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Re: DGS ripsTopic%20Title
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Tea time.

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Bolt Storm wrote:
That's actually very cool! When you say 'we', what group are you talking about? Something on GBATemp? Elsewhere? While it wouldn't be exactly the same as in-game, we could look into adding that work to the main site (with credit) if y'all're interested.

More on-topic: DGS event cuts, character/evidence sprites, and voice clips have been ripped, just not added to the site yet. Stay tuned...

It was just a group of me these other chums from facepunch, you can find the thread here!

If you want the models then you have to look for Tunatin's in which he shares right here, ... st48513911

You can use Blender or 3DS Max in order to import these into your scene. Beware as they have every limb, expressions and black outline models included, so they need some cleaning before you even start applying textures. The best way to do this, is making a group layer for each set of parts. Hands in one layer, expressions, black outline. That way you can turn them on or hide them whenever you want. Another thing, If you use 3DS Max you may have to flip the textures horizontally, so that they can be shown correctly on the model's UV Map, either that you can flip the UV Map itself, though that may be a bit more troublesome.

The Models2 zip by Tunatin, aren't rigged. If you guys want I'll write up a quick guide on using 3DS Max in order to obtain the rigged versions into your scene.
Re: DGS ripsTopic%20Title

Well, that trial sure was interesting!

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Oh wow, that's amazing! I wonder if you can modify these models to make, like, OCs and stuff.
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Re: DGS ripsTopic%20Title

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I wasn't sure where else to post this, but I figured folks from here might be interested so I created an account finally. ^^;; I ripped the music from the DLC for DGS, which includes a bunch of alternative variations of the songs included in the final game. The first version of every theme is the one in the final game, and the ones that follow are the unused versions.!hx0RFTwD!yKSQ3RSqgOC9ZaNRtzko3w
Re: DGS ripsTopic%20Title
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Thank you so much! I wanted to hear some of these variations once!

  • Naruhodou's Objection Variation #1: Catchy, graceful, and pretty strong. I loved the part towards the end where the rhythm spiraled around. It would have been wonderful as an Asougi objection in addition to his other theme.
  • Naruhodou's Objection Variation #2: Don't like this one as much as the previous. It's not punchy and too monotone.
  • Naruhodou's Objection Variation #3: The traditional Japanese instruments overwhelm it.
  • Trial Start Variation: Not feeling this one at all. Too repetitive and the parts don't all quite fit elegantly.
  • Anime Variation #1: no opinions
  • Susato Variation: More traditional, but not as gentle refined. It gives me the feeling of the turnabout sisters theme. I like it quite a bit, but not as much as the theme they chose.
  • Reminiscence 5 (Comfort) variation: Absolutely London street sounding. Just jazz it up a bit to account for the eccentricity of the two inhabitants, and this variation would have been fabulous as the Baker Street 221B theme (which I don't care for much). It would have made a pleasant Case 4-5 in town theme too.
  • Confess the Truth variation #1: Needing refinement and more weight, but it is catchy. It sounds like a remix of AA1's Confess the Truth. The current DGS Confess the Truth feels tragic and theatrical like the more recent (AA5, AAI2, PLvAA) type compared to the older style of the (AA1, AA2, AA3, AA4) block. This one could have accompanied the moment where Ryu forced an early low-level witness to say what they really saw. (AA2 Announce the truth for best truth)
  • Opening (Narration) variation: Dark, less Victorian, and a lot creepier. I think they did well to choose the current version.
  • Iris theme variation: The sounds used aren't so intrusive, so it blends better into the background. It would have been nice to use when you didn't want something as overwhelming as Iris's official theme.
  • Jingle variation: This would have been appropriate in Case 2 or some of the other critical moments where the truth is coming out or a sad thing has happened.
  • Asougi theme variation: I am glad the DGS team picked the theme they did. This one doesn't have a suitable attitude at all and wasn't catchy. The final cut feels so hopeful and graceful to match Asougi's nature. This one not so much. It would fit if Ryu ever went to an Asougi family mansion or something.
  • Investigation Opening Variation: It's a Layton song, what's this doing in DGS?
  • Duty (Vortex) Variation: Less overpowering, Victorian, and in your face than the final version they used. It's also more forgettable. Works for a background sound though.
  • Anime Variation #2: no opinions
  • Gina theme: A less refined version of her final theme and slower paced. It emphasizes her shady street rat nature better than the final cut. This one should accompany Gina when she is with Megundahl because it pairs well with the Mysterious People theme that Megundahl uses. This Gina's variation would not have worked so well in case 5. Maybe use the variation in case 3 and switch out after that?
  • Confess the Truth variation #2: A remix of the earlier #1 theme with an overall higher pitch so it isn't as weighty as version #1.
  • Verdict (Trial) Variation: It sounds too modern, but reminds me of the courtroom lobby theme from AA1.
  • Objection 2 (Title Screen) Variation: Less refined than the final version.
Re: DGS ripsTopic%20Title

The Great Traveller

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Although not on the topic of rips, can anyone send me a MIDI of Joint reasoning type A? I've been working with some Ace Attorney soundfonts and have been trying to find some Dai Gyakuten Saiban MIDIs so I can do an Ace Attorney investigations remix of them :simon:
Re: DGS ripsTopic%20Title
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Oh right, this was a thing.

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Has anyone managed to rip the sound effects yet?
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