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Ghost Trick casemaker?
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Author:  beterbomen [ Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Ghost Trick casemaker?

As we all know, there is a program that allows people to make Ace Attorney games with relative ease; we also all know that a lot of people have used this program to create great Ace Attorney fangames, all of them continueing the series legacy. However, there is no such program when it comes to Ghost Trick. Why not? Doesn't Ghost Trick deserve to have a "Casemaker" as well?
I know that, in it's inner workings, GT is a completely different beast compared to AA. It relies heavily on sprites, which have a lot of animation in them. Still, I think this can be worked with. I know that there are people out there that will put in the time and effort to create the necessary materials. So what's the problem? Is there some inner complexity that I don't understand? (likely)

I think we should seriously think about this. Ghost Trick is an awesome concept, and we can't just let it lie like this. There are so many things that could be done with it, it would be a shame not to be able to do anything with it.

Author:  D.A. McCoy [ Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ghost Trick casemaker?

I think the gameplay is so different that a GT casemaker would have to be written from scratch. (As in they can't use resources from the PW casemakers. But I bet if someone really liked Ghost Trick and was skilled at writing code it might happen.

Author:  beterbomen [ Sat Sep 29, 2012 8:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ghost Trick casemaker?

I'm starting to think that, maybe, we should use Gamemaker for Ghost trick games.

Anyway, I don't know if anyone cares about this, but I wrote something of a script for something I'm planning once we get something we can use as a casemaker. I'm proud of it, so I'm putting it up here for all to see.

The part takes place at a river, near a bridge I'm calling Elm's Bridge. For added effect, open and close the {linked music} in a new tab when the text tells you to.
Trick Time 1: Lynne, Elm's Bridge wrote:
[Connect core: Lynne, Drowned]
{Music: Lynne}
Lynne(stressed): Owowowowo… That really hurt!
Sissel(Explanatory): You know, technically you shouldn’t feel pain now that you’re dead.
Lynne(mad): Hey! It’s the thought that matters! Give a dead girl a break!
Sissel(stunned): …
Sissel: (No comment.)
Sissel(curious): So, how did you die this time?
Lynne(serious): I don’t know.
Lynne(laughing): I only know it really hurt!
Sissel(down): (It can’t be hurting that much if you’re smiling!)
Sissel: (She’s right, though. It’d probably be quicker just to watch.)

<Rewind Time>

{End music}

[4 Minutes]
[Elms Bridge, 11:34 PM]
[before Death]

{Music: 4 Minutes Before Death}
[Lynne is sitting on the right side of a dock down from the bridge, behind some crates. To the left, closer to the bridge is a small ship, with its front side towards the bridge. On it (from left to right)are: A mast, boxes(scattered around), a control panel, a cabin. Below the ship’s mast, the ship’s anchor is held up by being stuck behind a pole in the railing.]
Lynne: !
[Lynne stands up and looks over the crates, to the ship. On the ship, two men come out of the cabin area.]
[The men talk, but you can’t hear more than mumbling.]
Lynne(mad): Damn it! I can’t hear what they’re saying!
[Lynne looks around, then slowly lowers herself of the side of the dock, into the water. She swims to the side of the ship.]
Smuggler 1: ‘Common, we have to clear this stuff out.
Smuggler 2: What’s in these crates, anyway?
Smuggler 1: Don’t know. It’s none of our business. Just clean this place up before the boss gets here.
[The smugglers go around the ship, carrying boxes around for a while.]
Smuggler 2: Seriously, you never wonder what’s in these?
Smuggler 1: This is your first time doing a job like this, isn’t it?
Smuggler 2: Uhm… Why?
Smuggler 1: Listen, as long as I get my money, I don’t care if this guy is transporting body parts. You’d be wise to do the same.
[Smuggler 1 carries on with his work.]
Smuggler 2: Don’t say stuff like that…
[Smuggler 2 carries on with his work. A wave comes in from the left. Lynne notices the wave coming too late and is caught up in it, being pushed back to below the cabin. The wave rocks the boat as it hits it, knocking ship’s anchor loose from it’s location. On board, Smuggler 2, who is carrying a stack of boxes, almost loses his footing. He puts the stack down onto another stack in front of the control panel.]
Smugler 2(small text): That was close…
[Smuggler 2 notices a box on the deck, looks around to see if anyone is looking, and squats down to check it out. Smuggler 1 is checking out the boxes at the front of the ship. Lynne, in the water below the ship, swims closer to the front, and takes up position below the mast. Smuggler 1 stands up from his inspection, turns around, and notices Smuggler 2 trying to open the box.]
Smuggler 1: Hey! What do you think you’re doing!?
[Smuggler one, startled by being caught, falls back against the stack of boxes he put down earlier, knocking it over. The top of the stack crashes against the control panel. The top box falls off, and hits a switch on the panel. The ship’s anchor falls, and lands on Lynne’s head.]
{End music}

[Fade to black and white.]
Sissel(stunned): No way!
Lynne(surprised): No wonder my head hurt!
Lynne(mad): It had an anchor dropped on it!
Sissel: (An “anchor”, huh?)
Sissel(curious): One thing I don’t understand, though.
Sissel: I thought you told me that you couldn’t swim?
Lynne(Surprised): Huh? When did I tell you that?
Sissel: (…)
Sissel: Never mind.
{Music: The World of the Dead}
Sissel: What were you doing here, by the way?
Lynne(serious): I was tracing a lead on my case.
Lynne(serious): Those people, I think they’re smugglers.
Lynne(serious): I was trying to find out who they’re working for.
Sissel(curious): “Smugglers?”
Lynne(serious): People who transport illegal stuff. They’re criminals.
Sissel: (Why would it be forbidden to transport things?)
Lynne(serious): It’s not. But some things aren’t allowed to be sold. Weapons and things like that.
Lynne(serious): Dangerous things.
Lynne(serious): Smugglers sell those things to people who want to buy them.
Sissel(Serious): (I can’t imagine anyone who’d want to buy something dangerous wanting to use it for anything good…)
Lynne(serious): Exactly.
Sissel: Well, that’s thought for later, I guess.
Sissel: Let’s work on getting you back to life first, shall we?
[Rewinds time]

{End music}

{Music: Fate Updated}

[Trick Time!]

[At Tricktime start:]
Sissel: So, let’s recap.
Sissel: Four minutes from now, that anchor is going to drop…
Lynne: And give me the mother of all headaches!
Sissel: (I’d think the fact that it kills you should have higher priority here!)
Sissel: We can’t stop the anchor once it’s falling…
Sissel: So, maybe we could try to stop you from getting near it?
Lynne: I don’t think that would be wise.
Sissel: (Huh?)
Lynne: Those smugglers are ruthless.
Lynne: I’m pretty sure if they’d known I was there, they would’ve killed me.
Sissel: (So, we can’t draw to much attention to you…)

[When focusing the camera on the smugglers while too far away:]
Lynne: They’re talking again!
Sissel: I noticed.
Lynne: I want to hear what they’re saying!
Sissel: Me too, but we’re too far away.
Lynne: Well, get closer!
Sissel: (There she goes again, bossing me around…)
Lynne: Well, you are sort of my pet.
Sissel: I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear that.

[When Lynne goes into the water:]
Sissel: Why did you go into the water, anyway?
Lynne: If I’d gone any closer on land, they would’ve spotted me.
Sissel: I take it that’d be bad?
Lynne: Very bad.
Sissel: (Being a detective sounds like more dangerous a job than I thought…)

That's all for now. I'm planning to add to this (like a drawing to show you guys what this place actualy looks like), but that's going to take some more work.
Yes, I know that, cannonicly, Lynne can't swim (and neither can Kamila), but I needed her to for this sequence to work. Just pretend that she learned how sometime in the new timeline (possibly because Jowd kept hammering on it?)
If you read the whole thing, tell me what you think.

Author:  henke37 [ Sun Feb 01, 2015 1:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ghost Trick casemaker?

Looks like a good scenario. The dialog is spot on and the environment seems suitable for gameplay.

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