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Pearl Fey ~ Ace Attorney (HELP WANTED!!!)(60% in planning)Topic%20Title

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Title: Pearl Fey ~ Ace Attorney
PyWright Project Headed by IsaOfTheWorlds
Contributors Wanted

Pearl Fey ~ Ace Attorney takes place in Japanifornia Elementary School not long after the events of Trials and Tribulations. Pearl Fey has decided she wished to be sent to attend the 3rd grade here, which garnered support from the members of Wright and Co. Law Office and of the Fey clan. Here, she wishes to learn to socialize with other children her age during long stagnancies in the Wright and Co. Law Office's workhaul, and as a fun means to relax from the stressful case at Hazakura Temple and learn about the outside world she's grown to be insatiably curious about during her adventures with Phoenix Wright on his various cases.

However, during her stress-relief time at the Japnifornia Elementary School gets caught up in mysteries of her own which prompts her to found the very first Japnifornia Elementary School Court in order to protect other grade-schoolers unfairly accused of such heinous crimes and get to the bottom of these grizzly misadventures, where childish antics, hi-jinks and shenanigans are over-inflated into proper Wright-sized cases.

Spoiler: Case 1 ~ Turnabout Heroine:
Defense Attorney: Pearl Fey
Prosecutor: Brianna Payne
Victim: Clarka Kentwood (and the Seekers of Truth)
Defendant: Lexi Litha

Clarka Kentwood is the only present victim of Turnabout Heroine, with the others -- the Seekers of Truth -- stuck atop the roof of the school, the "impossible location" defining the mystery at hand. Clarka Kentwood is emotionally earnest in her disposition, able to swing from mood to mood at the drop of a hat and makes no notable effort to wipe feeling from her complexion until after she realizes it, and she still yet pridefully denies feeling anything short of excitement and anger depending on the circumstance. She has a loose grasp on "fictionalization" referring to the Seekers of Truth -- a new brand of lawyer-themed superheroes -- as conscious, sentient beings rather than as toys and even goes so far as to mimic the speech and mannerisms of superheroes (notably parodied with lawyer lingo) and even declares herself a member of the Seekers of Truth. She was hesitant to accept Pearl as a defense attorney when she offered upon the Japanifornia Elementary Class Court's founding instead indenting to whollop Lexi Litha, who she previously accused of the crime, but later gives in to Pearl deciding that it be best she get in trouble for beating up whoever she's sure "kidnapped the Seekers of Truth", because it'd be "unheroic" to declare a guilty party without evidence, a result of Pearl wearing her down.

The crime was the "kidnapping of the Seekers of Truth", or rather... the larcening of Clarka Kentwood's Seeker of Truth action figures and their placement upon the top of the school, overlooking the entire playground, clad totally in babydoll garments. Clarka concedes that she's been a victim of bullying due to her boyish nature, but it only got worse when she was caught hanging out with the Seekers of Truth. She claims that the ringleader of the bullying is Lexi Litha, "convoy of the Federation of Forgery and Perjury", and that she has used her "mighty powers of mind-control to turn the Court of the World against her and the Seekers of Truth."

Current Progress:
Planning: 60% (Case 1)
Spriting: 0%
Miscellaneous Visuals: 0%
Coding: 0%

Help Wanted!!!
Co-Writer(s) - Often acting as convoys of hindsight, pointing out holes in my currently planned narrative, case or logistic/psychological flaws in particular segments' reasoning. Also to help present and flesh out ideas.

Comedians!(s) -- Subset of the Co-Writers, Comedians are here to interject Ace Attorney's staple humor into Pearl Fey ~ Ace Attorney. Being the type of game it is, it goes without saying that it needs all of the humor it can get! This can take the form of adding random word-play, puns or jokes where they feel its needed, scripting the wrong-evidence dialogue and filling out in-development characters who may seem too plain or too normal with Ace Attorney's iconic zany character quirks.

Spriter(s)/Miscellaneous Artist(s) - People well-inclined artistically who can design the backgrounds, foregrounds, character sprites, case photos and the like.

Music Track Composers -- People potentially capable of composing unique variations of iconic Ace Attorney tracks such as the Cross-Examination themes, the Pursuit theme and the like as well as potentially providing miscellaneous extra tracks if needed.

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Re: Pearl Fey ~ Ace Attorney (HELP WANTED!!!)(60% in planninTopic%20Title
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Hi! I'm also working on an Ace Attorney fangame called Wright and Justice: Ace Attorneys - Capital Offense.
I know a YouTuber named Broocevelt who makes custom AA music. Just ask him for permission to use his music and he'll let you. He let me, too.
Also, if you need any voice actors for characters who are guys around 14-16, I can do that. :athena:
Re: Pearl Fey ~ Ace Attorney (HELP WANTED!!!)(60% in planninTopic%20Title
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I can beta test and make art (though it's traditional only, so I can do character designs but no digital art). I have attempted spritework a few times, but not sure if they'll be good.
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