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Anthony Arroyo: Ace Attorney (Case ideas needed!)Topic%20Title

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Hello. It's me, AceAttorneyFan9876. I'm thinking about making a fangame on Ace Attorney Online. Here's the story;

Anthony Arroyo is the new defense attorney in the Wright Anything Agency. All of a sudden, he gets thrown into five cases. With the help of Phoenix, Apollo, Athena, and Trucy, he will solve these cases and prove his clients innocent... at least, he hopes so. This takes place two years after Dual Destinies.

So yeah. But, there's one problem; I can't think of any case ideas. So I need your help. I know that this'll help;

Defense: Anthony Arroyo

Prosecution: (insert name here)

Co-Council: (can be Trucy, Athena, Apollo, or Phoenix)

Defendant: (insert name here)

Victim: (insert name here)

Witnesses: (insert names here)

I'll come up with the true culprit and the case names. So anyway, feel free to give me some case suggestions.
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