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Upcoming Ace Attorney DVD/Blu-Ray 2 Combo Set...Topic%20Title
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So the first one is really good series, huh? Awesome! Well, with the first one out will the second come out later this year? It is! This May!!! :) I hope so for all of us 'even for me' to pre-order it on the store. Also, who will be playing the roles for the coming last three stories later...? Well, we know that Jessica Peterson is playing as Franziska von Karma for sure...So, if anyone knows of the other roles, please let me know. Me and all of us are looking forward to this. Do you guys know on who's playing who in the next part of the series? Hope to see the voice actors real soon. Still, if they got these cast members playing their characters here, that would be cool. If not, then whoever plays who, is still the best no matter what. I just like to guess, except for Jessica playing as Franziska will be happening though.

Jessica Peterson - Franziska von Karma 'this is happening for sure'
J. Michael Tatum - Shelly de Killer
Cherami Leigh - Adrian Andrews
Jason Douglas - Juan Corrida
Todd Haberkorn - Matt Engarde
Joel McDonald - Bat
Christopher Ayres - Acro
Sonny Strait - Moe the Clown
Vic Mignogna - Ben and Trilo
Chris Cason - Russell Berry
Monica Rial - Regina Berry
Ian Sinclair - Max Galactica
Jamie Marchi - Morgan Fey
Leah Clark - Mimi Miney and Ini Miney
Chuck Huber - Turner Grey
Felecia Angelle - Pearl Fey
My name is Tayla 'Marie' Drago Hester, the number one Anime lover and supporter of all voice actors. Who also loves Ace Attorney things! :D
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