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Ryuunosuke Naruhodou Discussion Thread *Spoilers*Topic%20Title
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I found him to be quite the interesting character he's starts off in his 1st trial accused of murder and his best friend Asougi defends him which I enjoyed. As the story progresses he improves. In time he'll become a great defense attorney.

What are your thoughts?
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I'd like to talk about this game however i'm in the first trial and i'm searching for "what may be a stupid thing..." can we use mic in this game? I loved that feature in the first games, it's the first AA 3DS game i'm playing so did they remove it,changed the way to use it? :(
I would have created a topic but i saw that you need a few posts before being able to create a topic >_< Sorry again but i'd like to get a definitive answer, i've searched the whole internet yesterday and got no real answer T_T

I promise i'll finish it and come back to talk about it >.<
Re: Ryuunosuke Naruhodou Discussion Thread *Spoilers*Topic%20Title
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I'm not sure about that question,but you may want to post it in the I want to ask one thing thread.

Anyway,I loved Ryu. Great guy with endearing mannerisms and wonderful development. I'm wondering where his story will go from here.
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