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Hi, I'm new! Long time AA fan here!Topic%20Title
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I actually remember making a few accounts on this forum years back, but I never was too active and/or forgot my password. :/
Hi everyone, I'm arteria! I've been a fan of Ace Attorney since early 2010 or so. :edgey: Back then I'd dream of the day I'd get to see AA turned into an anime and...well, I have yet to catch on (it's 24 episodes already, dang)
A little more about me uh...I like to draw (I drew my profile picture in like 5 minutes haha), I'm from Mexico annnd while I've played all 3 of the first AA and both of the Ace Attorney Investigations games I have yet to try out Apollo Justice so I'm not too familiar with AJ characters or the like. :gymshoe: (Apollo and Klavier are cute though.)
My favorite characters are Mia Fey, Godot, Sebastian Debeste, Miles Edgeworth, Kay Faraday and Wendy Oldbag Gumshoe.
I'm fond of shipping characters, making headcanons/theories and hearing about fancharacters! If you wanna nerd out sometime feel free to send me a message, I don't bite! :redd: (those character-themed emojis are so cute omf I missed them)
Guess that'd be all for now. :p It's nice to be back.
what a big NERD
Re: Hi, I'm new! Long time AA fan here!Topic%20Title
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Welcome to the forums!

And don't be embarrassed,we all love Oldbag here,so you can freely admit how great she is ;)
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Re: Hi, I'm new! Long time AA fan here!Topic%20Title
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Welcome to the forums, my dude
And dw, like sc said, we love oldbag
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