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Create a Breakdown! *spoilers*Topic%20Title
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This is a fun little idea I came up with. Basically you take a character in the Phoenix Wright (or Professor Layton or Trauma Center or Ghost Trick or Hotel Dusk or whaetever) series and create a PW-style "breakdown", where the character freaks out over being caught or outsmarted and does a comically over-the-top reaction.

EDIT: Came up with some new ones, also thought it'd be a fun topic to bring back.

Morgan Fey

Damage - She's sipping her traditional cup of tea, but suddenly jerks back from being counter argued, causing her to be splashed in the face by her tea. She then pours herself a new cup.

Breakdown - She scowls angerly for a few seconds, then suddenly reverts to being calm again, finishing her tea. She then takes the tea kettle, but instead of pouring a cup, she shrieks out as the flashbacks of her crime flash before her eyes, and then pours the scalding hot tea on her head, steam from the hot water engulfs her, her eyes even become a blank white. When the steam finally resides, she stands there motionless with her hair now falling around her head, her skin beat red from the heat, and her mouth hanging open.

Dee Vasquez

Damage - She takes a deep inhale of her cigarette, but being "damaged" causes her eyes to widen as she gags on her cigarette, causing smoke to fly out from her nostrils, then she coughs out a blast of smoke from her mouth.

Breakdown - A much deeper inhale of her cigarette as flashbacks of her crime flash through her mind, her eyes turn a piercing angry white as she breathes fire out from her mouth in different directions. She then collapses on the podium with faint smoke slowly coming out from her mouth.

Sal Manella

Damage - He yanks on his towel so hard he stumbles over and crashes his head on the podium.

Breakdown - He starts sweating greatly, and grips the podium to support himself, but his hands slip, he loses his balance from the sweat on the floor, and falls over on his back.

Viola Cadaverini

Damage - She clutches her head in pain.

Breakdown - A soft violin plays in the background as she pulls out a violet, smells it, then holds it with both hands against her chest as she collapses to the ground.

Bryne Faraday

Damage - His eyes widen as he's about to scream, but quickly covers his mouth with his scarf, muffling his shout.

Breakdown - Ravens fly up around him, cawing out as he recoils in fear. Eventually the ravens fly off and he's covered in feathers, one of which he spits out.

Tyrell Badd

Damage - He flinches back and his mouth opens wide with a shout, causing the lollipop to fly out of his mouth and spin in the air, he then grabs the lollipop in midair and puts it back in his mouth.

Breakdown - He pulls out his mirror, looking into it as if to reflect on his actions. He then thinks about the incident, and then cringes once for every bullet hole in his coat, practically hearing the shots going off, until his mirror explodes.

Joe Darke

Damage - He's whittling a block of wood with his knife into the shape of a man, but he flinches, causing him to accidentally cut off the figure's head.

Breakdown - A dark aura forms around him as he shouts out in anger and he swings his knife in every which way, "slash" sound effects can be heard multiple times, when he finally stops, his clothes fall off in shredded pieces leaving him in just his boxers.

Lisa Basil

Damage - Her button lights start flashing faster as she shouts out "Error... ERROR!!!"

Breakdown - Her suit starts sparking as the lights start flashing rapidy, and small explosions go off all over her body as she shouts "ERROR! DOES NOT COMPUTE! DOES NOT COMPUUUUUTE!!!"

Turner Grey

Damage - He angerly crosses his arms and grips his sleeves as rain and wind come down on him.

Breakdown - He cowers back in shock as his hair turns compleetly white and his glasses fall to the ground. He slumps down on his knees and stares down at his glasses as snow falls down slowly on him.


Damage - He flinches, causing the tea set on his tray to fly into the air. He quickly and carefully moves the tray until he catches everything.

Breakdown - He snaps and smashes the tea set onto the podium, gasping for breath, before regaining his calmness and bowing, apologizing for his outburst.

Shi-Long Lang

Damage - He does a kung-fu pose, as if to fight off his opponent's words.

Breakdown - He grimaces darkly, then lowers his head, raises it up and howls loudly, his shadow visible behind him as if the moon is shining down on him.

Lotta Hart

Damage - She puts hands to her head as her hair shoots out into spikes in all directions, before bouncing back to it's original afro shape.

Breakdown - She grips her head, as groans out as her afro pulsates and grows bigger and bigger, she then screams out as her afro explodes out, leaving her hair long and straight.

Redd White

Damage - He screams out with a horrified ghost like face before smashing his head on the podium.

Breakdown - He yells out loudly with his arms spread out and a far more horrifed expression then usual, and his body shakes and his clothes flail upwards as if Hell itself is opening up under him, then all the jewels on his rings shatter to pieces, before he collapses.

Polly the Parrot

Damage - She extends her neck out as far as she can with her feathers sticking out as she releases a loud "Squaaawk!!!"

Breakdown - Her neck shoots out in all directions, spreads her wings, and starts mimicking every word related to the crime, before her feathers burst off her body, leaving her feather-less.

Wendy Oldbag (guard)

Damage - She's about to eat a donut, but flinches from being counter-argued, causing her to smack herself in the forehead with it, the donut expldoes into crumbs.

Breadown - Cringing in anger, she crushes her donut box until the donuts go flying into the air. She gets hit on the head with plain ones, then chocolate ones that splatter fudge on her, then glaze ones with bonk her on the head, then powered ones impact all around her, elaving her covered in powered sugar.

Wendy Oldbag (alien)

Damage - Her laser gun malfunctions and zaps her.

Breakdown - She slams her helmet down over her head and screams until the helmet cracks and shatters.

Ernest Amano

Damage - He flinches backwards in the middle of counting his money, causing the bills to fly around everywhere.

Breakdown - He glares angerly as the flashbacks of the case fly through his mind, he then in a fit of rage, grabs his money and tears it to pieces, throwing it into the air. Upon realizing what he had done, the garlic cloves he wears fall apart and he weeps.

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Re: Create a Breakdown! *spoilers*Topic%20Title
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Too bad. Waluigi Time.

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This is a good idea.
Anyway, Edgeh's damage we already know(horrified expression that for some reason makes me think of a tortured cat) Edgeh's breakdown would be either A: Logic chess pieces start falling on his head and his face is down on the witness stand crying like Redd White, or B: Ruffles from his cravat start flying everywhere, blowing around him as he screams and his jacket is torn to shreds.

Will Powers: Damage: A Steel Samurai Doll climbs up his shoulder and hits him on the head with a Samurai Spear. Breakdown: Grabs Samurai Sword out from behind him, strike the witness stand multiple times with it, and rips his shirt open, revealing a Steel Samurai costume.

Ron DeLite: Damage: He grabs part of his hair(a full cinnamon bun, to be specific,) pulls it off his head, eats it, reaches into his pocket, grabs out another cinnamon bun, and sticks it in the place of the one he just ate.
Breakdown: With Mask De Masque's hat and mask on, the mask falls off as he starts yelling PLEASE LISTEN!

Hotti: Damage: The pink puff of hair on his head puffs up, making it bigger.
Breakdown: Hundreds of files on patients pour out of his coat as the police come to drag him off.

Sal Manella: Damage: Starts exclaiming internet memes regarding failure.
Breakdown: Starts going "All your base" repeatedly as he plays with Steel Samurai and Evil Magistrate action figures, until the burst into flames and he starts screaming "NOOOOOO! I thought I was haxxorz!"

Franziska von Karma's damage, we already know. Breakdown: Continuous whipping at nearly light speed, then the whip breaks in two, and she starts crying while whipping the two smaller whips.

All I got for now.
Re: Create a Breakdown! *spoilers*Topic%20Title
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Not a bad idea. Here are a few I used in my previous fanfics:

Ernest Amano:

Nervous: Same as before

Damage: His jaw drops and he holds his hands out in a placating manner.

Breakdown: Tries to pacify the situation, but when it fails, throws his money all over the place.

Joe Darke:

Damage: Cuts an uneven shaving off of a piece of wood he's whittling.

Breakdown: Shreds the piece of wood into splinters.

Magnifi Gramarye:

Damage: Similar to Valant's.

Breakdown: Tips his hat and bows graciously in defeat.

Dahlia Hawthorne:

Damage: Same as before.

Breakdown: Starts the same, but then she throws her parasol into the air, which in turn bursts into flames and transitions into her second breakdown.

I have more damage animation, but no other breakdowns. If you want me to post those, then I'd be glad to.
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Re: Create a Breakdown! *spoilers*Topic%20Title
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As part of a new idea I came up with for this topic, in addition to damage and breakdowns, you could also create a "transformation" where a mild-mannered witness turns into some 'boss' form, something much like Marlon Rimes or Professor Means, or create an "attack" where the witness assaults the defense with something, like for example Means' chalk throwing or the Phantom's grappling hook thing.

Maya Fey

Transformation - Maya looks down darkly, her hair overshadowing her facial features. She says "So Nick... even you're going to turn against me...? Very well then... I'm going to have to show you the true strength of the Fey's spiritual power!" She then performs channeling gestures with her hands, and gets engulfing in a cloud of ghostly smoke. When the smoke dissipates, Maya is now wearing a much more glamorous robe with several Magatamas hanging off a necklace. She's holding a staff similar to what her mother once held back in 3-5, and her topknot has been changed into a flame-like shape like a minatah. Six small fireball-shaped wisp spirits appear around her, and she looks up with a sinister grin on her face.

Attack - She sends a wisp at Phoenix, the wisp does a frightening wail at the defense attorney to try and scare the soul out of him.

Damage - She trembles, then screams out as the wisps fly around wildly.

Breakdown - Maya shakes violently as the wisp spirits shift around, she flashes back through everything, then breaks her staff in half on the witness stand, before throwing her head back and screaming out as spiritual energy fires out from her eyes and mouth. The wisps all evaporate one by one, and when the energy is finally gone, Maya is left slouching over with her robe a mess, and her body looking like it had aged five decades.
Re: Create a Breakdown! *spoilers*Topic%20Title
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Spoiler: SoJ
Roger Retinz (as producer)
Damage:As he looks into his camera,a beam of light hits it and he flinches back,blinded.
Nervous:He takes out his money fan and waves it,but this time he's leaning forward and sweating with a grimace,
Retinz (As Reus)
Damage: As he holds his fire in his hand,it catches onto his hat and he takes if off and pats it until the fire gets extinguished.
Damage two: He throws his cape behind and pretends to be decapitated,but instead falls over.
Nervous: He continues tossing his coin,but this time,he keeps missing. He's still sweating,betraying his poker face

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