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I have joined you. I thought I could resist, but it caught up to me:
I'd introduce myself properly, but I think this site reveals more about me than I possibly could in a post.
That said, I just got 123 yesterday and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Hopefully I'll end up being a proper member by the time I finish the Trilogy.
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Wassup, witchy baby!

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Hi! Welcome :edgey:
(......Ack! I've run out of snide comments!)
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Sleep is for the week/weak

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Welcome! (Love your little intro pic there, by the way :gant: )
Nayuki, I don't think we're in High School Star Musical anymore...
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Hi! I hope you enjoy the trilogy! :trucy:

Gregory... Tomorrow, I'm heading towards that fateful place with your son. To find out the truth of 18 years ago...
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Oh crap someone joined while I was sleeping?

Welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your time here.
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Re: Hello!Topic%20Title
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Beware of the Dog

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Welcome! I hope you'll enjoy your time here! (You made me think of something. I've really got no idea whether I could refer to myself as a "proper member"... Well, does it even matter? :sillytrucy: )
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