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Hexepta: Logic Hack | PW / DR Inspired GameTopic%20Title

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Hexepta: Logic Hack is a visual novel game currently in development by Ash-Zero Games.

You play as Argus Hakan, a brazen teenager attending Hexepta Legal Academy in the year 2020. The Legal Academy, celebrating it's 100th year of existence, has been granted legal jurisdiction over cases that within it's property, so that students can experience the pressure and procedures of real court cases before departing and taking on the real world. Argus, being a recent transfer to the school and highly intelligent despite his brash attitude, was able to quickly climb into the highest ranking members of his class, known as the Student Justice Committee. These students stand as the school's legal council, prosecuting and defending the utmost important cases that strike the academy. Will Argus be able to hold his ground against the school's top prosecutor, Adriana Lockheart, or will he succumb to his arrogant nature and fail to prove the innocence of his clients?


+ Emotional, Gripping story spanning across 6 lengthy chapters.
+ Vibrant and Intriguing 3D Modeled environments using Unreal Engine 4.
+ Cast of Unique and Eye-Catching Characters that will evoke every emotion in you.
+ Flawless and Beautiful soundtrack (Ex:
+ More difficult and darker than the AA Games.

~Follow Us!~

We will probably rarely update this post until the game's release, which is expected in 2-3 years. In the meantime, you can follow our development journey over at You can also join our discord channel which is linked there, as our developers will often come to talk with fans or share teasers.

Re: Hexepta: Logic Hack | PW / DR Inspired GameTopic%20Title
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This game is going to be the better than Ace Attorney 1-6 Investigations 1+2 and DGS1+2 COMBINED! CANNOT wait!
A fangame of an unreleased AA-like game, Hexepta: Logic Hack. Follow my fangame to give the official one attention and make it world famous when it's released.
Re: Hexepta: Logic Hack | PW / DR Inspired GameTopic%20Title

I'm too lazy to ever change my username.

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I already know, when this game comes out it will be Game of The Year.

No wait. Game of the Century!

Ahh, what am I talking about, best game of all human history!
Re: Hexepta: Logic Hack | PW / DR Inspired GameTopic%20Title
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is a five star man.

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Hmmm... the idea and everything seems like it could be interesting, but there really isn't much there to go off. Compare this post to the post for Aquittal, and you'll see what I mean.

I wish you the best with game development, but I doubt there'll be anything of note to say here for the next year or so.
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