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My name's Zara, I'm 20, and not very good at introductions.

I had an account on this website years ago, around the time T&T came out, which was about when I started playing the game? Idk. What I do know is that it's really weird that Maya's considerably younger than me. But, yeah, I've been playing through the original trilogy again and I miss the community here. Think my username was CharleyPlant? Not sure, it was a massively long time ago...

On a personal level, I'm currently failing at university, and I'm going to be a qualified hula hoop dance teacher by the end of October (yes, mum, that IS a real job).

So, uh, hey :L
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Oh my god that's a real job you can get

Ahem. Welcome (back) to the forums, Zara. Out of curiosity, have you played any of the other AA games? Apollo Justice? Dual Destinies? Spirit of Justice?

(Btw thisis your original account I think)
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