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[PyWright] Turnabout of the Golden Witch (Complete)Topic%20Title
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An Ace Attorney x Umineko no Naku Koro ni fancase on the PyWright casemaker.

I've pretty much only lurked these forums in the past, but I've enjoyed some of the content the wonderful creative folks here have produced over the years. Hopefully there will be some interest here as well for an admittedly niche premise. While crossovers typically don't do it for me, the idea of Beatrice and Battler squaring off in a court room was too fun for me not to pursue. No promises about how well it worked out, of course!

The case is completed and can be downloaded here:

More details on the project page, but just want to reiterate here: the case could be considered to have light spoilers for episode 2 of Umineko. If you are familiar with the red and blue truths, you should be fine. It might not be as enjoyable if you're not already familiar with the two main characters, though! Also, if you have not finished Umineko, do not read the "prologue" PDF. It is optional, but has potential spoilers for all of Umineko.

Apologies in advance for any bugs or hiccups. I've noted one on the project page, and recently some players have stumbled on a rare one where sprites stop showing up onscreen. The latter is fixable with a reset/reload from an older save file, and is unfortunately a known bug with this version of PyWright. Sorry about that.

Thanks for reading, and if you decide to check out the game, I hope you enjoy it!
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