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[PyWright][Khura'in]krazy kurain adventures [5/7 cases done]Topic%20Title
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Hi people. I announced this a while ago but I haven't worked on it in months and now I'm doing something else so I might as well make what I have so far available. It might be a while until it's complete... (Also you need PyWright 0.0989 to play this. IDK if earlier versions will work.) Also Spyromed is SCARED. Spread this message EVERYWHERE.




...It's actually Khura'in but this was written when we didn't know shit about SoJ so okay.

This is another game about fanfictions, just like The Jakkid Series. This time it's about a series by Barrylawn, in which Phoenix travels to the Kingdom of Kurain. There, he meets a young tour guide, Bokuto Tsuani, a singing detective, Jesus Christ, and the fucked up legal system that kills lawyers. Phoenix and his new friends must defeat the violent, aggressive, evil revolutionaries, The Dragons of Rebellion, while saving the kingdom at the same time, CAN THEY DO IT???

This game also serves as a test for the Divination Seance and Mood Matrix in PyWright. It's pretty shit and limited so far but might as well see how it does.

This game so far has 5 cases out of 7:

1. phoenix wright turnabout kurain
2. phoenix wright turnabout wolf
3. bokuto sunami ace attorney
4. apollo justice magic turnabout
DLC. phoenix wright turnabout drama

To be added, some day:
5. phoenix wright ace dragon
DLC. phoenix wright turnabout time travel



Progress on the unreleased cases:
ace dragon: 15%
time travel: 50%

...also I put together the optional dialogue in Magic Turnabout quickly and without testing so let me know if you find any bugs or weird shit particularly in that one. The other cases should be fine.
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Re: [PyWright][Khura'in]krazy kurain adventures [5/7 cases dTopic%20Title
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This is great
Re: [PyWright][Khura'in]krazy kurain adventures [5/7 cases dTopic%20Title
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Played it; best game ever 11/10
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