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This will be a crossover of Phoenix Wright And Professor Layton (Well they both are in the same world and It wouldn't be fun without the dynamic duo), Dragon Quest (1-9(Not counting 10 since it is a Online game and it was only in Japan)), Monster Rancher.

The elements are like so. With Phoenix Wright we got the court-system but with a twist in it. It will be the court-system of Labyrinthia. Professor Layton with puzzles. (I expect help with puzzles unless you guys want something else in mind of Professor Layton). Dragon Quest series will mostly be races. Monster Rancher will have Monsters and Breeders. I willfill you guys in on that.

Dragon Quest Races: Dragovian, Human, Elf, Dejans, Demon, Zenithian, White wolves, Lefan, Celestrain, and Halfling.
Spoiler: Details of Races found in here

Monster Rancher Monsters:
Spoiler: Monsters
You can pick any single monster in there. Except for Bosses that were in the game/anime series. And as for Phoenixes you cannot actually have for they are really rare. Like Super rare.

Oh and here is the Skeleton
Race:(Since Dragon Quest is sort of in the RP There are numerous of races)
Side:(Good Evil or Neutral)
Occupation(s):(You can have numerous of occupations)

Storyline: Since the times of Ancient time, people and monsters worked together to make a better world but some monsters raged against the humans and were sealed away in Saucer Stones, there were Dark Times in the ancient time that were told in fairy tales only to scare children but some of them were in fact true, and those Dark Times were written in stones that were later written in books including Forbidden Arts that should never ever be used or it will bring the Dark Age back. Years have gone by and civilization grew and people built shrines to revive Saucer Stones for Monsters and train them to win battles against other people's monsters these people were known as Breeders. Some people use monsters for their own use. And there are stray monsters through the world, in volcanoes, caves, jungles, and ruins. More Years has gone by and now there are court rooms for cases. (I really can't name them all but you get the idea). Some people that were born with different races lived among the humans and have been living without a worry but some races live high in seclusion, to be very distant of the world. But who can say how long Peace will remain in the world, for there are those with evil intentions to bring about the Dark Ages or for World domination.

And the rules.
1: No God-Moding
Lets face it, a story isn't much fun if everyone turns out to be Superman. Everyone has weaknesses, and so your characters should too! Also, remember that this is a group activity, and it's not a good idea to try to make the RP totally about your character.

2: A paragraph, please!
This one might be a bit controversial, but stay with me. One sentence posts don't really move the story along, and they're more than a bit bland. And that is why I'm setting the rule to spice things up a little. Remember, the best RP's have depth, and it won't take too much effort to write a paragraph. :D

3: You must create a Signup/OOC Thread
We have a new subforum. Please use it for signups before you start, and once that's done, use the topic for OOC chatter. That not only means the topics can stay clear, but even better than that, there's no restriction on how much you can discuss the RP now.

4: If you have any questions, PM General Luigi.
This one doesn't need much explanation, I think. And now here is a little thing which should explain the rules simply, I hope you like it!

You can have your own OC and characters from the Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton.
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