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Danganronpa F2: Prisoner's Dilemma- Epilogue
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Author:  Lone [ Sat Dec 16, 2017 11:51 pm ]
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"...I can't be on Monokuma 24/7. Even a businessman needs at least 4 hours of sleep."

Author:  MechaQdogg [ Sat Dec 16, 2017 11:53 pm ]
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"So... does that mean you have an Mono-accomplice? A Robyn to yer Boryn?" Maribelle asked. "Or was Monokuma just on autopilot mode like he is now?"

Author:  Lone [ Sat Dec 16, 2017 11:57 pm ]
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"Well... the two other survivors are off doing their own killing games. But besides that, I'm here working alone."

Author:  MechaQdogg [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:02 am ]
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Maribelle shrugged. "Then it must've been that Bud snuck into the Library and cloned Bison's handbook. He used it to access the shutter controls to access the other floors from the fourth, and leave the notes fer us."

Author:  Lone [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:20 am ]
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"That is correct. Yes, Bud wrote all those notes. Unfortunately, he couldn't quite spell 'business' and kept erasing and rewriting it. And now..."

1) How was this class brought to the prison school?
2) Who is the mastermind?
3) What is the purpose of this killing game?
4) How hasn’t anyone come to rescue them yet?
5) Who wrote the notes found on each floor?
6) Stay or leave?

"The final question. Each of you will get a vote. Once either option reaches a unanimous vote, this trial will end. If you choose to leave, and if you fulfill the stipulations, I will punish myself. You will be able to use a boat from the boathouse. If you just blindly vote leave, then I shall only let Raymond go. The rest of you will be executed. If you choose stay, then you can remain here, and we shall recoup with the survivors of the other killing games. They should be just about finishing up now too. We will proceed to rewire Hope's Peak into how it should truly be. Heh. Choose wisely."

Author:  MechaQdogg [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:23 am ]
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"...what's so special 'bout Raymond? He wasn't the blackened-- as far as the rules're concerned, he's the same as the rest of us." Maribelle asked.

Author:  Lone [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:24 am ]
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"He's actually killed someone. He fulfills the stipulations. The rest of you, need to prove something else to me."

Author:  Salem [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:26 am ]
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“Haven’t we proved enough already?” Veronica asks. “What more do you want us to prove?!”

Author:  MechaQdogg [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 6:11 am ]
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"When ya were talkin' to Bud about bein' the traitor..." said Maribelle, " said you were gonna make Chisami kill him if he refused. What'd you mean by that?"

Author:  Lone [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 6:22 am ]
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"I had the power to change their plans. All killer's sent their murder plans to me first, then took action. How else did Ray know breaking the incinerator would cause the pipe on floor 2 to burst? How did Damien have a perfect grasp of the scream box? I helped them each and every time, Chisami being no exception. She wouldn't be able to have her murder without my assistance. So that's why I made her pick Bud."

Author:  MechaQdogg [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:49 pm ]
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"You forced her to pick Bud?" asked Maribelle. "If she didn't have any say in the matter, don't that make you Bud's murderer at least as much as she was? Even if she set her mind on murderin' someone, yer the one that pointed her towards Bud, 'n' wouldn't let her kill anyone else. In my mind that makes you more culpable than she was."

"Anyway, ya have these stipulations, right?" said Maribelle, non-plussed. "Obviously one of 'em is that if ya kill, you can leave, regardless if'n ya were the blackened, or whether you were caught. Unfortunately that makes Raymond immune from execution. Not how I'd like to see it, but then again, I ain't the author o' this tragedy, am I?"

Author:  Planetbox [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 4:36 pm ]
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"Y'know, old man," Simon remarks, "You keep yammerin' on and on about overcoming obstacles and surviving awful conditions in order to 'prove' the worth of our talents... but look at what you're doin' now! Telling us to stick around here, doin' what you want, with you lookin' over our backs 24/7... What kinda sense does that make? How are we supposed to 'prove' anything for ourselves?

"Well, I have a better idea... We all go back into the world, whether we're remembered or not, and make a name for ourselves again. We can persevere through the harsh conditions and reach even greater heights... Y'know, just like what you did... but without the whole murder part."

Author:  Kachu [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 4:53 pm ]
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Raymond chuckles at Simon's statement. "Now that sounds like a good plan to me. No way I'll stick around here anyways. Going out without a single thing in our name sounds a hell of a lot better than whatever you have planned for us there, Byron."

Author:  Salem [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 4:58 pm ]
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“I’m with Simon. I don’t give a damn if anyone out there remembers me or not. I have Maribelle and Simon with me, and my friends watching over me. There’s no way in hell I’m going to stay here, you old bastard.”

Author:  Lone [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 5:02 pm ]
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"Very well. You guys know the magnitude of your decision. You have fulfilled the requirements and may cast your votes."

Author:  MechaQdogg [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:08 pm ]
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"'Fore we do that..." said Maribelle. "What was the deal with yer wife 'n' Spriggs? I only ask 'cause I'm curious. They were killed as part of a killin' game, right? What was the deal with that way back when?"

Author:  Lone [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:50 pm ]
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"You wanna hear me talk more? Fascinating. Yes, they were killed as part of the killing game. We set it up ourselves. We wanted to see if we were truly worthy of overthrowing the corrupt Hope's Peak. Those of us who survived, are. The others, not. You guys have proved yourselves, just like I did then. Then again, my fellow survivors, Wilder and Nix, their killing games didn't end well. All the students killed themselves and took their masterminds down with them. Perhaps this is the best outcome."

Author:  Kachu [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:03 pm ]
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"You think you've convinced us enough to do what you want?" Raymond asks. "You'd be punished yourself if we all just vote to leave. You seem awfully calm old man."

Author:  Lone [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:08 pm ]
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Byron shrugs.

"I do not fear death. I've made my mark on this world. Only then, can I reunite with Bud and Joanna... my wife. It means I leave Beckie on this earth, but she's useless and I don't care about her anyway."

Author:  MechaQdogg [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:21 pm ]
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Maribelle shook her head. "What? You killed yer wife and yer son. If'n you wanted to be with them, surely the easier way is just... not to have done that, right?"

Author:  Lone [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:25 pm ]
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"They died because they were unworthy, that's the way it goes..."

Author:  MechaQdogg [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F2: Prisoner's Dilemma- Ch. 6 Class Trial

Lone wrote:
"They died because they were unworthy, that's the way it goes..."

"...but you wanted to be with 'em..." said Maribelle. "If'n they don't meet yer standards, if they're 'unworthy', why do you wanna see 'em again?"

She shrugged and looked at Simon. "You reckon this is what Bud had in mind when he wrote to 'throw his words back in his face' or whatever?"

Author:  Planetbox [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:45 pm ]
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MechaQdogg wrote:
She shrugged and looked at Simon. "You reckon this is what Bud had in mind when he wrote to 'throw his words back in his face' or whatever?"

"Eh, I think we've thrown plenty of things in his face already..." Simon responds, "Can we just get to the voting already? I'm getting really tired of this guy..."

Author:  MechaQdogg [ Mon Dec 18, 2017 12:23 am ]
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Maribelle nodded. "If'n yer satisfied, then maybe it's time to end this. Colin, 'n' Cain... I'll never forget either of them, 'r anyone who died here, even if no one else remembers me. Maybe the people that died were the lucky ones after all... "

"...but I'm ready to get outta here and start livin' my life on my own terms. Even if no one remembers me, I'll make everyone remember what happened here." Maribelle said resolutely. "I'm voting to leave this place behind. Will y'all take that step with me?

Author:  Planetbox [ Mon Dec 18, 2017 1:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F2: Prisoner's Dilemma- Ch. 6 Class Trial

"Hell yeah, I am," Simon replies, "At least now I've got a chance to start over, instead of havin' my mistakes following me through my entire life. ...And believe me, there were a lot of them."

Simon pulls out his camera, looks at it, and adds, "Who knows, maybe I can do something with this footage... I've even got a few things from the people who are gone on here... Either way, I might as well preserve this momentous occasion for years to come."

Simon points the camera at himself and turns it on. He waves cheerfully and shouts, "Hey guys, Sike3425 here! Today, we're gonna be sticking it to this old geezer over here!" He turns the camera around and zooms it in unnecessarily close to Byron's face at a rather unflattering angle. Then he points it towards the "Stay" and "Leave" buttons and continues, "Alright, guys, let's make this a little interesting, okay? On the count of three, everybody type '#ByronLauSUCKS' into the comments. Got it? Okay, here goes: 1... 2... 3!"

Simon slams his fist into the 'Leave' button.

Author:  Kachu [ Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F2: Prisoner's Dilemma- Ch. 6 Class Trial

Raymond chuckles to himself a bit.

"You've got some interesting ideas, old man. It's a shame they're all terrible. No chance in hell am I going to stick around with you when there are things left out there that I need to do, if people know me or not. I'm ready to face the world again. Not like I had a whole lot left for me in the first place. Plus I owe it to everyone else here to have you punished. Least I can do, right? I'm getting off this damn island if you want it or not."

Raymond presses the 'Leave' button.

Author:  Salem [ Mon Dec 18, 2017 4:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F2: Prisoner's Dilemma- Ch. 6 Class Trial

"I'm with you, Maribelle." Veronica responds.

"I've made a lot of memories here, both good and bad. I made friends here, something I thought I'd never do. I fell in love, which is also something else I thought I'd would never happen. But it's time to leave. Even if no one remembers me, I have a promise to fulfill, both to Yuma and my mother. To hell with you and your killing game, old man! I am the heir to the Warren clan, and you will not stop me here!"

Veronica forcefully presses the 'leave' button.

Author:  Lone [ Mon Dec 18, 2017 4:57 am ]
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"Very well. You have proven yourselves, and if that is your wish, I will not hold you back."

Byron pulls out a device and pushes a few buttons. The class hears a click off in the distance.

"The fingerprint scanner will react to anyone's prints now. You may all leave. But first..."

Byron pulls out two amulets. He hands one to Ray.

"As you wanted. Give this to your brother now."

He gives the other to Veronica.

"Yuma requested this be given to your grandma. I'm sure he'd rather you keep it for yourself however."

He heads back to his podium.

"That's all from me. And now, for the final time. It's, punishment time!"


Spoiler: Busy Busy Businessman
Byron sits at his podium and does nothing.
"Hey, what's going on!" shouts Veronica.
"Aren't'cha meant to be executin' yerself?" says Maribelle.

Byron grins.

"I am. This is my punishment. Living out the rest of my days on this island to die of old age."

Author:  Kachu [ Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F2: Prisoner's Dilemma- Ch. 6 Class Trial

Without a word, Raymond takes the harpoon gun from the Vigilante RC out from his cloak and shoots Byron, the harpoon piercing his chest as he sits on his podium.

"Farewell, old man." Raymond says before throwing the gun right at Byron, looking him dead in the eye. "A more worthy punishment, I'd say."

Author:  Lone [ Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F2: Prisoner's Dilemma- Game Over

The class watches as Byron collapses onto the ground. He's dead. At long last.

The rest of the class eyes Raymond suspiciously.

"I doubt you'll ever forgive me for Aria," he says. "But I did what I must."

He heads out of the courtroom. The other survivors follow.

The class takes the elevator back up. It leads them onto the beach, right by the boathouse. They stare it up for a while longer.

"We're finally getting out of here!" says Simon.
"Yup," says Veronica. "C'mon Giles. We have a whole world to reintroduce ourselves to." Giles flicks his tail.
Maribelle pets Constantine's head.
"You've been great. The world needs to remember a dog like you!"

They enter the boathouse. Simon places his finger onto the scanner. It dings, and four boats are released.

"So he was telling the truth," says Veronica. "Finally, we can go home!"
"It has been too long," says Maribelle. "All the memories of the dead, we must honor them. Live on in their name."
"Definitely," says Simon. "This is my... our second chance at life. I will do whatever I can to make it work. And make sure everyone's memories live on!"

They gather some final rations from the cafeteria. They hop in on the boats and head off, to wherever the wind may take them.

The End

Final Survivors: Simon, Raymond, Maribelle, Veronica
Successful Graduates: None

Author:  Lone [ Sat Dec 30, 2017 4:13 am ]
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Spoiler: Simon
Simon sits on a bench in a quiet neighborhood, his laptop on his lap in front of him. The street’s monotony is only interrupted by the occasional street traffic. A line of tall houses are in front of and behind him.

Right in front of Simon is one such house, distinguishable from the rest only thanks to the two flags hanging side-by-side out the window: one for the U.S.A., and the other for Poland. Nothing seems to be going on in the house, but something should happen soon. In fact, that’s what Simon is waiting for.

Until then, he opens a video, named “ToVeronicaAndMaribelle.mp4”. As the title suggests, the recording is addressed to Veronica and Maribelle, though he hasn’t sent it yet. He had to go somewhere with a stable internet connection first.

Simon presses the Play button.

Simon smiles and waves as the video begins. He says, “Hey guys-” Suddenly cutting himself off he mumbles, “Err... just girls, I guess… Hold on, what was I talking abou-”

The video unexpectedly cuts back to the beginning, but this time, Simon says, “Hey, Simon here! I hope the two of you are doing well. I just thought I’d record this to tell you how I’ve been doing recently.”

Simon looks thoughtfully around the plain room he’s recording in, and continues, “So… Let’s see… Obviously, the whole ‘Sike3425’ thing isn’t gonna happen anymore, at least not for awhile…”

Simon stares solemnly at his old YouTube channel. It’s almost entirely devoid of subscribers, which is obviously to be expected thanks to the huge dearth of updates and memory loss among his viewers. At this point, it seems like a bad idea to start using it again, especially since he doesn’t really have a stable income. He’d need something that would go viral in order to stand a chance.

Clicking on the ‘Videos’ tab, he scrolls through some of his past video game reviews and stream highlights, with a few random prank videos thrown in. The memories come flooding back. It was a simpler time back then, but that was the only reason he truly missed it. Nowadays, things weren’t so simple… But things being complex meant there were more things to live for.

Simon scrolls past a video titled, “EPIC FIRE TRUCK PRANK!!! [TOTALLY RAD] [POLICE CAME] [LIVE FROM HOSPITAL]”

Simon immediately deletes it.

In the recording, Simon continues, “But… it’s not all bad. I actually managed to get another job! I mean, it’s not particularly high-paying, but it’s something!” Simon tries to smile happily, but his eyes are filled with disappointment.

Simon stands behind a counter in a crowded building. His ears are constantly assaulted by the screams of children, whose parents seem to be too busy eating to worry about keeping them quiet. The noise is occasionally interrupted by the “cha-ching” of the cash registers in front of him, relics in a world of electronics and computers, which had been due to be replaced for approximately five years now. The only other noises Simon can hear are those of the people talking in the kitchen, frying some cholesterol-filled delectables to hell and back for the horde of hungry customers already arriving for the lunch rush.

Simon sighs in annoyance, silently cursing the man who had put him into this position.

Seeing a woman approach the counter, Simon musters up all the cheerfulness he used to be famous for and says, “Hello! Welcome to McDonald’s! What can we get you today?”

It soon becomes apparent that the woman hadn’t yet considered her order, and, judging by her reaction, Simon’s question was one that required deep, metaphysical ramifications. While waiting, Simon casts his eyes upon the crowd of patrons. He notices some random kid slam another kid’s face into his Big Mac and can’t help chuckling at it.

“ExCUSE ME?!” The woman suddenly shouts, in a scratchy voice with a tone that seems to fluctuate madly. “What are YOU LAUGHing at?!”

Simon, caught off guard by the remark, mumbles, “...What?”

“It’s my DRESS isn’t it?” The woman replies, gesturing towards her utterly unremarkable dress. “I bet YOU THINK it makes ME LOOK FAT! Well, Y’KNOW WHAT? I’m not paying you to be a FASHION CRITIC, I’m paying you to get me MY GOT-DANG FOOD!”

In the next few seconds, Simon comes up with about five or six comebacks that would deep-fry the woman to an extent far beyond anything listed on the menu. However, Simon couldn’t afford to get fired. So he just takes a deep breath and replies, “Thanks for the input. …Now about your order?”

Simon sighs, looking away from the camera. He mumbles, “So… uh, if you guys know of any better jobs that’d be willing to hire random teens, feel free to hit me up.”

Seeming to cheer up a little, Simon adds, “Still, working there hasn’t been all bad. My co-workers are really cool, and they even share some of my interests!”

“You guys better watch out!” Simon shouts, “You’re about to find out the hard way that I’m extremely skilled at this game!”

“Oh, like how you were ‘extremely skilled’ at Melee?” a girl about Simon’s age with long, brown hair replies from next to Simon on the couch - which is torn in several places, fitting the shabby conditions of the storage closet it’s in.

“Sh- Shut up, Emily!” Simon says, “I was just having an off-day. If I had fought you two at my full potential, your minds would have literally exploded.”

A similarly aged guy with blonde hair that looks like it’s been combed with a rake finishes plugging a game console into a small, box-like television. He turns to the couch where Simon and Emily are sitting and says, “Well, I hope you’re at your full potential today. Because this may be the most important game you’ve played in your entire life!”

“What the heck?” Simon says. “Dave, could ya’ just cut it with all the weird ruddy stuff? It’s really not as cool as you think it is.”

Ignoring him, Dave continues, “This is going to a be a very special competition… You see, whoever loses has to stay after tonight and clean up the entire restaurant!”

Emily gasps and shouts, “God, Dave, I just came here to play Mario Kart, not to gamble with my life.”

“This is no gamble!” Dave shouts, aiming his Wii remote at Emily like a sword. “This is a duel! A showdown of skill and luck, fought bitterly to the bitter end! Only skill will decide who gains the spoils of victory and who must suffer the consequences of defeat.”

Emily rolls her eyes and says, “So, what are the ‘spoils of victory,’ then? The kid-size french fries that one family left on their table?”

Before Dave can reply, Simon shouts, “And what kinda horrible consequence is having to clean the restaurant after hours?”

Dave laughs, shakes his head, and replies, “Oh, Simon… If only I could be so naive again!”

“Trust me, Simon,” Emily adds. “You haven’t really suffered until you’ve had to scrape boogers out from inside the tubes in the Kid Zone.”

Dave turns on the television, and the main menu of Mario Kart Wii appears on-screen. Dave tosses some Wii remotes at the other two and sits down next to Simon.

Sweating nervously, Simon asks, “Hey, uhh… Maybe we should switch to another game for this…”

“No way! You can’t back out now!” Emily replies, “Besides, you said you were ‘extremely skilled’ at this, so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about!”

“Aw, shit…” Simon mumbles.

Simon laughs, gazing fondly away from the camera.

After a few seconds, Simon looks back to the screen and says, “Oh, sorry, I got distracted for a bit... Anyway... What else…”

“Oh, right,” Simon continues. “I know people have forgotten about me, but I’ve been trying to make up for some stuff I did before… everything happened. Like, I know it’s totally pointless, but it helps me sleep a little easier.”

A man lies in the intensive care ward of a hospital, an IV connected to him. While most of his body is horribly injured, his head and arms are unscathed. A huge pile of fan mail sits next to his bed, but he’s focused on the notepad in front of him. On it, he’s writing lyrics to some kind of rap titled “Flatline Bling.”

Suddenly, a doctor opens the door and says, “Hey, Mickey, you got another letter from a fan.” He holds out a plain, white envelope.

Mickey puts down his notepad and take the envelope. Quickly tearing it open, he finds a homemade card. It seems to contain Get Well message along with a terse apology for something Mickey can’t recall, signed, “Little Limehead.”

“What the hell is this?” Mickey asks.

“I don’t know,” the doctor replies. “I didn’t read it.”

The doctor begins to walk to the entrance, but stops at the door. He adds, “I wouldn’t worry yourself about the mail. Just focus on getting better. We’ve gone far too long without another album from you, Lil Mickey.”

The doctor closes the door behind him, leaving Lil Mickey alone with the strange letter. He shakes his head in confusion, and absentmindedly tosses the letter into the pile.

Suddenly, he’s hit with a bolt of inspiration. He quickly grabs his notebook, turns to a new page, and writes at the top: “Apology for Nothin’.”

A grave look passes over Simon’s face as he says, “I also made good on one of my promises from the school… You probably know what I’m talking about…”


The doorbell rings out, sudden and unexpected through an organized din of clocks and watches, their ticks perfectly in sync. The owner of the clock store, an old, stoic-looking woman, looks curiously to the entrance through her spectacles. She sees a postman leave a package beside the door, get into their car, and drive away.

Soon, the package, addressed to a “Vanessa Treynor,” sits on the old woman’s counter. Vanessa slides a box cutter through the tape, and unfolds the top of the box. She pulls out the contents, a surprisingly heavy black top hat, resting upside-down in the box. Recognizing it instantly, she quickly understands the implication of the hat lacking its owner and recoils in shock. The brim slips through her fingers, and the hat lands on the edge of the package, sending it sideways and spilling its contents across the counter.

Surprisingly, the bags of clock-making tools aren’t the only things in the hat. A thick, white envelope, unfamiliar to Vanessa, slides out of the hat as well. She quickly opens it with the box cutter, then spills everything inside onto the counter and spreads it all out.

The envelope was filled with a bunch of photos of her grandson, Damien. Most of them showed him working on timepieces, but a few pictured him standing with some other teenagers, seemingly smiling. A flash drive also lay among the photos, with “Videos” written on it in Sharpie.

Vanessa picks up the largest photograph, which depicts Damien beside a young man with green hair that she doesn’t recognize. Damien is smiling, but it’s clear from the look in his eyes that he’s rather annoyed.

Vanessa picks up the last object in the pile: a note hastily scribbled on notepad paper. It reads, “Unfortunately, Damien’s time ran out. But it seems to me that he lived it to the fullest, at least from his point-of-view.
-A Student from Hope’s Peak.”

Vanessa smiles, though a teardrop stains the paper. .

Eventually, Simon says, “Well… I guess that’s all I’ve got to say… I hope you guys are doin’ fine, and if you need anything from me, feel free to ask. I’ll probably try to compile some of the footage I got soon too, but I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do with it… but I might send some of it over, at least.”

“Anyway… I’m not really sure how to end this… so, uh…” Simon leans into the camera and shouts, “Bye, have fun, don’t hurt yourselves!” With that, the footage cuts out and the video ends.

Simon closes the laptop. He then focuses his attention back on the house across the street. As if right on cue, the door opens, and the man who lives inside walks out. The man wears a brown suit and carries a matching briefcase. His black hair is slicked back neatly, and he seems to glower at everything around him.

The man turns and opens his mailbox, not seeming to notice Simon nor care to notice him. He takes out the papers inside and shuffles through them irritably.

An accented voice calls from inside. “Anything important, Sirius?”

“No, just more crap from the AARP and a couple bills.” He stops at the end of the pile and continues, “...Looks like we’ve got another one of those weird letters too…”

A middle-aged woman with greying brown hair steps out of the door and takes the letter from Sirius, who immediately chucks the rest of the mail into a trash can conveniently located right under the mailbox.

The woman asks, “Who even is this guy? How does he know so much random stuff about us?” Putting the letter in her pocket, she adds, “Should we press charges or something?”

“There’s no return address, so we can’t…” Sirius mumbles, “Besides, they’re all just weird compliments and ‘thank you’ messages… I don’t think they’ve technically broken any laws.”

“Whatever…” The woman says, “Let’s just go watch some TV.”

The couple walks back inside, closing the door behind him. Smiling to himself, Simon puts the laptop into a backpack, stands up, and walks away. He slowly heads down the sidewalk, the old neighborhood disappearing behind him, and continues into the future.

Spoiler: Raymond
After a lengthy boat ride, Raymond has returned to the rest of the world, his home, in Germany. He could, at long last, get back to doing what he does best. Or not. Returning to his home, Raymond doesn't even know how to face his family again. Even with memories restored, Raymond couldn't care less about his parents. His brother, on the other hand, was a different story. After doing so much and coming so far, Raymond refused to give up. He didn't betray one of his few friends, murder a perfectly innocent girl and barely escape with his life for nothing.

Under normal circumstances Raymond would jump at the opportunity to see his brother once more, but something has changed. No longer wanting to be the bad influence he once was, Raymond wrote a letter and left the Amulet alongside it, both for his brother to discover.

"To Luka-

It's been a while, huh? It's a long story that I'd love to tell you, but that won't be anytime soon. I hope you can understand that I had no choice in the matter, and I was taken away for a reason. Hope's peak wasn't what it was cut out to be, but that's not important to you. Please keep the amulet with this letter with you at all times. It will protect you. As skeptical as you may be, feel free to test how it works. You're a smart boy, you can figure it out. I'm sure of it. And maybe someday you'll know how this all happened. Either way, you won't be seeing me for a while. I'm sorry. Maybe we can catch up again soon, huh? I love you, Luka.

While the letter eased Raymond's mind, no one can really say how his brother reacted to it. That didn't matter anymore. Luka finally had the amulet.

Moving on from family matters, Raymond was back on the streets. For a different reason than he used to be. Spending the rest of his days returning wallets, and collecting trash instead of hunting down criminals. Nothing close to being a superhero, but no longer the killer he once was. Raymond was satisfied doing the little deeds without thanks, or a name of any kind. Maybe someday he'll find himself to be good enough to meet his brother again, as unlikely as that may seem. He didn't deserve that chance, but that never stopped him from trying.

Spoiler: Veronica
“Well, we’re finally out of that hellhole, Giles,” Veronica said to her feline companion, who had fallen fast asleep in what little shade he could find. They had been on the water for quite some time now, but it was only now that she spoke. “It’s funny, if that was a normal school with normal classmates, I probably could have had some fun there. Instead we’re just lucky we escaped with our lives.” She paused for a minute, before mumbling to herself. “I just want to go home. Not that I really have a home to go to if the memory erasing stuff is true...” She then took off her shoulder cape and neatly folded it, placing it on the ground next to her. Underneath it was a silver heart shaped locket, which she took off and opened up. Inside it contained a picture of a man and a woman, both smiling, and a young, blonde haired girl holding a small, black kitten. She smiled looking at it. “They’ll have to believe that I’m related to them with this, right Giles?” Being asleep, Giles did not respond to his master’s question. “Well, let’s just pray that they will...”

After a few weeks had passed Veronica had finally arrived at her home. With Giles by her side she hesitantly knocked on the door. A middle aged man with blond hair opened after a minute. He stared at Veronica and raised an eyebrow inquisitively. “...Can I help you?” he asked.

Veronica cleared her throat. “H-Hello there, John.” She spoke nervously, addressing her father by his first name. “Is Miriel home as well? I have something to talk to you two about.”

“How do you know my mother in law? And me for that matter? I’ve never seen you before in my life,” he responded, rather bluntly.

“P-Please, if I can just talk to you two, I can explain everything... I promise,” Veronica said, trying to keep her composure. Not being recognized by her own father had hurt her more than she expected.

“...Just a minute.” He closed the door and disappeared. Veronica picked up Giles and held him silently, waiting. A minute had passed. Then two. It felt like an eternity has passed before the door opened back up again, this time an old woman with gray hair opened the door, standing next to John.

“Come in.” She said. Veronica entered as Miriel gestured for her to take a seat in the living room. She sat down in one of the chairs, sitting across from her father and grandmother. “Now what did you want to talk to us about?”

Veronica cleared her throat again, and had subconsciously begun playing with the silver ring on her finger. “I don’t expect you two to believe me, but I have something you need to hear. I’m Abigail’s daughter. You two are my father and grandmother. And just like her, I am a witch.”

John was not amused. “Is this some sort of joke?” he asked. “My wife and I didn’t have any children. Whatever this is, it isn’t funny. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kick you out of here right now.”

“P-Please! You have to believe me!” Veronica begged, tears streaming down her face. She didn’t remember when she started crying. “I-I have proof, I’ll show you!” She opened the locket and showed them the family picture from when she was younger. “I promise this isn’t some sort of joke or a prank! A-Ask me any questions you want, and I’ll answer them! I’ll do whatever it takes...”

John took the locket from Veronica’s hand and showed it to his mother in law. The two studied it for a minute. They whispered something to each other that Veronica couldn’t quite make out.

“This is Abigail alright,” said Miriel. “But if you are my granddaughter, where have you been this entire time? Can you answer that?”

Veronica wiped her eyes. “I-It’s a long story. It all started when I got accepted to Hope’s Peak Academy...”

After finishing her story, John spoke up. “Do you really expect us to believe this?”

“I don’t expect you to believe it, but it’s the truth,” Veronica responded.

“One month,” Miriel said. “I’ll give you one month to create a strong enough potion to restore our memories, and then I’ll believe you. You can stay here until then. I assume you remember where everything is? If so, I suggest you go get started.”

“T-Thank you so much! I promise I’ll won’t let you down! Come on Giles!” Veronica picked up Giles, and headed off towards her mother’s laboratory. She wasted no time in getting to work. She wanted to make a potion to restore the lost memories. Not just for her sake, but for the sake of her friends as well.

Veronica was glad to be back in her element. Working tirelessly, she pursued her goal to restore the forgotten memories, with Giles by her side. As she worked, hours turned into days. Days turned into weeks. Many times she went without meals or sleep. Eventually the month was over, and she had to present what she had to her father and grandmother. She nervously approached them with the potion, and waited for them to drink it. As they did, she muttered a silent prayer, hoping her hard work over the last month would pay off. Veronica nervously spoke up.

“So... Do you two remember anything...? A-Anything at all...?”

“I don’t remember anything new, Veronica. I’m sorry,” Miriel admitted. “I know how hard you were working on that potion, so I know that wasn’t what you wanted to hear. But it’s the truth.”

“I’ve never been an expert in magical stuff, but I don’t remember anything new as well,” John answered.
“I-I see... I’ll go began packing my things then, I suppose. I knew it was a long shot. Thank you for at least giving me a chance. Giles and I will be out of here before you know it.” She smiled, trying to hide how she really felt, but deep down she knew she wasn’t fooling anyone. As she turned to head to her room upstairs, a voice spoke.

“Veronica, wait,” It was John’s voice. “Miriel and I have been discussing this for a long time now. We want you to stay. Just because we don’t remember you doesn’t mean we’re not related. You’ve answered things that would have been impossible for anyone to guess. I know this sounds crazy, but I truly believe you’re my daughter.”

Veronica turned back around. “D-Do you really mean that...?” She asked, nervously.

“Of course, dear,” Miriel answered, smiling. “No random girl off the streets could work half as hard as you did. You really reminded me of your mother when I saw you work. And if you’d like, we can work on the cure together. I’m sure with the both of us, we can figure it out in no time.”

Veronica ran to the two of them, and wrapped her arms around the both of them in a hug. In return they both hugged her as well. Giles rubbed against Veronica’s legs, purring loudly.

“Th-thank you so much! I love you guys.” She said happily, wiping the tears away from her eyes.

“We love you too, Veronica. Welcome home.”

Spoiler: Maribelle
In her final night on the island, just after Bryon had been speared, Maribelle fled up to her research center and locked herself inside. She knew that no one would remember her-- she had made her peace with that well before she had told Byron to shove off. But she couldn’t help but feel for all the people that wouldn’t be able to create new memories.

And so she tore down all of the dresses and textile machines and tossed them outside. In their place, she placed a sizable canvas on the floor. She brought in paints and brushes and simply started stroking, in paroxysms of tears and paint as an image began to form of things she wished could be, but never will. That future was dim now, but perhaps she could paint a world in which the people she loved could be with her.

Constantine was initially beside himself thinking Maribelle to be in distress. But eventually he understood that he was right, and there was nothing for him to do but not fade away like a memory.


After she reached the mainland, Maribelle immediately thought to contact the authorities-- after all, surely they’d be able to help, she reasoned. However, her implausible story seemed to be met more with suspicion than anything. Although recordings and files proved that she was who she said she was, the fact that none of the people she claimed to know even had a recollection of her name made her subject to suspicion. However, even though for a time she was investigated for identity theft, she was released eventually. How could one steal an identity that didn’t exist?

For a time, Maribelle stayed with her family. After all, she could prove that she was theirs, even if their memories of her were gone. But even then, after awhile, the furtive glances and snide comments, it became increasingly clear that the Durhams took in what they considered to be a random (albeit beautiful and refined) wastrel. After some months, she felt it clear that, although she’d begun to rebuild her relationship with her sisters (and they seemed to love Constantine), even they hadn’t looked at her as family anymore. So she decided to take what little she’d earned and strike out to be her own person.


After many months of opening her own apparel and fabrics shop, she’d written to Simon of her plans. She’d earned enough local wealth in order to buy two international tickets to the only family that would remember anyone on the island: her in-laws. If nothing else, Connie should decide who he wanted to spend his future with. And at least Colin’s mother should hear of how he died.

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