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Capcom should mak an Ace Attorney Generations gameTopic%20Title
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I was thinking about how Assasins Creed is about diffrent Generations of assasins and how we should have an Assassins Creed game that explores several eras of history. Then I thought what if Ace Attorney did this? A game with six parts, each one from a diffrent era with a different protagonist.

Phoenix's ancestor
Gregory Edgeworth-set before his death in DL-6
Mia Fey-set between the years she defend Phoenix and hired him
Edgeworth-set right after AA2
Apollo-set after Dual Destinies
And maybe a new protagonist in the very far future

I know it would be difficult to put 6 games in one so maybe every hero gets 1 or 2 cases. I dunno where Phoenix Wright's cases should go. Maybe his cases should be inbetween PW1 and AA2 or after PW4.
Re: Capcom should mak an Ace Attorney Generations gameTopic%20Title
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I was thinking the exact same thing! I made a thread for that idea in the games section. Just look for "Ace Attorney Generations series" in the Games subforum.
Re: Capcom should mak an Ace Attorney Generations gameTopic%20Title
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I made a fanfiction on deviantart about the same idea, but it's about aa characters in different era's of the franchise. It's called Turnabout time paradox. You should check it out.

I'll post it in the other forum where I can advertise on this site.
Re: Capcom should mak an Ace Attorney Generations gameTopic%20Title

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I doubt they would ever actually want to do this, but I feel the more flashback cases and explaining of events in-between you have the more you risk running a series too far into the ground at some point. What I am implying with that is that you end up creating a series where only the most hardcore and nerdiest fans will be following it in the end.

I like the idea of a game that has a rather significant time skip with each passing case though, maybe 4 cases and the first two take place in a historic setting and then that ties into another self-contained cast maybe 50 years later that are distantly related in some way so you have two pairs of cases where each case has its own incident but one cohesive story arc, and the time also skips just a few years between cases 1-2 and 2-4
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