..?”
“Ryuji...It’s not our time to see each other again.”

Ryuji’s eyes widened, his tears quickly making the shift from elation to anguish. “W-What do you mean..? We’re seeing each other right now, aren’t we? Tatsuya! T-This is real!” Ryuji desperately grabbed onto Tatsuya, seizing his arm, neck, and face in order to affirm that Tatsuya was standing in front of him. “See?!”

All Tatsuya could do in response is shake his head.

The image of Tatsuya blurred further and further. Soon, Ryuji could barely recognize the man standing in front of him.

“...W-When? When is..? Tatsuya, when do I get to see you again..?”

Despite the blurring of Tatsuya’s face, he could tell the figure in front of him was smiling. It was a gentle smile that filled Ryuji with both sadness, yet confidence.

“Don’t you remember? I promised you that when you came back, I’d be here. So just wait a little longer, alright?”

The figure faded, blending into the darkness. The spotlight fell on Ryuji, kneeling down on the ground, in absolute defeat. The audience, staff, and songs faded away as Ryuji looked up at the man in front of him who had drawn the curtains. In front of him was a man in a hard-hat, looking puzzled and concerned.

“...You alright, son?” the man asked to Ryuji.



“W-Where am I?”

“...The Kinmokusei theatre.”


“Kid, are you alright? Looks like you haven’t slept an inch. Do you need me to call someone?”

Ryuji shook his head, tearing up. “I’m sorry...T-This used to be an important place to me...I-I would come here all the time…a-and now it’s closing, huh..?”

The man tilted his head, studying Ryuji’s face before his face brightened, beaming with excitement. “H-Hey! You’re Ryuji Arisato, aren’t ya? That famous movie star? My daughter and I are huge fans of yours, y’know!”

Ryuji looked up and gave a soft smile. “T-Thank you…”

“Wait a minute...I remember now! You even acted on this stage -- you started here, didn’t you? This was like the birthplace of your career, or something!”

“Y-Yes...M-My passions for acting really started in this theatre. I was surprised to see it shut down like this.”

“Man! I’m surprised I didn’t recognize you at first. I used to watch your shows all the time! They were really great.”

“T-That’s really kind of you...I appreciate it very much. I-It’s just a shame that this theatre is closing now…”

The man scratched his head and gave a regretful look. “Well, nothin’ much you can do about that. Once you and that guy you always performed with left the theatre, there wasn’t much attractin’ crowds anymore.”

“I...I didn’t realize our departure hurt this theatre that much…”

“’s too bad. But when you have a career like yours, it’s not hard to see why you left this place. And that guy you worked with too. What was his name..? Tatsuya Amari? He was pretty good too, y’know.”

Ryuji winced at the mention of his name. “Y-Yes...He was amazing…”

“Last I heard of him, he was transferred to some hospital upstate a few weeks ago. He was real sick, that’s what they were all saying.”

“W-Wait, he’s alive..?”

The man looked at him puzzled. “Well he contacted us about a month ago or something. Actors don’t die. It’s their obligation not to. Or some sucker out there’s gonna be good and depressed for weeks.”

“Y-You wouldn’t happen to know --”

“‘Fraid I don’t. No one knows, but he did come up to us in a frenzy and told us to hold off on the de-construction of this here place. Said when he came back, he needed to meet some special in here.”


“He’s probably just recoverin’ from somethin’ in that hospital up there. I guess he meant you, didn’t he?”

Ryuji nodded fiercely. “P-Please! Don’t destroy this theatre! T-This place is like my second home!”

“We hafta!” he spouted, holding up his hands in defense. “Place couldn’t pay its rent to the bank. Bank didn’t wanna compromise.”

Ryuji eyes held a determined stare as stood up with confidence. “I-I’ll pay this missing debt! I have plenty of money! And I have lots more coming in!”

The man tilted his head. “You? You wanna fix this place?”

Ryuji nodded furiously.

“Well, I’ll be. Y’know I love the theatre myself. You’re gonna have to talk to my contractor though. He’s the one heading up the bank’s orders. They didn’t even know what they were gonna replace this place with. Just that it was a hassle to keep open and they wanted it shut down right away.”

“N-No! I’ll pay for the rent! A-And I’ll restore this place! I’ll do it myself!”

The man let out a goofy smile. “Well, I don’t know if that’s possible or not, but you can certainly try. I won’t stop ya.” Reaching into his pocket, he rummaged through cigarettes and lighters before he pulled out a business card and handed it to Ryuji. “My contractor. He can link you with the bank.”

Ryuji’s eyes shone brightly as he took the card with both hands, immediately grabbing his phone.

“Getting right to it, huh? Well, ‘fraid you can’t do it here. As much as I’d like you to stay, you aren’t allowed back here by law. No one is -- trespassing, you see. I don’t wanna have to call the police on you.”

“O-Oh, right. Thank you, sir!”

Ryuji hurried out of the theatre, and on his way out, the hallways didn’t seem so grim anymore. He rushed outside, into the dark of night, and he closed his eyes, imagining the surprise that Tatsuya would feel once he returned and saw that their favorite place was being restored.

A few months had passed after that fateful night. Days had passed since Ryuji called the contractor, and it took even longer to convince the bank that the theatre was worth saving. But he prevailed. On the day of the big re-opening, Ryuji eagerly waited the arrival of the friends he invited, and the crowds that would soon gather around the front of the door, waiting to get inside and witness the Ultimate Actor in his natural habitat. He shook nervously backstage, wondering whether or not his newly found passion would be enough. He held a letter in his hand -- it was sent from a hospital that notified Ryuji that the Tatsuya was present in their care, though they were not obligated to release his current condition.

Regardless, Ryuji was finally hopeful again.The news that Tatsuya might once come back to Ryuji charged him with the energy he needed. Hands shaking, he stepped out onto the stage. This time, the audience in front of him was real. All of the lights that shone brightly on his face, the makeup covering the trickling sweat was real, and the orchestra in the pit, playing frenetic music over the dramatic performances was real. Everything to Ryuji at that one moment was the most genuine thing he had ever felt.

The play in question? An adaption of one of Arthur’s greatest mystery stories released to the public. Ryuji’s arms were outstretched, reaching towards the audience, in a passion that he had never felt before. He was reaching for something that to others would seem unattainable, but to Ryuji, felt like something that was within his grasp, waiting for him to take it.

“Come back to me, my love!” Ryuji shouted towards the audience, a vigor overtaking him. “Just like that night!”
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