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DGS Recap Theater Ep 3 Up
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Author:  Rubia Ryu the Royal [ Fri Jun 23, 2017 5:24 am ]
Post subject:  DGS Recap Theater Ep 3 Up

Subs will be coming soon. It'll probably be me who's going to translate, unless someone would like to try their hand.

Okay, here we go.

Susato: Well then, Naruhodou-sama, it's nice to see you again.

Ryu: Yes, ma'am! Likewise, I will try my best to help anyway I can!

Susato: ...My, it sounds like you're feeling quite spirited.

Ryu: Well, this time we're headed off to London... I'm getting worked up about it!
Especially for me, who's just a simple fellow from a small island nation!

Susato: Thinking about it... you don't remember what happened when we were in London, correct?
Then, let us look back over the events that transpired there!

~ Adventure of the Runaway Room ~
[They arrive in London and are amazed by the sights and all the people.]

Ryu: Susato-san! Did you see that? How considerate of me to lend a hand to a lady!
It appears that "I" am indeed a true English gentleman!

Susato: ...Naruhodou-sama, you are most certainly a true Japanese young man!

Ryu: W-what? I... I'm Japanese?

Susato: So you've forgotten even that much, I see...

Shortly after we arrived in London, we were assigned to our very first case...
It was a curious murder that had taken place aboard a rushing omnibus.

Ryu: To choose an inexperienced student from Japan as his lawyer...
Were there some extraordinary circumstances to this case?

Susato: ...Yes, there were. You see, the prosecutor in charge...

was Sir Barok van Zieks.
He is a prosecutor who goes by the fearful title of "Death God".
It is said that when he takes a case, no defendant has ever escaped alive.

Ryu: ...And I'm facing against him?

Susato: That is what we mean when we say, "caught between a rock and a hardship"! *
On top of that, it was literally "back-breaking" work!

Ryu: (Even if I get my memory back, I don't know if I'll survive in this country...)
So this scene is about me getting into a serious scrape, huh?

Susato: It truly is the feeling of being... "cornered".

Ryu: (Given that we have a "Death God" here, that really isn't a joke...)

Susato: ...And, there's one more thing.
An fateful encounter that you simply must not forget.

???: That's right!
Susato, Naruhodo! Long time no see!

Susato: My, even Iris-sama has joined us with this look!

Ryu: So, not only does she have a doctorate at age 10, she's an inventor and a story writer... huh.
Adding to all that earlier, I think I've now lost all motivation to live.

Susato: To be honest, I feel the same way too...

???: Greetings, my friends. I see you're quite the match, as usual.

Ryu: Huh? Wait, aren't you...?

Iris: Oh, Holmesy! What are you doing here?

Holmes: I'd think that's obvious. There is only one reason why the Great Detective would appear.
"There's a mystery to be solved!" ...naturally.

Susato: A "mystery"... you say?

Holmes: Good grief. It looks like you two have forgotten the important question here.
That is...
"Who is the culprit behind Mr. Naruhodo's amnesia?"

Ryu: Ah! Now that you mention it...
(...Just who was that?)

Holmes: Allow me to answer!
The culprit of this case... is one among us!

Ryu: Huh?

All: Whaaaaaaat!?

Holmes: Oh, but too bad! We've just run out of time!
Next time, the whole mystery will be revealed. Please look forward to it, everyone!

Ryu: D-don't tell me...! I'm gonna become a suspect again!

Susato: I would say that is impossible, but it's actually hard to say...



"Episode 3! If you'd like to see the rest of the adventure, check it out in the full release of Dai Gyakuten Saiban! And if you'd like the 1 & 2 Bundle-pack, you can get it at a real bargain! Now, the next episode is the final one! What sort of deductions will come out of Holmesy's mouth? Stay tuned to find out!"

* T/N: 4-character idioms are infamous as the worst hardships for a translator.

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