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Layton TV series coming 2018, possible "new title" as wellTopic%20Title
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The eagle-eyed reporters at Anime News Network have spotted some details about the future of the Layton franchise in a pair of licensing trade magazines - most notably, that a 26-episode TV series is slated for 2018!

Total Licensing breaks the news about the series, and while it doesn't specify if it'll be anime, western animation, or live-action, 26 episodes lines up with a typical two-cour anime run. Meanwhile, License Global reports a "new title" in the series is being geared up for summer 2018, though it doesn't specify if that's a new game or the aforementioned TV series.

Looks like Layton's coming back in a big way after that four-year hiatus!
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Re: Layton TV series coming 2018, possible "new title" as weTopic%20Title
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Looking forward to hearing more details on this in the future.
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Re: Layton TV series coming 2018, possible "new title" as weTopic%20Title
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Sounds cool.
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Re: Layton TV series coming 2018, possible "new title" as weTopic%20Title
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Very interesting... if they can keep the quality of the show similar to how they do custscenes in the games and the Layton movie, I think it'll be a successful TV series.
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Re: Layton TV series coming 2018, possible "new title" as weTopic%20Title
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Interesting. I'm definitely curious how the TV show will work. Is it just 1 mystery per episode, mysteries spanning 2-4 episodes, or just 1 big mystery spanning 26 episodes? As long as it's done similar to how Eternal Diva was done (which is fantastic) then it should turn out fine.

I wonder if they'll stick with Katrielle for the next game, or move somewhere else.
Re: Layton TV series coming 2018, possible "new title" as weTopic%20Title
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I'm more excited to see if the series will broadcast fresh new puzzles to solve. If so, I'm tuning in, regardless of how the series fairs. That said, Professor Layton seems like a safer bet as a TV series than Ace Attorney mainly because aside from the puzzles themselves, the gameplay is largely cinematic anyway. I don't expect Eternal Diva level of quality consistently, but it's a series with a relatively simple art style, so I don't expect it to be too poor either. All in all, I'm intrigued.
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Re: Layton TV series coming 2018, possible "new title" as weTopic%20Title
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