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Phoenix in Puzzle Fighter (iOS/Android)?Topic%20Title
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So Puzzle Fighter (iOS/Android) will have its worldwide release this week (it's been out in some select markets already), and it appears Phoenix will also appear in the game at some point.

In this trailer dating from a few months ago, you see Phoenix' silhouette in the character selection screen at 00:10. And Siliconera's article on the worldwide release too features a screenshot with Phoenix in it (the screenshot strangely enough is not used in the article itself, you only see it on the main page before you open the article).
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Re: Phoenix in Puzzle Fighter (iOS/Android)?Topic%20Title
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I visited the site and it's filled with people complaining about the art style. Maybe I'm art-blind, but what exactly is wrong with it? They're supposed to be Pixar-friendly chibi, right?

I've lately gotten into mobile gaming, so I might check this out... if I have the space.
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