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Hello, this is tb2fan, also known as Temsik on the Ghost Trick:The Musical forums. If you are familiar with the turnabout musical project, you know what this is about. We are a group of fans of Shu Takumi's Ghost Trick video game, making a fan-musical.

We need all sorts of people:Voice actors, artists, composers, recorders, everything to make this project work.

We definitely need members, and this project is just getting started.

Here's the link, so possess this amazing opportunity:
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Hey, this is awesome!!! I really hope this finds some love and support to get off the ground. Maybe I'll be able to contribute once I have some more free time.

Keep it up!!!
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Hey folks, ZeldaQueen here, updating on the project! :D

With the script finished, we're now focusing on the music. We've got the instrumentals done for several songs. With those songs, we're now aiming to do beta recordings for them.

What are beta recordings? Why, they're rough versions of the song! Various people will lend their voices and it'll be put together to be used as a guide for when the actual auditions are being held.

We currently are in need of beta singers for:

The Chief: Baritone, possibly a tenor
Cabanela: Baritone, possibly a tenor. Sings off-beat and as jazzy as possible
Ray: Bass (Note that of the three lines Ray has in the song he sings in, two are spoken and one is half spoken, half sung)
Dandy: Tenor
Bailey: No specific vocal range, so long as you can sing along with the melody of his song
Bobby: No singing required. His lines are entirely spoken

If anyone's interested in helping out with the beta singing, just PM me and I can link you to the song lyrics and instrumentals, so you can take a look. ^^

(Keep in mind that this is NOT auditioning. Singing for beta recordings does not hold you to recording the final versions of the song or reading for the characters. If you do want to audition though, you can beta record and still do so)
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