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Hi, newbie here!Topic%20Title

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Hi there!

I've been lurking for quite some time but now that it's time for the oc contest I decided it was time to make an account.

My name is Sunny and I've been actively into Ace Attorney for about a year and a half now, after seeing it all over the internet since I was a kid. I'm 21 and from Canada and the Ace Attorney series and its wonderful characters are the reason that I'm on my way to law school myself after my medical issues are under better control. :godot:

You can find me on the Ace Attorney amino app under the same name as here!

I'm also into drawing, writing, cosplay, and a handful of anime series like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure especially. The most important thing to me is probably my small flock of pet birds.

Pleasure to meet you all, and I'm really looking forward to this years oc contest!
Re: Hi, newbie here!Topic%20Title
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Hey,welcome! Always a pleasure to have new users here. Enjoy your stay,my friend!

And what's this 'Amino' app you speak of?
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Re: Hi, newbie here!Topic%20Title
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Welcome aboard!
I'm thinking of getting amino too. I heard about it from a friend.
Re: Hi, newbie here!Topic%20Title
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Hi hi! I too just recently been into the games for a couple years now, so it's nice to hear other folks in the same boat as me lol. Oh, and you like writing? Fanfic, original, both?

Good luck with law school/getting to law school!
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