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Takumi tweets (Nazotoki Live)Topic%20Title
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Some tweets by Takumi about his TV appearance tomorrow. Also: this is the first time I translated all of his tweets in one go, instead of one tweet at a time via Twitter, so I never realized how ridiculously much he writes every time! I'm not doing the C-R twitter anymore, but I'll repeat what I said there: I wish he'd tweet less, more often ^_~

Good evening. It's been a long while since the last time and it's even become a new year. With the preparation going on for my next project as well as supervising the scripts for the anime, my eyes have been going round and round at full speed even though the year has only started. My days being cooped in the cellar will continue, but anyway, a happy new year to you all.

This time I crawled out to inform you about something differrent than my work. I think some might already know about this. It's that.

This weekend I'll be "intruding" upon an NHK program. Tomorrow and the night after, two nights in a row.
NHK BS Premium
Nazotoki Live - The Locked Room in the Square House
January 23 - 21:00~
January 24 - 21:00~, 22:50~

If you got the official homepage to "guests", you'll see my face, shamelessly next to Makita Sports and Saya ICHIKAWA... I'm introduced as a "game creator", but my real identity is simply a "salaryman". What happened here? This is the first mystery.

This is the fourth time they do "Nazotoki Live". As a fan of mystery fiction, I too naturally partipated with the previous episode and the one before that (having recorded them), and as a fan of mystery fiction again, I had a lot of fun with them. Last night, and the night before they rebroadcast those shows again, so I watched them as a sort of rehearsal...

"I might be there in two days." With that in mind, my heart started to pound louder and louder, even though I enjoyed the shows so much the first time I saw them. Why has it become like this? Only god knows (in this case, "god" is either the producer at NHK, or AYATSUJI Yukito).

Talking about "god", my first job this year was a "discussion" with the god who created "The Locked Room in the Square House", AYATSUJI Yukito for the show. I figured this was a chance, so tried getting some information from him... (see this topic)

What I got from was that the show's about "a case" of "murder" in a "locked room" in a "house" that is "square". As expected from one of the countries leading mystery writers and the National Broadcasting Corporation: their guard was tight.

We called upon Mr. AYATSUJI during the promotion of Dai Gyakuten Saiban last year, and this year we had a nice talk too. The article only showed a part of that, but he also some 'behind the scenes' stuff of his House series, and some things that bode well for the future already early in the new year. I'm very grateful.

By the way, if you take the Detection Club CATS Premium Member Test from the official site, you can participate with the show in real time with your own name.

As a fan of mysteries, I too resolutely took on the challenge last night. I managed to make it to the final "secret word", so I'm all prepared. Well, on the night itself, I'll be in the studio in real time, right in the middle of the case, so I won't be participating with my TV...

What's so scary about "Nazotoki Live" is that it's a "live broadcast". I actually thought about letting you know earlier, but I was in fear of those two words, and with my head spinning from work right after the new year started.... and now it's today. That's the life of a salaryman.

But those are my personal circumstances. Anyway, "The Locked Room in the Square House", by AYATSUJI Yukito, will start tomorrow and the day after at 21:00. I hope all of you mystery loves will enjoy it together with me. Bye!

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Re: Takumi tweets (Nazotoki Live)Topic%20Title
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Thanks as always for the translation, Ash!

This whole thing looks super-cool. My listening comprehension probably isn't strong enough that I'd be able to keep up in real time, but I still wish I could watch this and give it a whirl. Oh well. Guess I'll just have to root for Takumi instead!
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