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Case 5-3 theoryTopic%20Title

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I just finished Case 3, and I've been thinking of something...

One might assume Means' original plan was to act as Juniper's defense attorney and lose on purpose, like Furio Tigre did in Case 3-3.

But, unlike Tigre, Means actually was an attorney. What's more, he was one of those attorneys who always has to win, truth be damned. I'm not sure his massive ego would allow him to take a loss, even if it's to his benefit.

This is only speculation, but I think it's possible Means was planning to create more fake evidence and pin the blame on Hugh if Juniper had accepted Means as her defender.

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Re: Case 5-3 theoryTopic%20Title

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He probably was going to get her off with some fake evidence so that no one would pay for his crime.
Re: Case 5-3 theoryTopic%20Title
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His plan was most likely to get all four of them off the hook. Remember, by any means necessary, so he was probably going to forge evidence saying that it was probably an outside source. Heck, it could be that he was going to make it look like a suicide. But what we do know was that the deal was to get Juniper, Hugh and Robin off, by any means necessary. If he didn't, it would look suspicious, since (pretty much) everyone knows that he forges evidence. Stream of consciousness end.

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