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Alf Feyfield: Ace Attorney (sprite artist needed!) (repost)Topic%20Title
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Hey, guys. If you haven't already read my username, the name's Alphafailed. I'm a youtuber without a computer and I'm starting up an OC game for launch on Ace Attorney Online. The game is called "Alf Feyfield: Ace Attorney" and is set about 40 years after Dual Destinies (so 2067). In the defense bench this time is greenhorn defense attorney named Alf Feyfield, an employee of the Wright & Co Law Offices. He and his partner Natalie Sakura basically help clients as you do in any ace attorney game. But Alf wears a mask (rather a bandana) in shame of a terrible sin that he commited in his past, a sin that may damage his credibility as a defense lawyer. I intend on making organized crime play a large role in this game and it will span about 5 cases, me and Ultronite (maybe theultronite5000 on these forums...) are already working on script writing, but we are missing a crucial part of the process. Being the unresourceful person I am, I'm looking for a person who knows how to design sprites, both background and person. If you choose to accept my invitation, email me at I don't pay cash, but i pay in publicity. You'll get your name in the credits, trailers, and special thanks. Hope to see someone accept. :gant:
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