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Projects you never finished?Topic%20Title
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Since I got the heads up that a DGS fanmade translation was in the works and now AA6 was unveiled I've been in the Ace Attorney mood. A month ago I relocated my MIDIs from two years ago and yesterday I dug up my unfinished work over at Ace Attorney Online.

Do you have any unfinished projects you'd like to reminisce on with me?

Here's mine. Quite a bit of nonsense, quite a bit of cringe, but I do actually think I had a complete draft of the order of events somewhere on my PC back in the day, so it wasn't all completely made up as I went along. (But see if you can find the contradictions and continuity errors anyway!)

In short, it's a total fanservice case where, in light of AA5 being released in Japan I pondered over the idea of Phoenix getting back his badge and created my own version (or vision) of what it would be like, and because I'm a fanboy I brought back Godot (wow!) and I wanted to try and focus the case on Phoenix's relationship with Trucy, so she's the assistant. It kind of pains me that I threw out most of my work, because I had some good ideas that never came into fruition, but ultimately I think I would've written myself into a corner anyway. That's probably why I gave up. Anyway, enjoy and please do talk about what you honestly think of my writing skills. I'm not very proud of them, but I can handle anything even "Linkenski, you're an atrocious writer. Don't ever become one!" :larry: (My solar-plexus would be "Linkenski, you're even worse than Yamazaki!" JK

Also, feel free to shamelessly move the link to "Let's spork terrible fanfiction!" thread.

Link to my unfinished case: ... l_id=49415
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Re: Projects you never finished?Topic%20Title
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Alexander James

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I have unfinished projects called Turnabout Programmer and Kitsune Yumi.
They were both cancelled due to copyright infringement, and too much anime references.
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Re: Projects you never finished?Topic%20Title
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Phoenix Wright ASE. Lost interest, plus Copyright Issues. Besides, very time-consuming and sometimes lose clue of what to add...

This account is dead. Link to my DeviantART.
Re: Projects you never finished?Topic%20Title
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I had a few non-AA related projects I started working on in high school and college, but never finished because the guys I was working with had to leave for various reasons. But now that I'm starting to learn programming, at least one of them might be within my own capabilities to make.
Re: Projects you never finished?Topic%20Title
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Totally-Not-Miley Omelia Tigre

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I like how the op's title is Doom ;p

I had this Gabriel Schlegel: A+ Class Attormey project going on. Gave uo because I realized the "prosecutor" was the one who always did it so...haha! :sillytrucy:
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Re: Projects you never finished?Topic%20Title
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My avatar is from when I was remaking all the DD breakdowns. Never finished. Wasn't even difficult compared to other things I've done just, it was a lazy, depressed time.

I started an AAO fancase back in like 2009 that I never finished either. Was in college at the time and just, time stopped happening. Lol. I also couldn't do the backgrounds (something I still suck at are BGs). Sometimes I think about picking it up again just cause I'd like to see a playable case of mines finished but, most of my AA projects now are short YT parody animations. The writing, and all the sprites for the defendant, prosecutor, and judge were complete though.

Nowadays I just suffer from "too many idea and not enough time/resources to do 'em all" syndrome as opposed to not finishing anything. Still sucks, just sucks less. :basil:
Re: Projects you never finished?Topic%20Title
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Atuyhan Ihdamdhas

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Athena Cykes: Ace Attorney, which I abandoned in place of Ace Attorney Generations.
Re: Projects you never finished?Topic%20Title
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I tried making fan art but quit after it ended up a bunch of squiggles...I've always hated art since that day...or, making it I should say. (If you can even call it art)
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