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Thoughts on the Bonus Episodes? /spoilers/Topic%20Title
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Surprised this thread wasn't ever made. These are imo the best part of the whole game. They all range from hilarious to somewhat even emotional. Love the way they continuously break the fourth wall unforgivingly. They even mock some tropes of both series. I loved the ones where they especially broke the fourth wall,but the one focussing on Constantine's backstory was very good and emotional.

If I had to point out a flaw though,it'd be the puzzles. The first few are indeed unused puzzles from the main game. But the last few are just reused puzzles,which is really irritating. Especially when they say 'Oh here's a totally new puzzle' beforehand just to disappoint you further. Edgeworth also came off as unnecessarily condescending and I don't like that we never find out who won the Bezella pageant. But those are just nitpicks.

Overall,I really enjoyed these.

What are your thoughts on them?
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Re: Thoughts on the Bonus Episodes? /spoilers/Topic%20Title
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We all know who won the Bezella pageant.
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