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Hi, ProsecutorPRose here. (Or you can call me Persephone.) Pleasure to meet you guys.

I've been a fan of the AA games since August (Interesting timing, right?) and can say right now that I'm addicted. I've been lurking here since maybe late September, but I guess the time has come to become official (Hey, today is the anniversary for DL-6 too... Seriously, that timing, though.)

Who am I? I'm just a weirdo college student who has a thing for courtroom dramas, books, and writing fiction.

I can't really choose who my absolute favorite character is, but I guess my top five would have to be :phoenix: , :edgeworth: , :maya: , :franny: , and :athena: . Although I'm up to Spirit of Justice, I can't pin down a favorite turnabout as of yet.
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Just chillin'.

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Hey! Welcome to the forums!

And yeah,I also really have a hard time choosing my favourite character. I have a bit more of a soft spot towards AJ's cast,however.
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