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[Help Needed] PW:AA Remake (逆転裁判DX)Topic%20Title

I hate the 3DS Ace Attorney Trilogy.

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Oh, hi. I came up with a rather interesting idea...
To be perfectly honest, the 3DS and iOS ports of the original trilogy are pretty crappy. The graphics seem off, and most of the game (in the 3DS's case at least) looks as if it's just a straight up port. They could've done much more in my opinion.

We, the fans of this game, can do something about this. We can make is as good, if not better than DD and SoJ.

We could reimaging the original game as something newer and more up to date:
    Redrawn 2D sprites for the characters and evidence and 3D graphics for the environments (similar to Danganronpa)
    Completely rearranged music
    Completely revamped and rebuilt engine
    Slightly modifying the original story and script
    Make it work on only one screen (WiiWare version owners will know what I mean)

I would need some help, to at least fill in the following roles:
    Game Developer (Only just now I've started learning about it - Unity is preferrable)
    Sprite Artists (Preferably ones that do digital drawings in Illustrator or Flash)
    Musicians and Audio Technicians (Remixing the Ace Attorney themes is only one part of the job)
    Testers and whatnot

If this is a project that people would be interested in seeing through, then let's make it. And who knows? It could end up like Street Fighter vs Megaman
Re: [Help Needed] PW:AA Remake (逆転裁判DX)Topic%20Title
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I don't think this will quite work.

The issue is that fangames to begin with are kind of wishy-washy legally, and this is essentially remaking the official games beat-by-beat. Even if you have upgraded graphics, it won't change the fact that the script for the most part WILL be the same.

The example you give, street fighter vs megaman, was a fan project that hadn't actually been done officially by capcom before. They saw it as a good idea, and decided to pick it up as an actual project and support it, because it was profitable. Here, I just don't really see it being the case, especially since it's so soon after the Trilogy releases.
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Re: [Help Needed] PW:AA Remake (逆転裁判DX)Topic%20Title
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I agree with DudeWithAMask.

The engine itself, making from ground zero, would be a gigantic amount of work in and on itself.

Also, there is PWLib 1.2 that is focusing on emulating the games as close as possible, and it could be used for such project.
And even with that, the actual resources work would take a long time (it will be hard to find a high profile set of artists to make the new sprites).

Personally, I had the idea of remaking the games in PWLib, and after looking a few seconds into it, just coding them would take a massive amount of time (we have 1-1 in PWLib 1.1 and it doesn't have the soft text speed changes the originals have, and making it would take quite a while).
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Re: [Help Needed] PW:AA Remake (逆転裁判DX)Topic%20Title
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Piggybacking off the other two responses. No one has made any major complaints about the ports of the game, since they are quite literally just ports with better graphics. If Capcom wants to redo them, they can. That's not out job.
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