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I'm actually posting this both here and in its own welcome thread. Why? Because I'd like to make an official topic about this that will be bumped up for all to see, as well as placing a comment in the proper section.

Another reason why is because it's been, what, 5 years since I was last here? I consider myself a completely different person than who I used to be for a lot of reasons. Back then, I did a lot of things here that I regret today.

Spoiler: "This is a bit too long, so I figure putting it in spoiler tags is relevant"
After I was banned, I received a PM intended for before my banning process. I think this PM sums it up pretty well. I apologize to the sender, along with involved individuals, but I do feel it's necessary to bring this up:

I was a straight-up jerk. Not only was I stubborn in literally everything I said/thought, but I worded things in the absolute worst possible way.

I didn't see profile pictures or usernames, just comments. And because of that, I mentally attacked people who were just putting in their two cents or even being supportive of me.

I want to specifically apologize to Neni, AVK, General Tommy, and everyone else involved with the stuff I did at that time. I should have never said the things that I said back then, and none of you deserved the outright stress of having to deal with an ignorant, stubborn, and childish guy like how I used to be.
I hope that, with this post, I can move forward and be able to be a part of this community without any unnecessary drama or long-winded argument posts. And on the bright side, I've continued researching game development past what I've already done in the past and may even work on some relevant projects in the future. (Probably not the near future, though. I still have some things I want to finish up first.)

Edit: Just to clarify, for any other mods, I was unbanned as per my request via Discord DMs. I wasn't sure if I needed to mention this just in case, as there was some confusion when I first came back in terms of the alt account rules. I don't plan on making any alt accounts, or getting myself banned again in the first place. :oops:
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My feelings for Ace Attorney is ressurecting slowly. I've been listening to it's musics (namely Apollo Justice's) for a while. I also had imaginations of AA recently. So yeah, I decided it would be a good time to come back and say hi. It wasnt that easy as I... forgot my password again and forgot to update my email as well... its a good thing my old email was still there :oops:

Anyway, I may also post any fanarts-possible sprites that are AA related (sure, if I draw anything AA related at one point, which I might just do)

So yeah, I'm back again!
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Howdy everyone!

It's ol' Quillzy here, coming back to lurk and hopefully get back into the swing of things eventually. Pretty sure not many people will recognize me, save for maybe a couple people from back in the dream thread, but it's expected - I've been gone for quite a while now, haha. I've become much more active on Discord and stuff, so I'll probably join the Discord server in a bit, but as for right now I'm just gonna watch from afar and catch up on new events :edgey:

Glad to be back~

EDIT: heck I have so many unread threads this is going to drive me insane because i have to read them all :beef:

For me, tumblr is more easily accessible on a day to day basis, so if you REALLY want to, go there. :think:
OR if you want to, message me and I'll send you my Discord!!
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