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Re: Name Puns!Topic%20Title
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Ash wrote:
Pierre wrote:
this is old meido era Japan.

The idea of old Japan being filled with maids, or it being the underworld, or it being the underworld filled with maids, amuses me.

A spirit medium who's a maid with a ghastly appearance...
This IS rather amusing.
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Re: Name Puns!Topic%20Title
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MBr wrote:
SirDimQuixote wrote:
Hey, what do you think the localised version of Ryuunosuke Naruhodou's (the new Dai Gyakuten Saiban's (Great Ace Attorney's) protagonist's) name would be? I'm going to have to go with Roc Wright, because IMHO that's the best-sounding (and the most English-sounding) choice for a legendary bird-themed name, at least among those names of legendary birds I'm already acquainted with (yes, I've done some research :gregory: ).

Could you give us other examples of legendary bird names?

I'm thinking Zapdos :sillytrucy:

Oh, how about Rocco Wright? Roc can be his nickname.
Re: Name Puns!Topic%20Title

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Bay Louie. Look in the mirror when you say it—your mouth moves exactly like the talking animation for a DS sprite.

This, of course, would imply a very talkative person.
Re: Name Puns!Topic%20Title
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Now that Khura'in has been put into the big pic,imagine what'll come of the next game.

Ih'm Innoh'cehnt as the defendant,Dehfe'nce Ahtor'ney as the new lawyer in town,,Invehst Ih'Gatorhe as the detective,Ikihld A'mahn as the culprit,Ih'Wantah Guiltyverdictatallcostsevenifthedefendantisobviouslyinnocent as the prosecutor,and Ima'duhmb Gullibleoldbastardwhosomehowisallowedtopresideoverthistrial as the judge!

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